• The Man Who Wins The Brownlow

    The man who wins the Brownlow Medal is the A F L's best and fairest player
    And since only one winner every year that makes Brownlow Medallists rare
    Some Brownlow Medallists deceased and some ageing and gray
    The ex hero of the future is the hero of today... more »

  • The Man With A Grudge

    I heard on the news that a gun man today
    Murdered many people in a town far away
    He in turn was shot to death by police to add to the death toll
    The man with a grudge his mind out of control,... more »

  • The Man With Bushy Eyebrows

    He does look rather surly and the years have left him gray
    The man with bushy eyebrows to me never says good day
    One I used to acknowledge in passing a friendly hi
    But my greeting met with silence he never did reply.... more »

  • The Man With Six Wives

    In a World of billions of pauperized human lives
    I cannot understand the man who has six wives
    And twenty six children with more on the way
    With him 'tis much wants more as some are known to say... more »

  • The Man With The Loud Voice

    Though never referred to by anyone as one of our own
    The man with the loud voice to many is known
    You do not need a hearing aid him for to hear
    And he can be quite deafening when to you standing near... more »

  • The Man Without Teeth

    Every human being should be worthy of note
    The man without teeth is a marvellous poet
    And yet he remains as a stranger to renown
    One who tramps on the country roads from town to town.... more »

  • The Manchester Suicide Bomber

    The Manchester suicide bomber far from mentally sound
    But good to realize that his sort of person in large numbers do not abound
    Since the Human World is not in need of him and his kind
    Extreme in their thinking and unwell in the mind... more »

  • The Mancinis

    Claudia Mancini of her son Guiseppe feels proud
    She says he is one who stands out from the crowd
    A motor car accident had him in a wheelchair
    But he is not one to say life is unfair... more »

  • The Manly Man

    It's not a manly thing to weep the manly man say so
    But ignorance is bliss to him he still has far to go
    He still has much to learn from life before he reach the stage
    When he can say I've fully grown and I have come of age.... more »

  • The Many Good People

    In life i have been lucky in truth i can say
    In the many good people i meet every day
    Though dealings with a few dubious characters i can recall
    I find people to be good and trusting overall... more »

  • The Marginalized

    To fight illness they don't have the strength or they don't have the will
    Poor people are left to die when they fall ill
    The government for them does not seem to care
    Any money to support them from their budget they do not have to spare... more »

  • The Marigolds

    The Spring is in her prime now and the lovely marigold
    Are blooming in the blackwood shade so lovely to behold
    On a warm day in October close to thirty degrees
    With the sun glowing in the blue sky and warmth in the breeze... more »

  • The Mark Of A Man

    His friends influence his ideas on manhood you are allowed to laugh but not to weep
    And over the love of a female you are not supposed to lose sleep
    In the pub with his mates Don and Tony and Danny and Peter and Stan
    Their conversation leads to one subject on what is the mark of a man? .... more »

  • The Marks Of A Good Patriot

    What are the marks of a good patriot why ask me I hardly would know
    I never did fight in a war zone or have a war medal to show
    That I am a very brave fellow courage I displayed under fire
    But if that what it takes to be a good patriot to such I do never aspire.... more »

  • The Martyr

    He lived in Ballydaly a noble Irishman
    Executed by the British just because he loved Ireland
    And though the time has long passed by his story must be told
    Like every Irish martyr he was noble true and bold... more »

  • The Marvellous Cullen Pipers

    In Cullen Village in Duhallow far north of here and miles away
    They drink, dance and make merry there on St Laitiaran's day
    The Cullen Pipe Band on the street bagpiping up and down
    Far from their ancient Village they have won Worldwide renown.... more »

  • The Marvellous Old Sagess

    Her wisdom is with me from decades ago
    The marvellous old sagess that i used to know
    The wisdom she imparted with me does remain
    And in my flights of fancy she is living again... more »

  • The Marvelous Gift Of Love

    Whenever applied it never fails to succeed
    The marvelous gift of love is a great gift indeed
    Without it humanity could not hope to survive
    But where-ever anger and mistrust are prevalent love cannot thrive... more »

  • The Marvelous Three

    Love, kindness and compassion the marvelous three
    Belong to the brighter side of humanity
    Those who do have them have the inner glow
    And are such beautiful people to know... more »

  • The Master Blaster

    What most only dream of for him has come true
    Sachin Tendulkar has achieved in cricket what is only his due
    One hundred test centuries he has proven once and for all
    That sportsmen to be great do not have to be burly and tall... more »

  • The Mayan Calendar

    The old Mayan were renowned seers who into the future with some accuracy did delve
    But their calendar is due to end in the year of two thousand and twelve
    They forecast the rise and fall of the Empires from century to century
    And of wars all around the World with some share of accuracy.... more »

  • The Me Condition

    Their own praises nowadays many only too willing to sing
    In the age of the selfie this is the in thing
    Millions of images of self and family on face-book nowadays to gratify our sense of pride
    The look at me condition gone viral it has spread Worldwide... more »

  • The Meenkeel Gipsies

    As beautiful belly dancers they carve their own renown
    In South West Victoria they have danced in every village and town
    The famed Meenkeel Gipsies well loved and well known
    In Koroit they feel proud to claim them for their own... more »

  • The Melbourne Mynas

    In fancy their distinctive songs I do hear
    When above the Melbourne suburbs the dawn is breaking clear
    The birds known as common mynas in fawn and dark brown
    Birds often seen and heard in the bigger urban town... more »

  • The Members Of Parliament

    The building where people elected to Parliament meet to legislate
    The elected representatives of every constituency in every State
    Referred to as the honorable members though most of them members of shame
    People who are arrogant and conceited and insult honor's name... more »