• The True Battler

    His name the writers of Human history will never recall
    For such they would see his achievements as too small
    Like everyone else in his side of the town
    He never will stand on the hill of renown.... more »

  • The True Egalatarian

    The fact of the matter and fact never lie
    Is that we eat for to live and we live for to die
    Like all other life forms that swim, fly, walk or crawl
    Us humans are mortals death is for us all.... more »

  • The True Fact Of The Matter

    Your given and family names not that important of you much they don't say
    What matter most is that you be a good person and live in the decent way
    Yet our society judges even judge people by their postal address
    Though a scoundrel with an honorary title them does not fail to impress... more »

  • The True Gentleman

    Devoted to his long term wife with her now he does lay
    The true gentleman he was buried today
    His children and grandchildren and his friends at his graveside did weep
    For one who died peacefully in bed in his sleep... more »

  • The True God

    You often go to your house of worship for to try to purge your soul of sin
    To kneel and pray to your God somewhere out there do you not have a God within?
    The God of kindness and compassion does not live in the big World out there
    If that is the God you are praying to you are wasting your time and your prayer... more »

  • The True God Indeed

    If there is a God he's not for some but for all life forms that run, walk, swim, fly and crawl
    Some portray their God as exclusive God in his ways could not be so small
    A true God would not condemn atheists or those who from grace did fall
    A true God would love everybody and everybody means all... more »

  • The True Meaning Of Freedom

    Many look on what constitutes freedom one might say differently
    What seems free to you may not seem free to me
    To be ruled by your own people to you as freedom does count
    But in the true meaning of freedom that to little amount.... more »

  • The True Power To Do Good

    Though the materially super wealthy many admirers do win
    The true power to do good only comes from within
    The individual you may not be a millionaire
    But if you are kind and compassionate then you are one of the rare... more »

  • The True Rhymer

    A true rhymer never does run out of rhyme
    Though eventually she or he runs out of time
    Long after their best mental and physical years have gone
    The writers of rhyme they does keep rhyming on... more »

  • The True Sportsman

    The athlete with the big smile on his face
    Although he did not run well in the race
    And failed to finish among the top three
    Says the others ran a better race than me... more »

  • The True Test Of Love

    'Tis true action speaks louder than words can say
    And to show our love each of us has our own way
    And true love does not die as you grow old and gray
    And a gift of flowers does not prove your love on Valentine's Day.... more »

  • The True Worth Of Any Human Being

    The true worth of any human being should not be defined by race
    In a multicultural society for racism there's no place
    Racism and ethnicity are siblings it does seem
    Those racist to those different are low in self esteem... more »

  • The True Worth Of Others

    To the flaws of others so many seem blind
    We do make great heroes of ordinary kind
    Tis from the impressionable that legends are grown
    Some do not seem for to have lives of their own... more »

  • The Truly Blessed

    Before Cook's arrival their ancestors had lived here for thousands of years
    Yet they are the victims of our derision and sneers
    And we've grown prosperous from living off of the best of their land
    Yet their culture and way of life we do not understand.... more »

  • The Truly Great Are Never Heroes

    To help others she does go out of her way
    And she performs a good deed sometimes two every day
    Without seeking recognition or reward in monetary pay
    Yet not everyone of her has kind things to say... more »

  • The Truly Wise Person

    Of him or her you seldom hear of or read
    The truly wise person does not wish to lead
    They never do speak much they don't deal in lies
    From learning from living they have grown to be wise... more »

  • The Truth As You See It

    The truth as you see it he does not wish to hear
    His negative thoughts are only based on fear
    He believes in the propaganda of us against they
    Why waste your time in trying to change him if he feels this way... more »

  • The Truth Can Be Bitter

    I have written reams and reams of stuff and bugger all my gain
    And why i keep on penning on is beyond me to explain
    The lesser Goddess of Doggerel she has a hold on me
    Addictive behaviour it does seem keeps one in poverty,... more »

  • The Truth Can Be Hurtful

    You won't hear many white Australians speak
    Of what happened in places like Mowla Bluff and Myall Creek
    When Aboriginal people by whites to death were shot
    Any crimes against humanity ought not to be forgot.... more »

  • The Truth In Thomas Gray

    Long years ago I had this dream of fame
    That mine would live on as remembered name
    That people would remember me and say
    A legend once a legend still today.... more »

  • The Truth It Can Be A Bit Hurtful

    She does think i am rather boring and as much to me she does say
    You insult the craft of the wordsmith by penning doggerel every day
    Her truth to me it did seem bitter as she spoke it with so little ruth
    But at least she is forthright and honest and to me she does tell the truth.... more »

  • The Truth It Can Be Hurtful

    I may not like what you say of me but if of me you speak the truth
    Though the truth it can be hurtful if it is not spoken without ruth
    The truth cannot defame me if of me the truth you say
    And if the truth taints my character well that too is okay.... more »

  • The Truth May Sound Bitter

    At the praises of others your ego inflate
    When they tell you that you are special and than you none so great
    And though you may feel that their words are very sincere
    For you such patronizing nonsense might be best not to hear.... more »

  • The Truth Of The Matter

    The truth of the matter though I wish it were a lie
    Is that we eat for to live and we live for to die
    The clock on our lives ever ticking away
    For everyone there is a last night and day... more »

  • The Truth Will Set You Free

    From lying your soul is in spiritual poverty
    But the truth though hard to say will surely set you free
    Of any sense of guilt you may possess
    And lead you on the road to happiness,... more »