• The Sun Shining Bright

    The sun shining bright in the blue Summer sky
    And above the brown paddocks chirping as they fly
    Dark swallows are chasing flying insects and bees
    On a beautiful day of around 20 degrees.... more »

  • The Sun Shining Bright On This Beautiful Day

    In the beautiful blue sky just a few clouds of gray
    And the sun shining bright on this beautiful day
    The songs of the wild birds so pleasant to hear
    To this beautiful place Utopia must be near... more »

  • The Sun Won't Shine Today

    No wind soughing in the bare trees the sky is overcast and gray
    It has been raining for many hours the sun won't shine today
    Not untypical of the time of year it would seem fair to say
    Reminds me of where i used to live from here long miles away... more »

  • The Sunday Sermons

    As a boy I was surrounded by religion
    And I remember all too well
    The sunday sermons by the priest from the pulpit
    Of the afterlife of heaven and hell.... more »

  • The Sunflowers

    The sunflower petals open to the sunshine
    So tall and graceful and lovely to behold
    Seen at their best in prime months of the summer
    One can't mistake them in their blooms of gold.... more »

  • The Superb Lyrebird's Song

    Amongst the songbirds of Australia with the superb lyrebird as a mimic there is none to compare
    He can incorporate the songs of the local songbirds in his song something that is quite rare
    The voices of the kookaburra, blackbird, butcherbird and currawong
    Are just three of the many voices in the master mimic's song... more »

  • The Survival Of Our Species

    From the smallest insect to the largest mammal the need is to survive
    The survival of their species is part of their sexual drive
    'Tis only to defend their breeding territories that male birds ever sing
    And not what some like to believe as their sense of joy of Spring.... more »

  • The Surviving Members Of Australia's Stolen Generation

    The Surviving members of Australia's stolen generation are showing the wear of time today
    Taken from parents who loved them as children they have known of life in the hardest way
    The Australian Government to them has said sorry but sorry hardly good enough
    To people taken from their families and tribes as children life on them has been made so tough... more »

  • The Survivor

    I saw him lying amidst the snow
    A helpless little feathered thing
    'Methought' what ails the creature so
    He's sick or wound or broke a wing.... more »

  • The Sweet Singing Voice Of Annabelle Reen

    Of the past we have only our memories time does become everyone's foe
    My thoughts take me back many Seasons to half of a century ago
    When Annabelle Reen was All Ireland singing Champion the beautiful teenager with hair of dark brown
    That grew in ringlets to her shoulders she was the Pride of Millstreet Town... more »

  • The Sweet Sound Of Laughter

    To it there is always a joyous ring
    The sweet sound of laughter is a beautiful thing
    Laugh and the whole World does laugh with you
    Words of the wise that remain ever true... more »

  • The Sword Is Mightier Than The Pen

    Up to the nineteenth century it might have held some weight
    But that 'the pen is mightier than the sword' would now seem out of date
    And though words may cause you much offence and with your feelings grate
    The sword seems far more mighty as it can decapitate.... more »

  • The Tag Of

    To say i am a poet would be broadcasting a lie
    The tag of the rhymer with me till i die
    What is good or bad verse is not for me to say
    I just do my own thing and live in my own way... more »

  • The Tag Of One Of Our Own

    It is nice to live as one to so few known
    Where none does say of you one of our own
    Where you are a stranger on every street
    And mostly strangers you only do meet... more »

  • The Tag Of The Rhymer

    To say i am a poet would be broadcasting a lie
    The tag of the rhymer with me till i die
    What is good or bad verse is not for me to say
    I just do my own thing and live in my own way... more »

  • The Tag Of The Rhymer With Me Till I Die

    To say i am a poet would be broadcasting a lie
    The tag of the rhymer with me till i die
    What is good or bad verse is not for me to say
    I just do my own thing and live in my own way... more »

  • The Tai Chi Group

    On sunday in the park off of the high street
    The local tai chi group for relaxation do meet
    So pleasant to watch them they seem so at ease
    As they move with such grace in the shade of the trees... more »

  • The Talk Of Millstreet

    He is not a great hurler or Gaelic footballer or famous athlete
    Yet as brave a man as he is one could not wish for to meet
    One who does speak his mind in his kind no deceit
    Matt Murphy nowadays is the talk of Millstreet... more »

  • The Talk Of The Town

    The brave deeds of war soldiers so many impress
    But it takes a braver man by far to walk downtown in a dress
    Wearing lipstick and makeup his shoulder length hair dyed green
    No braver a man in the town than him has been... more »

  • The Tarwin

    In Tarwin Lower it darkens and deepens and in silence crawls slow
    As near to the Pacific it ever does flow
    The waterway that has inspired the makers of story and rhyme
    Like all rivers Tarwin is so old in time... more »

  • The Tarwin Lower Shearer

    He is from the home of the black pale eyed crow
    Of Tarwin Lower where the dark Tarwin waters to the Pacific flow
    Coastal lands that were even very old in the Dreamtime
    That have inspired the artists and the writers of story and rhyme... more »

  • The Tatie Hokers Of The Seventies

    The Tatie Hokers of the seventies where might they be today?
    Perhaps some of them are grand parents now and showing their years in gray
    And perhaps some of them have gone to the reaper the reaper who will claim us all
    But them I still remember and them I still recall.... more »

  • The Tawny Frogmouth

    From lamp of sun he hide himself away
    And in timbered country rest during the day
    And his camouflage so good 'twould seem that he
    Is decaying wood that fork from branch of tree.... more »

  • The Teacher Of Psychology

    Psychologists claim our body language to our personality gives a clue
    But when a pretty woman smiles and says hello to you
    It doesn't mean that for you she has fallen or that it's love at first sight
    She is just a friendly person who to others is polite.... more »

  • The Teenage Rebel Boy

    He was just a fourteen year old boy a long way from a man
    And because he did discharge his gun wounding a Black and Tan
    He was fired on wounded and arrested and by a military judge tried
    And sentenced to death by firing squad this was the way he died.... more »