• The River Of Three Names

    Home of brown trout, wild duck, otters, moorhens and the shy and elusive water rails
    The River of three names Annagloor, Kales or Cails
    From it's birthplace in the high Lake of Kippagh it journeys on down
    To join the Finnow just west of Millstreet Town... more »

  • The River That Flows

    The river that flows to the great ocean shore
    Flows under the bridge of the road to Rathmore
    Through Duhallow to Mallow it journeys on down
    To flow into salt water by old Youghal Town.... more »

  • The River That Flows Upside Down

    It flows from the foot of Mt Baw Baw through many a Yarra Valley Town
    The waterway known as the Yarra the river that flows upside down
    It deepens and crawls at a snail's pace through Melbourne it always looks a muddy gray
    The river that flows bottom to top I only quote what others say.... more »

  • The River That Is Known As The Hopkins

    It is a vast body of water a wonder of Nature to see
    The river that is known as the Hopkins through Warrnambool crawls to the sea
    From a very humble beginning into a vast waterway it does grow
    As near to the shores of the Pacific at a slow snail's pace it slowly does flow... more »

  • The River To The Ocean

    By woodlands and through grasslands and places where rank scrub grow
    The river to the ocean forever will flow
    On it's sea going journey it receives the waters of drain, creek, brook and rill
    The river born as a stream in the lake by the hill... more »

  • The Road Into Kerry

    On through Ballydaly west of Millstreet Town
    The road into Kerry does wind up and down
    In view of the Boggeraghs the hills old in time
    For years they have been the inspiration of the writers of song, story and rhyme... more »

  • The Road Of Life

    The road of life that leads one to nowhere is the roadway that i am on
    The twilight clouds on my life gathering my better years in the long gone
    To grow old far south of my first homeplace perhaps in my life's destiny
    The things in life that does mean much to many are not that important to me... more »

  • The Road That Leads Down To The Sea

    The grey shrike thrush pipes in the sunshine on a branch of a silky oak tree
    And on the beach I can hear the gulls calling from the road that leads down to the sea
    On this beautiful evening in September as we near the prime of the Spring
    The familiar song of the blackbird to it has an exquisite ring.... more »

  • The Road That Leads From Millstreet To Rathmore

    I've driven on it many times before
    The road that leads from Millstreet to Rathmore
    That through green old Ballydaly winds it's way
    Perhaps I'll drive on it again one day.... more »

  • The Road To Barna Bog

    The baby rosellas chirping in their nest hole high in a standing log
    Far distant from Sliabh Luachra and the road to Barna Bog
    The road she often walked on back in her younger years
    Though for the past or what has been she doesn't have any tears.... more »

  • The Road To Rathmore

    The years creeps up on me I'm almost three score
    And I live many miles from the road to Rathmore
    The road to Sliabh Luachra of cultural renown
    Towards the Cork-Kerry border out of Millstreet Town.... more »

  • The Roads Of Duhallow

    Around Cullen and Kiskeam and old Millstreet Town
    The roads of Duhallow do wind up and down
    By the Cork Kerry border near Rathmore to Ballydesmond and up to Knocknagree
    In a green countryside known for it's great scenery... more »

  • The Roads Of Life

    Of course I know that the past is gone forever
    But in the past the seeds of our lives are sown
    And I still have memories of a Childhood close to Nature
    And from those good memories happiness has grown.... more »

  • The Roads Of Life Keep Winding Up And Down

    The roads of life keep winding up and down
    They take us to obscurity and renown
    It is a journey we must undertake
    And along the way there's joy and there's heartbreak.... more »

  • The Roadway From Belgrave To Emerald

    The roadway from Belgrave to Emerald is narrow and twisty and high
    And the tall gums that border it in Selby they almost seem to touch the sky
    A dangerous road for to drive on for people who dare to drive fast
    Their luck finally runs out on them good luck never does seem to last... more »

  • The Roadway Of Life To Nowhere

    I am on the roadway of life that will lead me to nowhere
    And the roadway of life to nowhere never takes one to anywhere
    I was nearer to the town of life's success in my physical prime
    And this is going back the Seasons some four decades in time... more »

  • The Roar Of The Ocean

    Before the first skylark did take to the wing
    And in the clouds above his breeding grounds did sing
    And before the first flowers bloomed in the warmth of Spring
    The rumble of the ocean was a familiar thing... more »

  • The Rock Wine Bar

    Oh have you ever been to the Rock Wine Bar
    Where Rocker Joe plays on his loud guitar
    And drunken young men and women too drunk for dancing are noising loudly until closing time at two
    And 'tis almost three before the street is noiseless when staggering homewards goes the last yahoo,... more »

  • The Role Models Of My Boyhood Years

    The role models of my boyhood years with the departed lay
    By Cashman's hill near Millstreet Town far north and far away
    From this great Southern Country where I grow old and gray
    The memory of their goodness remain with me today.... more »

  • The Rolling Hills Of Adelaide

    From Murray Bridge to the suburbs the road winds up and down
    And the rolling hills of Adelaide have never looked so brown
    A humid evening in autumn around 23 degrees
    The sun is clouded over and scarce a puff of breeze.... more »

  • The Romans Name For It Was Hibernia

    The Romans name for it was Hibernia the Country now known as Ireland
    Which translated means 'The Place Of Winter' which is not hard to understand
    As the Romans went to there in Winter when frost and snow was on the ground
    The Romans did not stay long in Ireland in history evidence of this to be found... more »

  • The Rose

    The rose she has gone back to Nature
    Her petals on the grass by her mother tree lay
    But memories of her blooming in the sunshine
    With me till my own end will stay.... more »

  • The Rose Of Ballydaly

    She lived by the roadway that leads to Rathmore three miles west of old Millstreet Town
    Her eyes were as blue as ripe November sloes and her wavy shoulder length hair brown
    The Rose of Ballydaly lovely to behold down to earth and charming in her sweet way
    Though she is now many years past her life's prime young in my memory she does stay... more »

  • The Rose Of Caherbarnagh

    Have the years left their mark on her with dye does she hide her gray
    The Rose of Caherbarnagh where might she be today?
    When I was a schoolboy in the fifties she was eighteen or nineteen
    A beautiful young woman as fine as I've ever seen... more »

  • The Rose Of Cobden

    In her prime years her hair was chestnut brown
    The beautiful lady of old Cobden Town
    But she is aging in quite a graceful way
    Her shoulder length hair it is wavy and gray... more »