• The Man From Kanturk

    He has shorn in the shearing sheds south east of Burke
    The man from far north from the fields of Kanturk
    The flat countryside in the heart of Duhallow
    Where he left seven years back his life dreams for to follow.... more »

  • The Man From Kanturk Where Might He Be Today

    The man from kanturk where might he be today
    Is he now ageing gracefully in his Hometown far away?
    I last spoke to him some two decades ago
    And he talked of the place where the old Allow flow... more »

  • The Man From Kilavullen

    The man from Kilavullen his ghost is living still
    In Claramore near Millstreet Town by ancient Clara hill
    From the high woodland and the fields he can't be far away
    And where he once lived physically his spirit lives today.... more »

  • The Man From Kilcorney

    Far from his old home place the years have left him gray
    But he doesn't pine for Kilcorney far away
    The eldest of his grandchildren his namesake grandson
    On his next birthday will turn twenty one... more »

  • The Man From Millstreet Town

    He has lived through many Seasons and his hair is silver gray
    And it does seem very obvious he has known a better day
    But he always does seem happy one who never does seem down
    He does not feel old in any way the man from Millstreet Town... more »

  • The Man From Nova Scotia

    The man from Nova Scotia is powerfully built and tall
    And beside him other fellows to say the least seem small
    Perhaps in his late twenties he does seem slightly shy
    And quite a gentle person he would not harm a fly.... more »

  • The Man From Rutherglen

    Standing over two meters in physique a man among men
    A shy sort of a fellow the man from Rutherglen
    He is not a troublemaker not that sort of a bloke
    But he is not the type of person that one ought to provoke... more »

  • The Man From Saltbush Country

    He is from Saltpan Country where only Saltbush grow
    North of Tailem Bend in South Australia where the Murray waters flow
    As it nears the great Pacific it deepens and moves slow
    Through brown lands where the Black Tribes lived and fished and hunted a few centuries ago.... more »

  • The Man From Tailem Bend

    He'll go back to grow old in Tailem Bend to where he first saw light of day
    Down south in the Land of the Coorong where old Murray slowly winds his way
    Through the wide and the flat brown country on his journey down to the sea
    Where he has been flowing forever and few are as ancient as he.... more »

  • The Man From The Big World Out There

    He drove into town just a few weeks ago the man from the big World out there
    This morning he drives on the highway again on a journey to some other where
    He worked for a local builder for a few weeks on Friday when he drew his pay
    He told the boss he will not be with him next week tomorrow he will be on his way... more »

  • The Man From The Coorong

    The man from South Australia's coastal Coorong
    To Australia's first people his ancestry belong
    Brown skin and brown eyes and hair black as a crow
    His life journey began where the brown Murray flow... more »

  • The Man From The Fields Of The Silver Backed Crow

    Of the up and down times of life he is one who does know
    The man from the fields of the silver backed crow
    Though since he has been a migrant for more than fifty years
    For his long gone youth he does not have any tears... more »

  • The Man From The Hill

    The man from the hill of the dark brown weerloo
    The bird known to many as the yellow tail black cockatoo
    The roads of the big country he has driven up and down
    One who has lived and worked in many a town... more »

  • The Man From The North Lands

    He is from the place where the bog cotton grow
    In the home of the rook and the silver back crow
    By northern mountains from here far away
    Where first he did look on the bright lamp of day... more »

  • The Man From The Northern Tropics

    The man from the warm northern tropics the lands of floods and drought
    Is enjoying the cooler climate in the far cooler south
    Only in his mid thirties sun wrinkles on his sun bronzed face
    His slow drawl of North Queensland down here seems out of place.... more »

  • The Man From The Outback

    From years of working in warm climates his face wrinkled and brown
    The man from the outback tropics is happy in his life in the cool southern town
    In the hot and sweaty shearing sheds never an easy day
    One can say of him he earned his every pay... more »

  • The Man From The Road To Rathmore

    He lives far south of his northern first homeland the cliffs of Hibernia's shore
    And even further south of Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra the man from the road to Rathmore
    He is far from Clara and Caherbarnagh and Gortavehy the old hill of stone
    And trhe famous twin hills of Sliabh Luachra known to many as the Paps of Shrone... more »

  • The Man From The Wooded Hill

    The man from the wooded hill of the gray kangaroo
    And the big dark brown parrot yellow tail black cockatoo
    Due to nostalgia for his home-place at times feeling down
    As he adjusts to life in the far bigger town... more »

  • The Man From Warrenheip Street

    The man from Warrenheip Street some great stories did tell
    In Buninyong in the eighties at the Buninyong Crown Hotel
    He is such a marvellous character and people like him few
    And to life's higher principles he always remained true.... more »

  • The Man From Who Knows Where

    He too must have a home place in the big world out there
    But he seems like lost ship in vast ocean the man from who knows where
    In this big city of many cultures a multicultural place
    He does not seem to blend well one of a minority race... more »

  • The Man Known As Stan

    Stan used to feel sad at his disappointments in life
    For a wealthy younger man he was forsaken by Kate his wife
    Their only offspring Jean married with children in Spain
    Though of loneliness he never once did complain... more »

  • The Man Of Rhyme

    He is in his mid forties and well past his prime
    The greying and balding Donny known as the Man of Rhyme
    In the Pub to his mates his verses he recite
    And they always applaud him much to his delight.... more »

  • The Man Of Self Doubt

    When it comes to news-makers he is always left out
    As he does go unnoticed the man of self doubt
    By feeling that he is never good enough
    He makes life on himself one can say quite tough... more »

  • The Man Of The Day

    Others look up to him and respect to him pay
    'Tis his money makes him the man of the day
    Up the corporate ladder he sure has climbed far
    His paid driver drives him around in his car... more »

  • The Man Of The Fifties

    Conservative people are ruling this Land
    And our Government leader their ways understand
    They love him for his values and to them he appeal
    He can read their thoughts and he know how they feel... more »