• The Time Has Come

    The time has come to throw my ghost away
    The ghost that's lived in me since childhood day
    It's lived and grown in me all down the years
    I'll cast it out and for it shed no tears.... more »

  • The Time Of Year

    The sun behind gray clouds is hidden away
    But this not unusual for the end of the southern May
    Big winds and heavy hail showers on the last days of the Fall
    The rain is quite welcome by most if not all... more »

  • The Times Are A Changing As Bob Dylan Said

    The times are a changing as Bob Dylan said
    And the good days behind us and tough times ahead
    The climate is changing the economy is not doing well
    And what of the future can anyone tell... more »

  • The Times Keep On Changing

    As dead as the dodo some say about rhyme
    But then suppose everything does have it's time
    The great rhyme poets and poetesses in their long rest now lay
    They did have their innings one of them can say.... more »

  • The Timid And The Brave

    I know a woman she is scared of spiders
    But in deep and dangerous waters she will swim
    And I know a non swimmer he's scared of water
    And spiders never seem to worry him.... more »

  • The Tinanmen Tank Man

    What happened to the Tinanmen Tank Man perhaps only the Chinese Authorities do know
    The brave one who stared down the tanks of a powerful Nation in time back two decades ago
    He stood on the pathway of the huge tanks dancing and swinging his shopping bags above his head
    In his eyes the look of sheer courage against all odds he did not show any dread.... more »

  • The Tiny Plain Brown Wren

    The tiny brown wren I remember is one who has a big bird song
    And once heard next time you hear him you will not get him wrong
    He and his wife together they raise a big family
    Up to ten tiny children with them I often times happened to see.... more »

  • The Tiny Voice

    He thought of his mountain of worries his impending court case with his ex wife
    For the right to access to his children for him nothing easy in life
    No hope of reconciliation with her with the man she loves she now live
    His only crime was for to love her and he gave her all he could give.... more »

  • The Tiny Voice Said

    Her best days as a writer one might say long gone
    But a small voice within her tells her to write on
    With anti ageing creams and hair dye you may cloak time's decay
    But never you never give writing away... more »

  • The Tokyo Man

    He loves the open spaces of the Australian countryside
    The paddocks on either side of the highway that stretch far and wide
    Miles south of overcrowded Tokyo in Japan
    The lust of the wander is in the young man... more »

  • The Tolling Of A Funeral Bell

    The tolling of a funeral bell in the chapel near
    A reminder to me what is obviously clear
    That someone is being driven on their last journey today
    And that her or his lot will be my lot life works in this way... more »

  • The Too Trusting Rosellas

    When fed seed by the well meaning they do become trusting of people
    Which in a sense seems a small shame
    They perch on heads and eat seeds from hand
    And for their own good do become too tame... more »

  • The Top End Of Town

    Few scandals on the streets of the financially down
    For such stuff you go to the top end of town
    Among the wealthy and famous the moral and honorable are few
    And this is not saying anything that is new... more »

  • The Tough Old Boy

    Too old to jog fast though jogging he enjoy
    The one known to many as the tough old boy
    And though in his mid seventies and his hair silver gray
    He jogs in the park for an hour every day... more »

  • The Tough Side Of Life

    The tough side of life you say you have known
    But others they too do have cares of their own
    And so many people with sad stories to share
    Those who know of the hard life have never been rare... more »

  • The Toughie Boys Fight For Leadership

    There goes that chap best known as crooked eyes
    The former leader of the toughie boys
    He's not the toughie leader anymore
    'Alas' for him the glory days are o'er.... more »

  • The Town By The Bay

    His thoughts often go to the town by the bay
    To where he first looked on the bright lamp of day
    And the boys and girls he grew up with none of them he has seen for years
    The memories of what once was has him close to tears... more »

  • The Town Far Away

    On the tall trees by the town far away
    The dark rooks are cawing at the twilight of day
    With a chill in the breeze in the Fall of the year
    The colder and wetter Winter days are near... more »

  • The Town Poets

    They have the ticket draw for the football club
    But never a poets hour at the local pub
    'Twould seem that cricket and football are the in thing
    And horse racing at the back end of the Spring... more »

  • The Townland I Was Raised In

    The Townland I was raised in is far inland from the sea
    And everyone in Claraghatlea I knew and they knew me
    But the wander bug was in me for places far away
    And I left home when the old fields with December frost were gray.... more »

  • The Town's Dark Haired Rose

    A dark skinned dark haired beauty of eyes of dark brown
    The fairest by far on her side of the town
    As nice a person as one could wish to meet
    She carries joy with her when walking the street... more »

  • The Town's Earthly Hell

    They were born as the children of the lesser gods
    And for as long as they live they must battle the odds
    They live and they die without knowing of happiness
    And so few of them destined to know of success... more »

  • The Town's Ex Wealthiest Person

    The town's ex wealthiest person lay in eternal repose
    But then such is life one would have to suppose
    His widow in her late forties more than a decade past her life's prime
    And their adult son and daughter on his fortune enjoying a good time... more »

  • The Town's Favorite Pub

    Oh what a great evening of laughter and beer
    Such a joy to be among happy bar room cheer
    In what is the happiest pub in the town
    That is known to lift the spirits of those feeling down... more »

  • The Town's Greatest Athlete

    Back in the mid sixties he was in his life's prime
    Though this is going back many Seasons in time
    And though looking back the years it only seems like yesterday
    The hair light brown then is now silver gray... more »