• So Many For The Flag

    So many for the flag of their Country in battles have died
    In the war zones of death in Countries Worldwide
    But when the Last Post is played for the one who died brave
    The young soldier does not hear in the deep dark depths of the grave... more »

  • So Many Good People

    Though some I have known I would rather forget
    A really bad person I have never met
    And so many good people I meet every day
    In humanity far more good than bad only true to say... more »

  • So Many Good Writers

    So many good writers in the World of today
    Who can only get their work published if for it they do pay
    In a fair literary World it would not be this way
    Perhaps it is not what you know but who you know as some do say... more »

  • So Many Great Irish Writers

    No doubt Ireland's four Nobel Prize winners for literature were literary greats
    Joyce, Beckett and Heaney and W B Yeats
    Such beauty in their lifetimes in their words they did create
    As World class writers with the best they does rate... more »

  • So Many Greedy People

    So many greedy people living in this World today
    The more they have the more they want with them it is this way
    So lucky the compassionate the caring and the kind
    The sort of person that you are is living in your mind... more »

  • So Many Grow Poorer

    Billions in money being wasted by Governments in war
    Whilst millions of malnutrition dying in Countries afar
    The gap between the haves and the have nots is growing every day
    Yet where opulence dwell there is moral decay... more »

  • So Many I Knew

    So many i knew i will never more meet
    The most of them lay in cemeteries of the Parish of Millstreet
    Whilst some from Duhallow did die far away
    Far from their first home-place their last remains do lay... more »

  • So Many I Knew I Will Never More Meet

    So many i knew i will never more meet
    The most of them lay in cemeteries of the Parish of Millstreet
    Whilst some from Duhallow did die far away
    Far from their first home-place their last remains do lay... more »

  • So Many In Dire Poverty

    Life is hard for those on the wrong side of the social divide
    At a time when the gap between the haves and the have nots it is growing ever wide
    On this matter with those who say such is life i am not one to agree
    The unequal distribution of wealth does seem all wrong to me... more »

  • So Many In The World

    So many in the World today had to go without dinner
    And in life so many have to lose for one to be a winner
    But if you can keep on keeping on when others seem to doubt you
    Despite your poverty the World would be worse off without you,... more »

  • So Many Into Self Promotion

    So many into self promotion in the World we live in today
    Suppose if you feel that will lead to success for you then that for you is quite okay
    But with so many into promotion of the self not every self promoter can hope to succeed
    At what she or he hopes to succeed at for such people failure seems tragic indeed... more »

  • So Many Like Me

    So many like me who does dabble in rhyme
    Who have penned reams of stuff over decades of time
    Who never will even know of local fame
    This rhyming it is a 'hungry belly game'... more »

  • So Many Like You

    You tell everyone of your greatness of how wonderful you think you are
    And they wink behind your back when you tell them of your recent big buy your brand new car
    They look on you as rather boastful since your own praises you only sing
    In self esteem you are not lacking and that in itself is a good thing,... more »

  • So Many Like You Who Too Feel This Way

    Have you ever feared life's hard journey ahead
    And thought to yourself I'd be better off dead
    And only the hardships of life you have known
    In feeling the way you do you're not alone... more »

  • So Many Look Up To The Wealthy

    Why so many respect oil barons and mining magnates
    Is something I could never understand
    When these people only take from Mother Nature
    They foul her oceans and pollute her land.... more »

  • So Many More Compassionate And Kinder

    So many more compassionate and kinder people than me
    Though one can only be the best one can be
    But sad to think the one helping people who are financially down
    Does never become the hero or the heroine of the town... more »

  • So Many Must Die

    So many must die for a war to be won
    And everyday by people bad things to people are done
    Moses fifth commandment many do ignore
    Nowadays more people dying as victims of people than ever before... more »

  • So Many Nice People

    So many nice people i meet every day
    So helpful and kind in their own way
    And though the crimes of some people a reason to feel sad
    Far more very good people in the World than bad... more »

  • So Many Of

    So many of life with sad stories to tell
    Of battling the odds in their own Earthly Hell
    So many Homeless and Stateless and hungry and sleeping rough at night
    For millions of people life is an uphill fight... more »

  • So Many Of Life

    So many of life have sad stories to tell
    Homeless and hungry in their earthly hell
    Life's toughest challenges at a young age every day they do meet
    Without any money on poverty street... more »

  • So Many Opinionated People

    So many opinionated people in the Human World of today
    Who are not short of admirers it does seem this way
    Many look up to them as leaders as up the social rank they rise
    And though they may be opinionated they are far from wise... more »

  • So Many People Dying'

    So many people dying in homicides, war zones and acts of terrorism every day
    Lack of empathy and compassion the main causes of this one could say
    Extremism of any sort is not a good thing
    So much suffering, death and grief their sort to humanity does bring... more »

  • So Many People Themselves Do Promote

    So many people themselves do promote
    Yet not everyone can be someone of note
    Your own praises to others you may sing
    But only one can be the best at anything... more »

  • So Many People Wrongfully In Jail

    So many people wrongfully in jail
    Even in some so called Democratic Countries where the justice system some does fail
    For political reasons or for reasons otherwise
    Democratically elected governments spread fear through their lies... more »

  • So Many Poems

    So many poems have been written in the World this day
    Many millions at least at a guess I would say
    Of senryu and haiku and blank verse and rhyme
    But how many of them will stand the test of time?... more »