• The Praises Of Everyone

    The praises of everyone seems hard to sing
    For how can you praise someone who has done the wrong thing
    Who has harmed others in some sort of a way
    Such people for their sins should be made to pay... more »

  • The Praises Of Happiness

    When you are in a good mood to strangers you even say
    Good morning, good evening, good night or good day
    Happiness can be quite an infectious thing
    That friendliness creates friendliness seems a human thing... more »

  • The Praises Of Knowledge

    The more we learn from life the more we come to realize
    That we are not very knowledgeable or not very wise
    Though from the book of life we do learn every day
    We never stop learning in truth one can say... more »

  • The Praises Of Life

    The praises of life everybody should sing
    It is our greatest gift and does not owe us a thing
    We owe it since without it we would not exist
    Yet from praising it most of us seem to resist... more »

  • The Praises Of Love

    The praises of love one forever could sing
    For the great gift of love is a wonderful thing
    Those who know of true love are lucky indeed
    And the Human World of more love so badly in need... more »

  • The Praises Of Nature

    The praises of Nature a pleasure for to sing
    Such joy to so many she always does bring
    The beauty is all around me every day
    Of the one who can create new life out of decay... more »

  • The Praises Of Nature A Joy For To Sing

    The praises of Nature a joy for to sing
    To us pleasure she never fails for to bring
    On my walks every day her great beauty i do see
    Everywhere i turn to look it is all around me... more »

  • The Praises Of Religion

    Though some religious men are known to beat their wives
    Religion it can bring hope to some poor people's lives
    The praises of their God in their house of worship they sing
    Religion when it makes people better people it is such a good thing... more »

  • The Praises Of Smiling

    The praises of smiling allow me for to sing
    As is said a smile does not cost one a thing
    It is nice to be nice as the wise one does say
    And a smile and a cheerful hello from a stranger can bring joy to your day... more »

  • The Praises Of Smiling One Only Can Sing

    The praises of smiling one only can sing
    As has often been said it does not cost one a thing
    The surly faced person of few wish to know
    She or he does seem lacking in the inner glow... more »

  • The Praises Of Some

    The praises of some i do like i do sing
    But i live in my own way and do my own thing
    And what is your business it does suit me fine
    For your business is surely not any business of mine... more »

  • The Praises Of Their God

    The praises of their God so many love to sing
    But God 'twould seem to me is a symbolic thing
    That the God fearing turn to for to cleanse them of sin
    The people who dismiss the existence of any God within... more »

  • The Present Is What Matter

    I hear the babbling of distant waters that flow through places from here far away
    And the migrant redwings chirping on bare hedgerows on a Winter's morn when the frosted fields are gray
    And the shy brown hare to keep her body warm across the high field running up and down
    In this great Land I'll always be a migrant and I'd be a stranger now in my Hometown.... more »

  • The President

    The President a hero to people in places far and wide
    And admired and looked up to by many as the Nation's pride
    In his public appearances the huge crowds they did chant his name
    And he smiled and waved to them in the joy of his fame... more »

  • The President Loved By Many

    The President loved by many was buried today
    His casket carried by trailer through the streets in a tearful public display
    By many of the people watching from the crowded pavements as the cortege went by
    Tears for one many of them had never even spoken to one does wonder why... more »

  • The President Of War

    With hair dyes and face lifts he covers his wrinkles and gray
    The War President is in retirement today
    In his beautiful home with his loyal and attractive wife
    One of the very privileged minority enjoying the good life.... more »

  • The President Who Believes His Own Lies

    When the U S voters went for political change they elected as their leader Donald J Trump
    And any semblance of morality, honesty or truthfulness from politics they choose to dump
    Trump won through the electoral college but it must be taken note
    That his political rival Hillary Clinton won the popular vote... more »

  • The Price For Our Greed

    Human Beings have invented computers and walked on the moon
    But the Planet we live on we are trying to ruin
    The greed of our kind may well be our downfall
    We are not as great or as clever as we think we are after all... more »

  • The Price Is Big To Pay

    Health-wise by what we eat and drink those in the know say
    That we can shorten our lives every week by a day
    For poor eating and drinking habits in physical well being we pay
    You can make out of that advice from health practitioner whatever you may... more »

  • The Price Of Dead Love

    His marriage is over but he has no tears
    For the woman he was married to for just over two years
    Though he miss his baby daughter when he comes home from work at night
    In his marriage she was his one source of delight.... more »

  • The Price Of Progress

    In the town where there are as many cars as people
    On the main street the cars and trucks pass up and down all day
    The factory chimneys keep billowing up dark gray smoke
    And pollute the sky with smog a dusky gray.... more »

  • The Price Of Rhyme

    Money speaks all languages 'twould seem
    Though of becoming wealthy never was my dream
    Still I've nothing to show for my wasted prime
    That is the price one pays for penning rhyme.... more »

  • The Price Of Votes

    Kevin Rudd when deposed by Julia Gillard as P M of Australia warned his party not to lurch to the right
    But like the true politician of his words he made light
    When he deposed Gillard as Prime Minister he made a quick policy change
    Suppose the lust for political power does make people act strange... more »

  • The Pride Of Woodford

    Her wavy shoulder length hair is as dark as the wing of a crow
    The Pride of Woodford where the dark Merri flow
    As with scarcely a ripple it creeps on it's way
    Near the end of it's long Journey at Lady Bay... more »

  • The Pride Of Boherbue

    In her younger years the Pride of Boherbue
    She has lived in Australia since nineteen sixty three
    Her hair silver gray it was once chestnut brown
    She grows old in Victoria in old Colac Town... more »