• The Moyne Shire In May

    Over twenty degrees in the Moyne Shire today
    The weather quite warm for late Autumn and May
    The magpies are singing on the sunlit trees
    Their flute like music is carrying in the freshening breeze... more »

  • The Moyne To The Pacific

    By Griffith Island dark deep and slow
    The waters of the Moyne to the Pacific flow
    By old Port Fairy with claims to renown
    As a holiday and music festival Town... more »

  • The Mt Rouse Butterflies

    They seem to dance with each other in the freshening breeze
    Around the blossoming shrubs and the trees
    With just a few clouds of gray in the blue and sunny December sky
    In their home in Mt Rouse the brown butterfly... more »

  • The Multicultural Three

    There should be more of music as well as dance and song
    These three bring people together in that there is nothing wrong
    They transcend race and borders and are a great uniting force
    Of old mistrusts and hatreds they can be a healing source... more »

  • The Multicultural Town

    So many different Races of black and white and brown
    So many different Nationalities in the multicultural town
    From every different Continent that one might wish to name
    Perhaps we would seem boring if we all looked the same... more »

  • The Murmuring Cails

    O'er the Cails river the leafless trees wave
    As the winds of December violently rave
    But the unperturbed water still singing it's song
    Like a wandering minstrel keeps moving along.... more »

  • The Mushera Christmas Morning Climbers

    People from Aubane and other parts of Millstreet Parish on the morning of Christmas Day
    Climb to the summit of Mushera Mountain quite a daunting task one has to say
    For those who sponsor them for their favorite charity for this credit in heaps they are due
    To climb Mushera in the depths of Winter to a cause one would have to be true... more »

  • The Mushera Fog

    It steals down the mountain the Mushera fog
    Across the mountain road and cloaks Togher Bog
    On damp and wet days in Winter and the latter Fall
    The traffic goes up and down road at a crawl... more »

  • The Mushera Hill Climbers

    On Christmas Day some Aubane people people climb Mushera hill
    A tough uphill trek in the damp morning chill
    Young people and people well beyond their life prime
    Some of them have climbed Mushera many a time... more »

  • The Music Of O Carolan

    The music of O Carolan I have loved for many years
    So sad and yet so beautiful it reduces one to tears
    The poor blind harper of the County Meath is one many tend to under-rate
    As a composer of beautiful music he is one we ought to celebrate... more »

  • The Music Of The Curlew

    A pleasant sound that to my mind remains ever near
    The pipe of the curlew i fancy i hear
    O'er Matty Owens bog on a calm morning in May
    By the River Finnow from here far away... more »

  • The Musk Duck

    The musk duck are interesting creatures i have yet to see them on land
    To most other ducks they look different as different as earth looks from sand
    Under his bill the male has a fleshy bag which he can so easily inflate
    And his short spiky tail becomes erected in his courtship display for his mate... more »

  • The Mutual Admiration Club

    'Tis not credit where credit is due
    'Tis you'll praise me if I praise you
    At The Mutual Admiration Club it is their way
    To only nice things of each others say.... more »

  • The Mynas Of Glen Iris

    The constant noise of the traffic on the busy freeway
    But in the parks of Glen Iris on this pleasant Spring day
    The mynas are singing on the bushes and trees
    Their voices are carrying in the freshening morning breeze.... more »

  • The Mysteries Of Nature As Mysteries Remain

    The migratory bird does have a tiny brain
    But it seems beyond scientists to even try to explain
    How they make it to the far south of the World from the far north and then back again
    The mysteries of Nature as mysteries remain.... more »

  • The Mystic And The Realist

    in his poem 'To the Cuckoo' Wordsworth described the bird as a mysterious thing
    As if a bird's voice without a bird out of nowhere did sing
    As he told he searched for the bird on bush and sky and tree
    And yet that voice to him remained as a great mystery.... more »

  • The Myth Of Immortality

    The myth of immortality by proof has been destroyed
    The most influential people we have known about have died
    Once the World's greatest army was led by Genghis Khan
    Until the reaper claimed him he was a mortal man.... more »

  • The Naive One

    He's had more than one extra marital affair in his married life
    For he is one who often cheats on his wife
    On sundays with his wife and children in the church he does pray
    Though one of the commandments he does never obey.... more »

  • The Names Of Many Famous Deceased People

    The names of many famous deceased people we may see fit to celebrate
    But some were ignored in their life-times and recognition for them came too late
    The artist Vincent Van Gogh one example in his lifetime a stranger to fame
    Today his paintings are worth millions he died without a penny to his name.... more »

  • The Narcissistic One

    The managing director of the company wears a self satisfied grin
    This year six million in annual profit for him another win
    He showers on his faithful employees lots and lots of praise
    But he is not so forthcoming when they ask him for a raise... more »

  • The Narcisstic One

    He does not like himself or others and he is one to harbour a grudge
    One of the brotherhood of big brother of others a self appointed judge
    Tis said he had an unhappy childhood for narcisstic people always some excuse
    Yet so many people i do know in their younger years knew of abuse... more »

  • The Narrow Minded Few

    It may effect your sense of self worth in some way
    The negative things about you others say
    It bothers you they have you in their 'gun'
    Because you've never harmed anyone.... more »

  • The Narrow Mountain Roadway

    Across so many bridges above river, stream and rill
    Up the steep rise from Rylane to Mushera and to Aubane downhill
    And on uphill to Tullig the road winds up and down
    The back road from Cork City that leads to Millstreet Town.... more »

  • The Narrow Road By Old Mushera

    The narrow road by old Mushera it winds up and down
    The backway from Cork through Rylane that ends at Millstreet Town
    In Winter the drivers crawl slow through the fog
    That steals down the mountain and cloaks Togher Bog... more »

  • The National Bard Of Ireland

    The poet who penned Dark Rosaleen is scarce spoken of today
    He never left his home Country and and there his bones now lay
    The National Bard of Ireland some have been known to say
    And yet his flowering genius did seem quick to decay.... more »