• Ann Cronin

    So humble and gentle and free of conceit
    She was one of the nicest people of Millstreet
    So sad for to learn Ann Cronin has passed away
    In the quietness of St Mary's she is at peace today... more »

  • Ann M

    She says life in the outback it would not suit me
    As I never could live far away from the sea
    I never could live in a quiet Inland town
    Surrounded by paddocks rough looking and brown.... more »

  • Ann Moynihan

    Before she became Ann Moynihan and time became her foe
    She was born and raised as Ann Murphy many years ago
    In her late sixties her life's journey came to an end
    She was a nice person to have as a friend... more »

  • Anna

    He doesn't have big muscles or good looks, a bald patch on his head
    And Anna told her closest friend he's not much use in bed
    His salary and social rank the reason she chose Ted
    She married him for his degrees his job and his Dip Ed.... more »

  • Annagloor In May

    We were quite contented though money wise poor
    When Spring came to visit green old Annagloor
    The hawthorns were cloaked in blooms of white to gray
    And the old fields resplendent in their wildflowers of May... more »

  • Annagloor's Matty Fitz

    From the nineteen seventies two Irish champions from Annagloor of we have to recall
    Jim Twohig in athletics and Denis Long in Gaelic football
    In their prime against Ireland's best with success they did compete
    And in sports they are amongst the best of Millstreet... more »

  • Anna's Memory

    Her mum wept aloud on her birth bed she still does remember that day
    At the birth of June her youngest sister now in her mid forties and turning gray
    At that time Anna in her sixth year was too young to understand why
    Her mother seemed so very unhappy at what should have been her moment of joy.... more »

  • Anne Boleyn

    She gave birth to a daughter that her greatest sin
    And for that she lost her head Queen Anne Boleyn
    King Henry's only wish was for a boy
    His reason to condemn his Queen to die.... more »

  • Anne Duggan

    The youngest of the family of Cornelius and Catherine Duggan a woman who was compassionate and kind
    Who was known for her generosity of spirit and brilliance of mind
    From her Hometown of Millstreet Anne Duggan lives far away
    She became a nun in the U S of A... more »

  • Anne From Mallow

    She lives in Richmond by the river the Yarra deep and brown
    A woman in her eighties she hailed from Mallow town
    Through Mallow Town in County Cork Blackwater river flow
    By house she left for London more than sixty years ago.... more »

  • Anne Gallen

    Sean Gallen and family and Anne his good wife
    In Millstreet Town spent many years of their life
    As proprietors of the Bush Bar at the West End they were well liked and well known
    In fact one can say of them they became Millstreet's own... more »

  • Anne Mullane

    In life few of us do share a similar destiny
    Anne Mullane was a person much younger than me
    And though of her i knew her i did not get to know
    Though we were both raised in the place of the silver back crow... more »

  • Annette Tells The Story Of Her Possum

    Each morning as I sit and have my tea
    My female possum comes to visit me
    She crawls along the wall plate o'er the door
    Up through small hole to her nest on ceiling floor.... more »

  • Annie

    Though Annie was born in a Land far away
    Home is where i live she is known for to say
    A single grandmother in her early fifties of one offspring Bill
    She was born and raised in a town by a far away hill... more »

  • Annie Is A Woman

    Without makeup she is ageing in the natural way
    Her shoulder length straight hair it is silvery gray
    She is what you see and appears for to be
    The widowed great grandmother Annie she is eighty three... more »

  • Annie Kate

    With shoulder length wavy hair of chestnut brown
    Lovely Annie Kate the pride of the town
    And lovely brown eyes and a beautiful smile
    In her early twenties free of conceit and guile... more »

  • Anonymous Internet Trollers

    These internet anonymous negativecommenters who post their comments
    under a false name
    Are not worthy of recognition though they do crave fame
    By their very anonymity they choose to deny... more »

  • Another Awful Day At Work

    Your boss is very arrogant some bosses are that way
    Another awful day at work you've had a rotten day
    You've seriously thought of quitting and handing notice in
    Sometimes life can be trying you lose before you win... more »

  • Another Bad Day

    No such a thing for you as an easy pay
    And for you at work it has been another bad day
    Your boss is a hard one for to satisfy
    The term of unreasonable to his sort does apply... more »

  • Another Dead Wombat

    Another dead wombat lay on the road side
    Under the wheels of a speeding car he must have died
    Another dead wombat and too few who care
    That these indigenous creatures already quite rare.... more »

  • Another Despot Is In Prison

    Another despot is in prison where of time he will spend a lengthy span
    Under his watch his soldiers murdered many people he is just another disgraced man
    Far too many Presidents have abused power because of them many have died in the foulest way
    Many looked on as heroes by the masses are in prison for crimes against humanity today... more »

  • Another Door Opens

    Another door opens when one door does close
    That saying in it's own way refer to human life one suppose
    More life opportunities for some anyway
    Do come with the dawning of every new day... more »

  • Another Federal Election Is Looming

    Another Federal Election is looming and this time who will be empowered
    Will the Australian people retain the right wing Government that is led by the guileful John Howard
    Or opt for Labor led by fiery Mark Latham one who to self destruct is inclined
    At times he does seem to get into trouble by in public speaking his mind.... more »

  • Another Football Season

    Another Football Season has just commenced having said so just the same
    A lot of hype and excitement about a field game
    For many from their life problems a relief of sorts
    Suppose that's why the establishments created sports.... more »

  • Another Football Season Down At The Local Pub

    Another Football Season down at the local pub
    The footy fans discuss the fortunes of their favorite football club
    Who will be premiers in September on football's biggest day
    The winners always grinners and have the last hooray... more »