• The Privileged Minority

    They are on the right side of the social divide
    The privileged people who have god on their side
    But sadly most of their sort on many others look down
    There are many snobs living in every town... more »

  • The Professor

    The uni professor highly educated, intelligent and well read
    He has far more hair on his face than his head
    A fuzzy brown beard and bald on the crown
    One of the intelligentsia of his side of the town... more »

  • The Promotion Of Fear

    In a political or a religious run State not that much difference it would appear
    As they both base their power on the medium of fear
    Keeping people fearful assures them of staying in command
    The reason for this not hard to understand... more »

  • The Prophesy The Meek The Earth Will Inherit

    There's a prophesy that the meek the Earth will inherit
    Though I don't think I will live to see that day
    At least 'twould seem it is a long time in coming
    And now from us it seems further away... more »

  • The Przewalski Horse

    The last true wild horses of Planet Earth of them it has been said
    Of stocky build with dark brown mane and coloured brown to red
    Przewalski's horse it is their name in the wild state now quite rare
    In the Gobi desert years ago they were seen everywhere.... more »

  • The Pub Singer

    One might say of him he was born to sing
    And to entertain to him a natural thing
    On Friday evenings in the local pub he strums on his guitar as he sings a song
    And the pub patrons with him happy to sing along... more »

  • The Punter's Lucky Day

    The afternoon was quite windy and chilly and the wintery sky
    looked full of rain and gray
    But the big smile on the punter's face was broadening he said I've never known a better day
    A huge collect on the quadrella jackpot, today one of the World's luckiest men... more »

  • The Queen Of Hearts

    Diana was a Princess not by birth but by chance
    And she died in a car crash 'that's old news now' in France
    Along with her lover Dodi Fayed and their driver as well
    Diana was a Princess but life for her was hell.... more »

  • The Queen's Thank You To P.M. John

    Received a telegram this afternoon 'it read your majesty supreme'
    The People of Australia still want you as their Queen
    My family not receiving good publicity of late
    And this great news from Down Under give us cause to celebrate.... more »

  • The Question If

    Our life slowly ebbs away
    We all live from day to day
    The aristocrats just like the poor
    Must all die that is for sure.... more »

  • The Quiet Achiever

    If you don't judge and can accept other people
    Irrespective of their creed or of their race
    And help out others without expecting reward
    Then you can make this world a better place.... more »

  • The Quiet Man

    He is not one who does yearn for renown
    And he never will be the toast of the town
    The quiet achiever in his own quiet way
    Of himself he never has much for to say.... more »

  • The Quiet Man Of The Town

    For to live a good life he does the best he can
    The down to earth hard working honourable man
    To support his wife and children he works hard for his pay
    And for him at work there is never an easy day,... more »

  • The Rabbit Shooters Of Terang

    On evenings in Spring and late Summer many a loud bang
    Of rabbit shooters guns in the countryside around Terang
    There are even more rabbits than people in old Terang Town
    Often seen in the backyards between twilight and sundown... more »

  • The Race That Stops A Nation

    The race that stops a Nation it was run today
    And the Aussie horse racing fans are shouting hooray
    For master trainer Bart Cummings a great twelfth Melbourne Cup win
    And the greatest ever pay day for the Jockey Blake Shinn... more »

  • The Rain Drizzling Down In Kallista

    The whip cracking like call of the whipbird in steep gully where tree fern grow
    And through the gum trees of Kallista the cool winds of Autumn do blow
    And rain falling in heavy drizzles and rain droplets drip from the trees
    It's cool in the high woods of Sherbrooke a high of seventeen degrees.... more »

  • The Rain Falling In A Light Drizzle

    The rain falling in a light drizzle it is not a very nice day
    Behind the gray clouds of the dull sky the sun it is hidden away
    The weather it can be quite changeable in April in the Southern Fall
    Yet the farmers for rain had been hoping and for them light rain better than no rain at all... more »

  • The Rain Has Fallen Steadily

    The rain has fallen steadily through the morning to swell the creek and fill the roadside drain
    And on the blackwood tree the white backed magpie is singing his kind always sings in wind and rain
    This dry countryside needs rain as much as we need to drink water but the difference between Mother Earth and you and I
    Is that after rain the earth again starts living but we are dead forever when we die,... more »

  • The Ralph Illidge Sanctuary

    Ralph Illidge is between Cobden and Warrnambool where manna gum and stringybark abound
    A place that has been set aside for Nature with peace and beauty present and around
    The chirpings and songs of the woodland birds that live there the leafy nests of the ringtail possums on the trees
    The distinctive gruntings of the male koalas can be heard carrying in the freshening breeze... more »

  • The Randy Old Boy

    He is showing his years now in wrinkles and gray
    And clearly he has known a far better day
    But trying to chat up younger women is a thing he enjoy
    And he has earned his nickname of The Randy Old Boy.... more »

  • The Real Sugar Daddy

    No doubt about him he's known a better day
    With tints and with hair dyes he covers his gray
    Most of his female lovers decades younger than he
    That money speaks every language with that one must agree... more »

  • The Real Unsung Heroes

    Sad to think that brave men and women are now serving time
    In Countries where to speak against the government is seen as a crime
    Such people are so brave as brave as can be
    They have far more courage than not so brave me... more »

  • The Reaper

    I salute the reaper for he treats all as equal he claims the life of the pauper and the billionaire
    He reaps the tall poppies and the weeds of the garden and he claims every life in the big World out there
    He is the sharp scythe of ageless Mother Nature the life of anyone he never does spare
    He swings his great scythe and leaves behind him sorrow as he moves on his way to claim more lives elsewhere... more »

  • The Reaper Can Wait

    I would rather live to be old and die as one of the unsung
    Than be remembered forever as one of the young
    Who was not allowed for to grow old and gray
    When he died under gunfire from home far away... more »

  • The Reaper Claimed Him Early

    He never beat his children he never bashed his wife
    The honest hard working fellow he lived a decent life
    But now he is with Nature and his bones at rest now lay
    The honest hard working fellow they buried him today.... more »