• The National Flag

    To those who believe they have god on their side
    The flag of the Nation a symbol of patriotic pride
    But pride in national flags is a thing that is Worldwide
    And so many because of this in wars have died... more »

  • The National Game Of Australia

    The National game of Australia is Australian Rules Football
    And the Aussies who love their game say 'tis the greatest game of all
    Soccer, Rugby Union and Rugby League and Cricket have their roots elsewhere
    But no truer Aussie sportsman than an Aussie Rules footy player,... more »

  • The National Poet Of Ireland

    The National Poet of Ireland who died in eighteen forty nine
    With the then gentry of Dublin he never did wine and dine
    James Clarence Mangan died of consumption at forty six years old
    The story of his tragic life is one that has often been told... more »

  • The National Poet Of Ireland Was Not

    The National Poet of Ireland was not Heaney or Yeats
    But one whose name is seldom mentioned as one of Ireland's literary greats
    He was a poor man of Dublin who wrote Ireland's National poem Dark Rosaleen
    A poem that may live in Irish literature as long as Ireland's fields are green... more »

  • The Nations With Good Human Rights

    It is not it's wealth or military power that makes a Country great
    No it's the Nations with good Human rights we ought to celebrate
    Where people are not persecuted for speaking their minds or for their religion, gender or race
    The Country with good Human rights deserve to be in a more... more »

  • The Nature Poet

    Out there in the great ocean the wild waves toss and roll
    The music of saltwater is in the poet's soul
    She sits upon the high cliff that overlooks the sea
    The beauty in words she captures keeps on eluding me.... more »

  • The Near To Perfect People

    The near to perfect people to say the least quite rare
    Of my flaws as a human being I surely am aware
    Perfection for one of the human kind almost impossible to achieve
    That's what those who study human behaviour tell us and that's not hard to believe... more »

  • The Need For Recognition

    It is in the babe before the babe learns to crawl
    The need for recognition it is in us all
    We all do need a boost to our self esteem
    Recognition can do wonders for us it does seem... more »

  • The Need For To Be Loved

    Though the heartache of dead love is surely not small
    That need for to be loved it is in us all
    And it remains in us till the moment we die
    That's a fact of humanity facts never lie.... more »

  • The Need For World Peace Is Paramount

    The need for World peace is paramount and the need for World
    peace we should embrace
    And when you make yourself a better person you make the World a better place
    And if every soldier refused to fight in war we would not have the war dead... more »

  • The Need To Be Successful

    The need to be successful in life to most people apply
    Though many never achieve their ambition though hard they do try
    For millions that life is a battle is only too true
    Though some are all too willing to point out that success comes to where it is due... more »

  • The Need To Write In Me

    One might say I've written a whole heap of stuff
    And for me enough never does seem enough
    Though penning of rhymes does little for my self esteem
    I must be addictive or so it does seem... more »

  • The Negative Few

    You may be a kind and caring person to humanity what's known as a god send
    And to everyone you'd like to be a friend
    For to help others out you go out of your way
    One who does at least one good deed every day.... more »

  • The Negative People

    The negative people in your life you have met
    Are the people that you would prefer to forget
    And though the past has gone some things from it we regret
    Of what was and has been why bother to fret,... more »

  • The Neglect Of Mangan

    The National Bard of his Country yet he never was that well known
    But amongst the great writers of Ireland he is in a class of his own
    For as long as the fields and the meadows of his old beloved Country are green
    We will have the poems of Mangan the author of 'Dark Rosaleen'.... more »

  • The Neighbour's Peacock

    In neighbour's yard enclosed by concrete wall
    All through the day his male blue peacock call
    Unpleasant to the ear his harsh wild cry
    And I wish to other place the bird would fly.... more »

  • The Neighbour's Rooster

    In the neighbour's fowl shed in his backyard in the darkness his rooster does crow
    In the very small hours of the morning one might say his cockhood on show
    For hours on end he keeps on crowing with him I find it so hard to sleep
    But just to stay friends with my neighbour my silence on the matter I keep... more »

  • The Neo Conservatives

    The neo conservatives lack in the inner glow
    They lack in empathy and compassion does not show
    For the poor of the World who are doing it tough
    The hungry and homeless and those sleeping rough... more »

  • The Nepal Earthquake

    In Nepal in an act of Nature more than five thousand people have died
    And thousands are injured and great buildings and many homes destroyed
    An earthquake that caused an avalanche of snow on Mt Everest where many climbers their lives lost
    Every outburst of anger from Nature to humanity comes at a huge cost... more »

  • The Nerd

    Apart from all others in his ways he does grow
    And strangers to him even those he does know
    He does not know one who shares his interests always seen on his own
    In his side of the town to so few he is known... more »

  • The Nestlings Of Spring Just Gone

    The nestlings of Spring just gone learning to sing
    They will be fine songsters by the birth of next Spring
    The young magpies warblings quite good for their age
    Though yet quite a way from the perfection stage.... more »

  • The Never Satisfied

    A nice home to live in and enough to eat and drink should fulfil anyone's need
    But some people with this not happy those obsessed with material greed
    With some enough is never enough by demon greed they are possessed
    Never happy with a nice wife and healthy children by life they do never feel blessed... more »

  • The New Holland Honeyeater

    Familiar to the woodland in her coat of dark and gray
    And with gold stripes on her tail and wings and her voice a give away
    'The new holland honeyeater' for a bird such a strange name
    The name given to Australia when the Europeans first came.... more »

  • The New Multicultural Millstreet

    The Millstreet i was born and raised in and where i lived when my hair was dark brown
    In the early years of the twenty first century has become a new Multicultural Town
    Which does make it seem to be more interesting it used to be a monocultural place
    Difference brings with it variety and comes with the arrival of every new race... more »

  • The New Poetasters

    That they win the big poetry prizes of them cannot be denied
    The modern poets of the twenty first century amongst highbrows are famed far and wide
    But bush poets and rhymers on the outer since the literary critics them do ignore
    And in literature what used to be popular is not popular anymore... more »