• The Pride Of Canovee

    He played for Cork in red and white and Millstreet in green and gold
    And if he is with the living now he must be seventy years old
    A champion Gaelic footballer when he was in his prime
    And he was one who more than once inspired the bards to rhyme.... more »

  • The Pride Of Carrigadrohid

    The Pride of Carrigadrohid where might she be today
    Did she marry and raise children or stay single and in Carrigadrohid did she stay
    Or did she leave the Leeside country for places far away?
    I recall i last saw her on an evening in May... more »

  • The Pride Of Dooneen

    Her shoulder length dark hair was tossing in the breeze
    The birds they were singing on the leafy trees
    And bluebells were blooming on the ditch of the bohreen
    When last i did see her the Pride of Dooneen... more »

  • The Pride Of Duhallow

    Her wavy shoulder length hair as dark as the wing of a crow
    The beautiful young woman from the place where The Araglen flow
    In fields of Duhallow from here far away
    On towards the Blackwater it flows with a babble by night and by day... more »

  • The Pride Of Edel Quinn Hall

    She has just turned seventy and her long term Aussie husband is seventy three
    After thirty seven years love between them is strong and they seldom disagree
    A grandmother ten times her once brown hair now gray
    Physically like all of her age she has known a far better day... more »

  • The Pride Of Kanturk

    The only one I love lives in Kanturk Town
    With hair dark and wavy and eyes of nut brown
    Less than thirty yards from where ceaseless waters flow
    The murmuring waters of river Allow.... more »

  • The Pride Of Kanturk From Home Is Far Away

    The Pride of Kanturk from home is far away
    She lives by the Yarra in Melbourne today
    Happy in her life and feeling quite well
    At the weekend she dances and socializes at the Normandy Hotel... more »

  • The Pride Of Kilcorney

    From where she first looked on the bright lamp of day
    The Pride of Kilcorney she lives far away
    She lived in the house by the silver tongued rill
    Babbling down from the high fields by Mushera Hill... more »

  • The Pride Of Kilinadrish

    The memory of her beauty remains undimmed by time
    The pride of Kilinadrish I knew her in her prime
    At local Coursing Meetings her's a familiar face
    And often at the Cork track to watch her greyhounds race.... more »

  • The Pride Of Knocknagree

    The beauty of her Village and none so fair as she
    Way back in the mid fifties she was the pride of Knocknagree
    One in her early twenties then and all but in her prime
    She did not go unnoticed and she inspired the poets to rhyme.... more »

  • The Pride Of Koroit

    Beyond their Hometown in the south west countryside
    The footballers and net ballers and cricketers of Koroit are known far and wide
    Quite joyful in victory and gracious in defeat
    In the south west leagues the young men and women of Koroit always the hardest to beat... more »

  • The Pride Of Koroit Town

    With sloe blue eyes and shoulder length wavy hair of brown
    She is indeed the Pride of Koroit Town
    And friendly and down to earth as most Koroitians are
    To find her equal one would have to travel far... more »

  • The Pride Of Macroom

    She was a rare beauty in her physical prime
    But this is going back many Seasons in time
    Beauty is quick to fade beyond it's full bloom
    And she is no longer the Pride of Macroom... more »

  • The Pride Of Meningie

    Her dad's Country Ireland she never may see
    The shores of Hibernia on the Atlantic sea
    The young woman of the Coorong of Indigenous Race
    Brown skin, dark hair and brown eyes and a beautiful face... more »

  • The Pride Of Millstreet

    With shoulder length wavy hair of hazel brown
    She bloomed like a fair rose in the Duhallow town
    And eyes of dark blue as blue as the ripened sloe
    With the warmth of sunshine in her cheerful hello... more »

  • The Pride Of Millstreet Town

    I do recall the long gone years when I was naive and young
    In the place where Finnow flowed to meet the Cails with ever babbling tongue
    She was in her early twenties then with shoulder length hair of brown
    And she surely was a beauty queen the Pride of Millstreet Town,... more »

  • The Pride Of Murray Bridge

    Of brown eyes and hair as dark as the wing of a crow
    She is from Murray Bridge where the dark Murray flow
    As it nears it's destination the Pacific shore
    On it's deep and slow winding journey that will be forever more... more »

  • The Pride Of Rathcoole Annmarie

    A beautiful young woman with blue eyes and shoulder length wavy hair of brown
    She lives between Banteer Village and Millstreet Town
    The Pride of Rathcoole Annmarie
    One who does sing so beautifully.... more »

  • The Pride Of Sliabh Luachra

    The Pride of Sliabh Luachra where is she today
    She left Gneeveguilla for the U S of A
    Did she fall in love marry and mother children from her old Village far away
    Or as a single woman did she choose to stay?... more »

  • The Pride Of Southren Cross

    For words to describe her i feel at a loss
    Tall graceful and beautiful The Pride of Southern Cross
    Of shoulder length wavy brown hair and immaculately dressed
    Surely one of the finest in Victoria's South West... more »

  • The Pride Of The Allow

    I have not seen her since nineteen sixty three
    But memories of her great beauty today are with me
    Her shoulder length dark hair and lovely eyes of brown
    The most beautiful woman in old Kanturk Town... more »

  • The Pride Of The Moyne

    Her wavy shoulder length hair dark as the wing of a crow
    She is from the place where the Moyne waters flow
    On to Port Fairy to the Pacific shore
    The old river will flow on forever more... more »

  • The Pride Of The Moyne Shire

    Two hours down the highway in the City of Geelong
    Lives a woman who has inspired admirers to poetry and song
    But as the Pride of the Moyne shire she will always remain
    And in Hawkesdale her likes will never be seen again.... more »

  • The Pride Of Yarpturk

    Her sort the inspiration of the writers of song, story and rhyme
    The pride of Yarpturk in her physical prime
    One of the finest in the coastal Moyne Shire countryside
    Where stories of her beauty have travelled far and wide... more »

  • The Privileged

    They have with them body guards at all times and are driven in chaffeur driven cars
    And their lives seen to many as important these big Hollywood movie stars
    Stories and photos of them in glossy magazines of their lives and their every love affair
    To many the heroes and heroines the impressionable are never rare.... more »