• The First Of September And The Calendar Spring

    The first of September and the calendar Spring
    In the gray of the dawning the blackbird does sing
    And the bird who does sing every day of the year
    The warbling song of the magpie so pleasant to hear... more »

  • The First Of The Calendar Summer

    The first of the calendar Summer and the first of December and the rain drizzling down
    On the streets and the parks and the sidewalks of old Koroit Town
    The weather wet and cloudy for the time of year
    But weatherwise that Nature is never predictable is obviously quite clear... more »

  • The First People

    The honour of Australia's first people from them cannot be taken away
    But sadly for Australia's first people theyare Australia's second class citizens of today
    The booing of Adam Goodes the great sportsman a former Australian of the year
    Did have racial undertones to it and this seems obviously clear... more »

  • The First People Of Australia

    The first people of Australia their ancestry old in time
    And they are the inspiration of story, song and rhyme
    It is said their ancestors lived in Australia for sixty thousand years
    Till the arrival of the northern races brought to them grief and tears... more »

  • The Fishermen Are Merry

    The fishermen are merry and are in the mood for song
    In the old pub of the harbor in the City of Geelong
    Monday morning it would have them from the harbor far away
    Fishing in the deep saltwater many miles from Corio Bay... more »

  • The Fishers

    The chill of late Autumn is in the morning
    And before the sun comes out the sky looks gray
    And Jack Iversen and Kenny are off fishing
    They left quite early at the break of day.... more »

  • The Fitzy Chicks Of Brosna

    Little Brosna in County Kerry hardly the ideal launching pad to entertainment fame
    But the beautiful young Fitzy Chicks from there for themselves are making a name
    As a duo of fine singers and musicians of them more we will hear
    They play their musical instruments beautifully and they sing melodiously and clear... more »

  • The Flame Of First Love

    'Tis true that few first loves last a whole lifetime
    But the flame of first love never ever die
    The old man on looking back the years remembers
    She was my first love as a teenage boy.... more »

  • The Flaws In Others

    The flaws in others in ourselves we do see
    And I dislike in them what I dislike in me
    The weaknesses in others are not hard to find
    But most in their own ways can be very kind... more »

  • The Flaws We Are Born With

    The weaknesses I see in others in myself I do see
    When I look at them I am looking at me
    And like billions of others in the World of today
    I too am judgemental in my own small way... more »

  • The Flower Girls Of Millstreet

    In the Summer Corpus Christi procession long ago in Millstreet Town
    Young girls of the Convent school among others up to the Town Square from the West End slowly walked down
    With the warm winds from the mountains in the balmy air
    Willie Murphy on his public address system led the congregation in prayer... more »

  • The Flower Of Peace Will Bloom Again

    They tell us who our enemies are and those who we ought to fear
    But any real plan for World peace from them we never hear
    And how much more of the Planet Earth are they going to destroy
    And how many more have to suffer and how many more have to die?... more »

  • The Flowers That Bloometh In The Urban Garden

    The flowers that bloometh in the urban garden
    Make beautiful the small green garden tree
    And city flowers in their full bloom look lovely
    As beautiful as you might wish to see.... more »

  • The Flute Of The Magpie

    Their flute like notes one so often does hear
    The aussie magpies sing every day of the year
    In the last month of Winter and the first month of Spring
    In their breeding Season at night they do sing... more »

  • The Flute Of The Aussie Magpie

    The flute of the Aussie Magpie so pleasant to hear
    The bird that does sing every day of the year
    His music once heard you can never get wrong
    He really does have such a beautiful song... more »

  • The Follow On Crowd

    Some people follow the leader as if they are sheep
    And with similar company to themselves they do keep
    Since they are a part of the follow on crowd
    By the fear of being seen to be different they are easily cowed... more »

  • The Food Of All Nations

    In this City I see people from every Land
    And some speak in a language that I do not understand
    Of every shade of skin colour black, brown and white
    To breathe in the same air we all have that right... more »

  • The Football Club's Best And Fairest

    The football club's best and fairest when he was in his prime
    But eventually we all become victims of time
    The legs that did run fast are now walking slow
    The seasons of life on him are beginning to show... more »

  • The Football Club's Hero

    In his young years he was healthy, happy and carefree
    He is not the man that he once used to be
    He seldom sees their son and daughter and their children and estranged from his wife
    One can only say that not all is well in his life... more »

  • The Football Fans

    They always do patronize the local pub
    The fans and the members of the town's football club
    Seated at the bar tables in small groups they talk of football
    And little else matter much to them at all... more »

  • The Football Grand Final Scapegoat

    Most of those who knew him thought he was not good enough
    He could not measure up when the going did get tough
    In the Grand Final he wilted under pressure with the game to be won
    When he could have become the town's favourite son.... more »

  • The Footy Barracker

    He does love his football his meat pie and beer
    And when his team win so loudly he does cheer
    He talks with his footy mates at the local pub
    Of the weekend game and the winning chances of the club... more »

  • The Footy Fans

    The footy fans are sometimes in the local pub
    And if not are drinking in the bar of the football club
    And their favourite topic you guessed it football
    And their club to them is the greatest of all... more »

  • The Footy Man

    He wears his club scarf and beanie this cold saturday evening in the late Fall
    As he walks from the train to the football oval for to watch a few hours of football
    One might say a one eyed supporter he urges his footy heroes on
    But he falls silent before the final siren when all hope of a victory seems gone.... more »

  • The Forgotten Dead

    They are in the graves of the forgotten dead
    And nothing is known of them written or said
    No headstone to tell of who they were above where their remains lay
    The forgotten dead in the World of today... more »