• The New Rural Poor

    There is a new breed of poor in Victoria
    They live near Melbourne in the rural towns
    They move from suburbia for the cheaper housing
    But still for the poor than ups there's far more downs.... more »

  • The New Wonthaggi

    Where once many coal-miners were to be found
    Nowadays in Wonthaggi men do not work under ground
    The last of the miners are now getting old
    And their stories do surely deserve to be told.... more »

  • The Newcomers

    The Aboriginal people had lived in Australia
    For sixty thousand years or more
    Till captain James Cook the British explorer
    With his crew members landed on shore.... more »

  • The Newly Elected President

    For months he has made the news headlines almost every day
    The newly elected President of the U S of A
    But some terrible things of Muslims and Mexicans and some men and many women he has been known to say
    If i said things in public like Donald J Trump has said about people and other races i am sure i would be locked away... more »

  • The Newspaper Headlines

    The birds call on the gray gum trees nearby
    And rain comes drizzling from gray Winter sky
    And i feel tired and i look old and gray
    And perhaps i too have seen a better day.... more »

  • The Nicest Person

    On tuesdays after she had been out shopping she pushed her
    trolley home along the street
    And she would say good day to everybody the friendliest
    person you could wish to meet... more »

  • The Nicest Season For One To Die

    The nicest Season for one to die must surely be the Spring
    When the Parklands wear their Wildflowers and song birds pipe and sing
    And young birds are chirping in their nests and the sparrows all the day
    Are busy under the house eaves weaving their nests of hay.... more »

  • The Night Is Calm And Frosty

    The night is calm and frosty I hear the lapwing cry
    Above the darkened paddock beneath the starry sky
    Just five sleeps till September and the calendar Spring
    The time of year upon us when wild birds nest and sing.... more »

  • The Night Is Calm And Moonless

    The night is calm and moonless few stars in the dark sky
    And out there in the parkland i hear the boobook cry
    Mopoke mopoke the brown owl does call out in the night
    The shy nocturnal hunter who hides from the daylight... more »

  • The Night Is Rather Calm

    A car on the roadway a dog barking nearby,
    The calmness is profound stars twinkle in the sky,
    I feel a peace within on this cool July night
    The air has a slight chill and the moon full and bright.... more »

  • The Night Is Wet And Windy

    The night is wet and windy in the quiet Countrytown
    And along the seemingly deserted streets few cars pass up and down
    And flood waters can be heard gurgling in the town's stormwater drain
    And house gutterings are rattling in the driving wind and rain... more »

  • The Night Philotimo Won The Laurels

    The night Philotimo won the Laurels the memory with me still
    The cheers that rang in Western Road might be heard in Cockhill
    And Con Kelleher was beaming this night he'd lived to see
    When the son of Pride of Corrin raced to great victory.... more »

  • The Night Sir Denis Was Suspended

    The night Sir Denis was suspended for fighting
    For greyhound racing it was a setback
    We never saw him race again in Ireland
    Or cheered him on to victory at Cork track.... more »

  • The Night The Cross Smashed In Two

    On the third morning of January nineteen and eighty four
    Across the top of Clara hill a gale force wind did roar
    And the wooden cross which stood up there for thirty years or more
    Was fighting for survival like it never fought before.... more »

  • The Night The Sam Maguire Cup Came To Millstreet

    The night the Sam Maguire cup came to Millstreet
    The cheering could be heard far as Rathmore
    Ten thousand people in the Millstreet Town Square
    I'd never seen the likes of it before.... more »

  • The Nineteen Year Old Rose Of The Town

    She was nineteen years old the Rose of the Town
    With brown eyes and shoulder length tresses of brown
    But the reaper on all of our lives has the final say
    And all is quiet and dark now where she does lay.... more »

  • The Noble Old Man

    His ninety first birthday in June is quite near
    And his memory not good and his thinking not clear
    He survived World War 2 and by a decade has outlived his wife
    And he could not tell you of an easy life... more »

  • The Noble Unsung Hero

    He has seen many Seasons has slept in a gipsy's camp
    And he has lived in the barren lands yet his face not on a postage stamp
    He has been in many Countries yet he goes his own quiet way
    And on any given subject he does not have much to say.... more »

  • The Noisy But Happy Old Dear

    She talked loudly to her friend the gray haired old dear
    The story of her weekend I could not help but overhear
    As I sat in the cafe drinking a coffee
    They gossiped away quite oblivious to me... more »

  • The Noisy Miners

    The noisy miners live up to their name
    As the noisiest family in their neighbourhood
    You always hear them calling in small groups
    On trees along the border of the wood.... more »

  • The Non Judgemental Kind

    The non judgmental kind are not in the few
    And this is not saying anything that is new
    To their honor code they remain ever true
    And credit to them for this is surely their due... more »

  • The Non Swimming Man Of The Sea

    He had his own fishing boat for many years though he never ventured far out to sea
    And from fishing he made a good living enough to upkeep his family
    He was born and he still lives near the ocean and the ocean holds no fears for him
    But to many it may seem a bit strange that he's never learned how to swim.... more »

  • The Norfolk Pine Of Port Fairy

    'Tis said they grow more than a metre each year
    And they do seem to have grown since I was last here
    The Norfolk Island pine of Port fairy they tower over all
    Beside them most other trees look rather small.... more »

  • The Norfolk Pine Trees Of Warrnambool

    The norfolk pine trees of warrnambool are so very old
    In the coastal freshening winds waving a sight to behold
    They have inspired artists and the writers of song, story and rhyme
    For to sketch and write of them over decades of time... more »

  • The Norfolk Pines Of Warrnambool

    The Norfolk Pines of Warrnambool the pride of coastal trees
    Their branches seem to dance about in the freshening evening breeze
    They are quite unmistakeable in their foliage of dark green
    And all around the big coastal Town in numbers they are seen... more »