• The Man On His Own

    They shoal together as fish do in a river pool
    And they dismiss the one indifferent to them as a fool
    Apart in his ways from the tribe he has grown
    A true individual is the man on his own... more »

  • The Man Who Always Speaks The Truth

    It is said he is arrogant and lacking in ruth
    That he is not a nice person the man who always speaks the truth
    His honesty never has won him a friend
    Deceit can work wonders for you why otherwise pretend... more »

  • The Man Who Beats His Wife

    He has lived in the southern suburb for the most of his life
    One looked up to by many the man who beats his wife
    She often wears dark glasses to hide the bruising around her eyes
    More women abused by their partners and their husbands than one does realize.... more »

  • The Man Who Claims To Know It All

    There is nothing on which he does not have an opinion the man who claims to know it all
    On politics and life and on history and on sports especially football
    To others in knowledge he does feel superior but no fool like an old fool they say
    Some men with age do not grow wiser they only grow arrogant and gray... more »

  • The Man Who Could Not Settle Down Anywhere

    To live a settled existence to him would be living a lie
    As the wander bug will be in him till he die
    He has been to many big towns in the big World out there
    The man who could not settle down anywhere... more »

  • The Man Who Does Not Have A Hobby

    Colin Corbett the one without a hobby though he has good and funny stories to tell
    And he has a subtle sense of humor as a comedian he would do well
    But such a career to him not appealing he will not give his chef job away
    One of the many unheralded talents in the Human World of today... more »

  • The Man Who Does Speak Everything He Does Think

    Sometimes there is a lot being said, without a word being spoken 'Ross Altmann'

    He raises the frustration in others right to the brink... more »

  • The Man Who Fear Snakes

    The man who fears snakes he is living today
    From danger he is smart enough for to stay away
    And though the masses the praises of brave deeds may sing
    Just a little bit of fear can be a healthy thing... more »

  • The Man Who Feared Death

    The battle is over the war heroes are dead
    And of how brave that they were in books we have read
    But the army deserter is living today
    And by all accounts for himself he is doing okay... more »

  • The Man Who Feels Fear

    In his eighty ninth year the man who feels fear
    The bangs of the war guns he never did hear
    As a young man he was never in an army or learned how to use a gun
    Drinking and socializing and making love to women was his way of having fun... more »

  • The Man Who Hangs In There

    The man who hangs in there when the going gets tough
    In life may be struggling but is man enough
    To face life's toughest challenge and still do his best
    And not found to be wanting when put to the test... more »

  • The Man Who Has Beaten Cancer

    His best days one might say to the forever gone
    But his great love of life helps him for to live on
    The man who has just beaten cancer has turned eighty three
    And few of his age are as lively as he... more »

  • The Man Who Knows Of Stress

    His head is full of worries the man who knows of stress
    Lack of money his main problem his finances in a mess
    With a wife and three young children and a home mortgage and other bills to pay
    He never looks too far ahead he just lives for today... more »

  • The Man Who Laughed A Lot

    By his family and friends he will never be forgot
    He was loved by many the man who laughed a lot
    The great gift of life he did embrace
    And he always did have a big smile on his face... more »

  • The Man Who Loved Women Was Buried Today

    The man who loved women was buried today
    Amongst the departed his remains now lay
    He was only forty five cancer on him took toll
    Our destiny in life is beyond our control.... more »

  • The Man Who Loves Women

    The man who loves women by women a sought after man
    He is loved by Rosy and Kathy and by Julie Ann
    You ask them why do they love him and to you they say
    About him he does have a nice caring way... more »

  • The Man Who Loves Wonthaggi

    The man who loves Wonthaggi is showing his years in gray
    And back in the mid fifties he was in his prime day
    When he played for East Wonthaggi and he often recall
    The year he won the Club's best and fairest the best player... more »

  • The Man Who Punched His Cow

    He's out of work and his knuckles bust and he feels sorry now
    And he is paying the price in pain for trying to bash a cow
    He wears a bandage round his hand and his fingers ache and ache
    I've heard some stories in my time but this one 'takes the cake'... more »

  • The Man Who Shattered Millstreet's Dream

    for years he's lived and worked in Millstreet the man who shattered Millstreet's dream
    The day he kicked the equalizer for the Carbery football team
    Fifteen thousand watched in Macroom some quite stunned by what they'd seen
    When Millstreet were forced to a replay 'thanks to Bob from Skibbereen'.... more »

  • The Man Who Stood For Something Great

    The man who stood for something great died in the foulest way
    But his legend in history is living today
    For what he stood for with his life he did pay
    At the hands of a racist known as James Earl Ray... more »

  • The Man Who Talks To God

    For one of self proclaimed devotion his behaviour seems odd
    And he is known by many as the man who talks to God
    His so called war on terrorism has left thousands of people dead
    Of his wars in Afghanistan and Iraq so much written and said.... more »

  • The Man Who Took On Big Brother

    The man who stand for human rights, freedom and justice
    Is now in jail perhaps for a long stay
    The authorities say he an an agitator
    The only reason he is locked away.... more »

  • The Man Who Was Born At The Poor Side Address

    The man who was born at the poor side address
    Is homeless and hungry his life in a mess
    Addicted to alcohol on poverty street
    He searches the rubbish bins for something to eat.... more »

  • The Man Who Was Born To Travel

    If somebody does write his life's story in book sales it would do quite well
    For it would make for interesting reading and thousands of copies would sell
    He has been in so many Countries and he has worked in many a town
    And the wanderlust it is still in him perhaps he'll never settle down... more »

  • The Man Who Was Not There

    You talk to Bill of Napoleon how his army lost at Waterloo
    But he will tell you that's 'old hat' so tell us something new
    I have little interest in war history nor who win or lose don't care
    And Waterloo seems long gone now and as for me I was not there.... more »