• The Town's Last Balladeer

    To the local pub he brought many hours of cheer
    Fond memories remain of the town's last balladeer
    The words of so many old ballads he knew
    Of his type in the World nowadays just a few... more »

  • The Town's Last Stonemason

    He was born and raised in Glasgow from here far away
    The town's last stonemason was buried today
    He lived to a good age he was ninety three
    His stone work will outlive him for more than a century... more »

  • The Town's Leading Poetess

    Though not widely known as a writer she is loving and kind
    The town's leading poetess has a beautiful mind
    So many poems she has written each day she writes more
    The widowed grandmother of years six with three score... more »

  • The Town's Middle Class Of Today

    The children of the town's working class are the town's middle class of today
    Some of them in their mid fifties in hair dye cover the aging gray
    Their grandchildren play underage cricket and football and netball at the weekend they go for to watch them play
    Family pride the side affects of self pride at least to me it seems this way... more »

  • The Town's Mr Charmer

    So many young women for his charm does fall
    But not the one that he does want most of all
    To woo her he never does cease for to try
    But his every advance to her she does deny... more »

  • The Town's Noisemakers

    Revving the engines of their six cylinder cars they make a lot of noise
    Though in their early twenties they do have the minds of boys
    Their car stereos blaring loud as they race up and down
    Their swollen egos on display on the streets of the town... more »

  • The Town's Number One Beauty

    The town's number 1 beauty in her physical prime
    But she is losing out to the passing of time
    With brown hair dye nowadays she covers her gray
    But the obvious wear of time on her ageing body even clothed she cannot hide away... more »

  • The Town's Old Diggers

    They meet once a month in their Club in the town
    To talk of old times when they dreamed of renown
    When they fought for their flag in a war far away
    The years have left them looking weary and gray.... more »

  • The Town's Old Last Rhymer

    The town's old last rhymer was buried today
    Where the local deceased are his last remains lay
    It would only be true of him for to say
    That with words he was one who did have a way... more »

  • The Town's Old Man Of Rhyme

    One must go back some fifty years since he was in his prime
    And time is catching up on him the Town's old man of rhyme
    His poems now few and far between his pen is moving slow
    His inspiration well is running dry 'twas full long years ago.... more »

  • The Town's Oldest Poet

    The town's oldest poet she was buried today
    In the bosom of Nature she forever lay
    One who was born and blessed with the great gift of song
    To an old school of poetry she surely belong... more »

  • The Town's Quiet Achiever

    He is not one of the self centered and proud
    In public of his achievements talking loud
    Yet there is no kinder than him in the town
    He never turns his back on the one who is down... more »

  • The Town's Unsung

    How come that the nicest people of the town
    Does seem for to live as strangers to renown
    They sow the seeds of good Karma every day
    By helping those in need of helping going out of their way... more »

  • The Town's Unsung Hero

    The town's unsung hero is one who honors life
    He is nice to his children and nice to is wife
    He is one who works hard for his take home pay
    And for to help others goes out of his way... more »

  • The Town's Unsung Heroes

    For people doing it tough they do feel sympathy
    So blessed are they who possess empathy
    For how others feel they do genuinely care
    But sad to say their sort as ever seem rare... more »

  • The Town's Wealthiest

    The town's wealthiest person was buried today
    He now is at peace where his last remains lay
    He shares the same grave as his deceased wife
    Two years ago she lost her great gift of life... more »

  • The Town's Wealthiest Man

    His money of no use to him where he is today
    The town's wealthiest man in the cemetery lay
    Where the deceased are everybody is the same
    Life cannot be bought back by money and fame... more »

  • The Town's Wealthiest Person

    The town's wealthiest person was buried yesterday
    But money no use to him where he now lay
    His recently deceased wife gave birth to his two daughters and a son
    A grandfather ten times he died at eighty one... more »

  • The Traitor That's In Me

    In villages, towns and cities around the countryside
    A day of celebrations and nationalistic pride
    And flag waving and bands playing that goes with such a day
    And such stuff that leads young warriors to war zones in places far away.... more »

  • The Trappings Of Wealth

    They must be close to nocturnal seldom seen out by day
    Behind their high secure walls from the World they hide away
    Two new mercedes in their double garage one for him and one for the wife
    Money may not buy you everything but it can improve your life... more »

  • The Traveler

    He is from the big and quiet country where the wild dingoes cry
    At night when the moon shines in the starry sky
    The home of the short billed corella, wallaby. wombat and roo
    And emu, budgerigar, cockatiel and sulphur crested cockatoo... more »

  • The Traveler And His Family

    The red fox hunting in the fields had hunger in his cry
    And the cold winds of mid February blew across the darkened sky
    The traveler his wife and their two teenage daughters members of the born to wander clan
    Sat and sung songs by the campfire beside their horse drawn van.... more »

  • The Travelling Entertainers

    Sweet are the notes the Guitarist play
    And sweeter still the Songman's lay
    As he sings the songs of bygone day
    Of his Homeland many miles away.... more »

  • The Tree Poisoners

    In the City of Sydney at Blackwattle Bay
    An environmental crime was committed not in light of day
    But in the dark of night someone poisoned some trees
    Many of which bore flowers for pollinating bees... more »

  • The True Australians

    The true Australians have in them empathy
    And for the sufferings of others they feel sympathy
    They do not look down on the homeless the stateless and those in poverty
    But sad to say in their own Country they are in a minority... more »