• So Little Of Nature

    It first dawned on me at least five decades ago
    That so little of Nature I do seem to know
    New lessons from Nature I learn every day
    Yet from me she does hide her secrets away... more »

  • So Little Of Nature I Can Claim

    So little of Nature i can claim to know
    Yet my wonderment of her it only does grow
    But we learn as we live as the wise one does say
    And of Nature we learn something new every day... more »

  • So Little Of Nature's Ways

    So little of Nature's ways i can claim to know
    Yet my wonder of her only does seem to grow
    And from her we do learn something new every day
    We never stop learning as some like to say... more »

  • So Little Time

    Their lives are brief so very brief or so it has been said
    And the butterflies you see today tomorrow may be dead
    So little time for making love or pleasure to enjoy
    An hour to them three years to us they soon grow old and die.... more »

  • So Live For As Long

    The longest lived human life in time not a long span
    So live for as long as you possibly can
    Live for eventually you will be one of the forever dead
    Make the most of the now and your days ahead... more »

  • So Live In The Now

    The biological clock is becoming my foe
    And only in memory i can go to the long ago
    And though like many i too would love to turn back the hands of time
    Only the memories left to me of my long gone prime... more »

  • So Live In The Now Make The Most Of Your Day

    The longest lived human life in time is not a long span
    Supposedly on average the woman by a few years does outlive the man
    And since the aging one can never regain youthful elan
    Do enjoy life for as long as you can... more »

  • So Live Long As You Can

    In life for us there always is a challenge and every day a mental hill to climb
    And for some to even leave bed is an effort there is no holding back the hands of time
    It won't matter to us when we are gone forever whether we be cremated or where our bones will lay
    So live long as you can and do be happy and try to make the most of every day.... more »

  • So Long I'Ve Been Out Of Duhallow

    So long I've been out of Duhallow I'd feel a stranger there today
    Where Araglen through the fields of Cullen to the Blackwater babbles it's way
    In this far Southern Land I grow older the years have left me looking gray
    And without me the white blossoms will bloom on the hawthron trees of the May... more »

  • So Lucky

    So lucky are those who have the inner glow
    They reap the good karma in life they do sow
    The kind and generous who truly believe
    That they were born into life for to give to receive... more »

  • So Lucky Are They Who Can Visualize

    Above their reality in a whim they can rise
    So lucky are they who can visualize
    They may be homeless on the poor streets of town
    But in their thoughts they know of Worldwide renown... more »

  • So Lucky Are Those

    Lucky are those who with their lot are satisfied
    Who in their small successes take a humble pride
    Not greedy or selfish in any sort of a way
    We need more of their sort in the Human World of today,... more »

  • So Lucky Are Those Happy With What They Have Got

    Since others you never do seem to impress
    You do feel bitter for your lack of success
    Accept who you are since in life that's your lot
    So lucky are those happy with what they have got... more »

  • So Lucky Are You

    So lucky are you to have the inner glow
    Since it does make you such a nice person to know
    You sow your seeds of good Karma every day
    When to help others out you go out of your way... more »

  • So Lucky Indeed

    So lucky indeed the one without a foe
    Our past follows us to wherever we go
    Our sins of the past does follow us around
    By the judgmental guilt is exploited when it they have found... more »

  • So Lucky Indeed Are They

    So lucky indeed are they who are not greedy who with what they have got feel quite satisfied
    Who never do wish they were wealthy and famous and by luck in any feel they have never been denied
    They feel privileged they have enough for to comfortably live on and poverty never did have to endure
    They never do envy others their successes and feel happy to live as financially secure... more »

  • So Lucky The People

    So lucky the people by few people known
    One can say of them that their lives are their own
    So few to admire them or to verbally put them down
    They never do yearn to be toast of the town... more »

  • So Many

    Many of those with power do not use their power wisely they will abuse their privilege in some way
    And in the history books are many tyrants and many tyrants still exist today
    And the history of war always written by the winners that's how it is and it will always be
    And many in their old age live in comfort despite their awful crimes against humanity.... more »

  • So Many Arrogant Males

    So many arrogant males in the Human World of today
    Egotistical and conceited in quite a big way
    They verbally build themselves up by putting others down
    As they compete with each other to be best in the town... more »

  • So Many Compete

    So many compete for success, money and fame
    And most people want to make for themselves a name
    But not everyone can be a winner in a World where for every winner many must lose
    Though losing is a thing anyone does not choose... more »

  • So Many Condemned

    Climate change, global warming and wars and disease
    And the victims of droughts and warlords poor Stateless refugees
    Are things that we hear of and read about every day
    So many will not live for to grow old and gray,... more »

  • So Many Does Tell You

    So many does tell you that you are the best
    That you are far better than all of the rest
    Praise it does go to the praised one's head
    Whoever first said this a truism said... more »

  • So Many Doggerelists

    So many doggerelists introduce themselves as poets and of self proclaimed writers have joined the growing band
    But that they should promote their work as important seems easy for to understand
    For in a World where those into self promotion seem successful the modest and the humble lose out
    But self praise will always be self praise and that's not what talent's about.... more »

  • So Many Far Too Many Out There

    So many far too many out there who of poetry do profess to know
    And though for their years one would expect from them more sense their ignorance and arrogance they like to show
    In expressing their unsolicited opinions on others as they try to define poetry from doggerel
    In their harsh unsolicited verbal attacks on fellow writers... more »

  • So Many Financially Down

    So many financially down on their luck and struggling for to cope
    But like it is said where there is life there is hope
    And hope springs eternal it does seem this way
    Tomorrow will dawn as another new day... more »