• And What If I Cark It Tomorrow

    And what if i cark it tomorrow life without me will surely go on
    And i will have had a good innings my better days will be long gone
    I've had a go at slipshod rhyming and I've penned my share of doggerel
    And I've seen three score years of Summers in that way i have done quite well.... more »

  • And What If I Never Again

    And what if i never again see Millstreet Town
    Or on familiar sidewalks walk up and down
    Though it lives as a memory of what used to be
    Of the past in death only one does become free... more »

  • And What Is Life About At All

    And what is life about at all if we die and are no more
    If there is not another World beyond this Earthly shore
    When the reaper claims the life from us it will not matter to us at all
    When in Nature's bosom we do lay if none our name recall.... more »

  • And What Is Man

    And what is man but animal a descendant of ape
    A creature of this Planet earth with monkey build and shape
    And what is man but mortal with brief so brief life span?
    Like flowers of Spring he live short while the earth born creature man.... more »

  • And What Is This Feeling

    And what is this feeling referred to as pride
    A feeling where arrogance sometimes does hide
    As feelings they are not that different it does seem to me
    Though with such thinking i am sure many would disagree... more »

  • And Why The Poor Grow Poorer

    it is the so called Season of carols by candlelight
    And carol singers in the park are singing silent night
    And other hymns for Christmas and songs of peace and joy
    And why the poor grow poorer i really wonder why? .... more »

  • And Will We See Their Likes Again

    From Fionn MacCumhaill to Brian Boru to O Neill and O Donnell
    And right up to the glory days of the wizard Dan O Connell
    These men inspired a Nation's soul their names will live forever
    And will we see their likes again? far more than likely never.... more »

  • And You Never Do Stop Learning

    What hair I have left on my head gray as feather of gray crow
    I am in my early sixties yet so little I do know
    About life and about living though I'm learning every day
    And you never do stop learning though your hair is silver gray... more »

  • Andrew Hickey

    Andrew Hickey lived in Millstreet Town perhaps all of his long life
    On Main Street he and Mary nee O Donoghue had a hardware store his devoted wife
    In Millstreet Town they raised their children where Andrew was well liked and well known
    And it can be said of him that he was one of Millstreet's own... more »

  • Andrew Lynch

    A fountain of knowledge and known far and wide
    Beyond the borders of his Countryside
    The great Andrew Lynch to the reaper has gone
    But good stories about him are bound to live on.... more »

  • Andrew Mcauley

    He is out there with Nature his is a watery grave
    The man who loved adventure but he was truly brave
    His kayak was found capsized just out of Milford Sound
    A day or two and he would be with family and friends and safe on solid ground.... more »

  • Andrew's Big Day

    July the fifth is Andrew's birthday born forty years ago
    Thousands of miles north in England yet knowing him you'd never know
    That he was born out of Australia of an English accent not one trace
    He is a fair dinkum Aussie and Aussie culture he embrace.... more »

  • Andy And Ann

    The old fellow Andy says his neighbor the young beauty Ann
    Has designs on him as her fancy man
    But with his aging wife Kate he is happy to stay
    When it comes to young women some old blokes do get carried away... more »

  • Andy And Jo

    It is a wonderful story of Andy and Jo
    They met at a mutual friend's party some three years ago
    It was love at first sight they are happily married today
    Good things happen for good people as some do say... more »

  • Andy In His Late Twenties

    It is his journey in life that brought him to this place
    That where to the majority his is a stranger's face
    He works in the town superstore in his job he may not stay
    Since the bug of wander it is in him for places far away... more »

  • Andy The Reluctant Hero

    It's been seventy years if not more since Andy was school going boy
    Since he played hide and seek with his mates in the old park of Fitzroy
    But the years have flown so quickly his once brown hair silvery gray
    And on looking back his young years seem like only yesterday.... more »

  • Angela Merkel

    That she is the World's greatest living political leader there can be no doubt
    She has shown the World what compassion is about
    The German Chancellor Angela Merkel the World leader for fair play
    As a humanitarian she does lead the way... more »

  • Anger

    It is mainly due to prudence and a little fear
    That of an angry person i try to stay clear
    Where confrontation to violence often does lead
    Of unpleasant stories we hear of and of read... more »

  • Anger And Hate

    Anger and hatred they do not mix well
    And of them no happy stories for to tell
    People because of them serve years of prison time
    As they lead to horrible injuries and murder and many a serious crime... more »

  • Anger And Jealousy

    Anger and jealousy are siblings both self destructive in their own way
    Of the damage they give rise to we hear and read of every day
    In assaults and murder and every violent sort of crime
    So many people because of them in prison serving time... more »

  • Anger, Jealousy And Hatred

    They are such a huge waste of energy and time
    And are only known for sowing the seeds that can lead one to serious crime
    Anger and jealousy and hatred cast a dark cloud on the mind
    And any positive word of them to say seems impossible to find... more »

  • Angie

    Gone from the old town a beloved face
    And none it does seem for to take Angie's place
    For she was a very good person indeed
    Always willing to help one of helping in need... more »

  • Angled Onion

    In Sherbrooke the weeds are abundant they cloak the ground around the gum trees
    In September the white blooms of the angled onion are nodding in the freshening breeze
    Though one should not mistake them for snowdrops whilst in bloom they make for a pretty sight
    Billions of them bloom in the sun shine so beautiful and snowy white.... more »

  • Ann

    A grandmother in her early fifties and without a man
    The years start to tell on the aging one Ann
    Though she uses hair dye for to cloak her gray
    She has lost some of her beauty of a bygone day... more »

  • Ann And Tim

    How lucky indeed is the arrogant young Tim
    That the beautiful young Ann she has fallen for him
    To mother his children and become his wife
    Some men one can say rather lucky in life... more »