• The Fields Of My Younger Years

    The fields of my younger years from me now far away
    Though in fancy i do walk in them every day
    Where i first grew to love Nature when i was a boy
    Such wonderful memories are mine to enjoy... more »

  • The Fight Goes On The Fight Must Never End

    The woman conservationists admire
    She fights to save the trees of Sherbrooke Shire
    A staunch member of the 'Save The Dandenongs Team'
    The fight is on to keep the mountain green.... more »

  • The Final Old Hero

    The final old hero has faded away
    His bones even beyond the state of decay
    He gave rise to many a patriotic song
    But to Mother Nature he finally belong.... more »

  • The Finlander

    He is travelling and living far south of his northern Hometown
    The roads of the brown country he travels up and down
    From the Land of the mighty elk and the reindeer
    The lust of the wander has lured him to here... more »

  • The Finnow Flows To The Blackwater

    The Finnow flows to the Blackwater through places damp, rushy and green
    And memories of what was are fading and I think of the beauty I've seen
    When Spring arrived in her new green dress like a beautiful young beauty queen
    And white snowdrops bloomed in their thousands on the mossy bank of the bohreen.... more »

  • The Fir Bolg

    They lived in 'Tir na nog' many centuries ago
    And they live on in myth and legend and little else we know
    Of the tribe known as Fir Bolg which means 'belly man'
    Perhaps from them the myth of the Leprechaun had it's source and began.... more »

  • The Fires In Victoria

    The fires in Victoria burning night and day
    Through wooded and dry countryside they burn their way
    For many fire affected Victorians it has been a terrible year
    Of death and destruction such bad news to hear... more »

  • The First Americans

    They are the first Americans the fact with us remain
    Yet from foreign invasion they did not stand to gain
    None of them has become U S President strange as that may seem to be
    But to be the first Americans is their proud history... more »

  • The First Australians

    For to have survived European colonization for them worth a boast
    To the first Australians we should drink a toast
    Anthropologists claim their ancestors reached the southern shores sixty thousand years ago
    And maybe even further back in time for of that how would they know... more »

  • The First Day Of

    When magpie was warbling in the moonlight
    On silent wings Summer flew into the town at midnight
    For her yearly three months mostly sunny stay
    With the first of December dawned Summer's first day... more »

  • The First Day Of December

    The first day of December so breezy and so bright
    And butterflies are flitting in the beautiful sunlight
    And the sweet song of the blackbird is floating in the breeze
    And clusters of white blossoms on the maleluca trees,... more »

  • The First Day Of June

    The first day of June and the southern calendar Winter in the dawn cool and gray
    The magpies are warbling for to herald the day
    The long range weather forecast has June far cooler and wetter than May
    But it is Summer by the mountains from here far away... more »

  • The First Day Of June And The Calendar Winter

    The first day of June and the calendar Winter in the Moyne Shire in Victoria South West
    The sun shining bright and Nature in her green best
    In the clear and blue sky just a few clouds of gray
    For Winter it is such a beautiful day... more »

  • The First Day Of March

    The first day of March and of the southern Fall
    In the Moyne Shire of Victoria it is not like Autumn at all
    The weather temperatures well over thirty degrees
    And warmth in the sunshine and warmth in the breeze... more »

  • The First Day Of Spring

    Though bare are the hedgerows and few songbirds sing
    In far Northern Lands 'tis the first day of Spring
    A blanket of fog envelopes the old hill
    And the flood is bank high in the river and rill.... more »

  • The First Day Of Summer

    A pleasant day with a slight cooling breeze
    And a forecast high of twenty five degrees
    And blackbird pipe on a coastal ti tree
    In Cape Paterson beside the Gippsland sea.... more »

  • The First Day Of The Fall

    From Summer the changes not visible at all
    On the first calendar day of the Southern Fall
    The sunshine is bright and warm in the park of the Town
    And on the deciduous trees not yet one leaf is brown.... more »

  • The First Day Of The Southern Summer

    The first day of the Southern Summer in the Southern Hemisphere
    The sun shines in the blue sky and a blackbird I do hear
    His beautiful song so melodious and clear
    On the first day of December the twelfth month of the year,... more »

  • The First Day Of Winter

    I do love quiet places far from the noisy street
    Where the sea going river and lesser creek meet
    Where butcherbird in his cloak of brown and gray
    Pipe his bubbling notes in the quiet Rural day... more »

  • The First Day Of Winter And The Rain Is Bucketing Down

    The first day of Winter and the rain is bucketing down
    On the galvanize roofs of the old Border Town
    And the heavy wind howls in the Town parkland trees
    And a temperature high of just 13 degrees... more »

  • The First Of 08

    The first day of 08 a warm and a humid day
    And weeks of weather such as this on the way
    A furnace like breath in the afternoon breeze
    In a forecast high of 39 degrees... more »

  • The First Of December

    To Australia in the Southern Pacific Summer has made her way
    The first of December a beautiful day
    Song birds sing and whistle on the sunlit trees
    And the sweet scent of hay wafts in the warm breeze... more »

  • The First Of March 09

    There's scarce enough of grass here for to feed a hare
    The paddocks for miles around are dry, brown and bare
    The farm water dams almost empty the creek beds bone dry
    And not a rain cloud in the blue sunny sky... more »

  • The First Of October

    The first of October a beautiful day
    And in the blue sky just a few specks of gray
    And sunshine on the Parkland and on the park trees
    And the warmth of Spring is in the freshening breeze,... more »

  • The First Of September

    The morning it is breaking cloudy and gray
    It does seem another cool late Winter's day
    But the birds in the Parkland they whistle and sing
    Believe it or not 'tis the first day of Spring... more »