• The Truthful One

    Not one of the popular people of his side of the town
    Though in his words he never puts anyone deliberately down
    His main problem is what he does think he does say
    From others the truth in his mind is not hidden away... more »

  • The Tweeting President

    How many more lies has he told today
    The tweeting President of the U S of A
    With him one lie leads to another previous lies to disguise
    And it does seem with him he believes his own lies... more »

  • The Twittering Song That The Goldfinch Does Sing

    The twittering song that the Goldfinch does sing
    Awakens the memories of a far away Spring
    When the hawthorns were in their white blooms of the May
    And the wild born birds sung at the dawn of the day... more »

  • The Type Of Stuff

    The type of stuff I write anybody can write
    I will never be a literary leading light
    Just one of many in an ordinary Town
    Who never will know literary renown.... more »

  • The Uncertainty In Life

    Our biological clocks on us ticking away
    And every day one nearer to our last day
    And though times may be tough for the woman or man
    Good times for you may be coming so live for as long as you can... more »

  • The Unconditional Love Of A Dog

    Great stories of love people love to recall
    But unconditional love is the greatest love of all
    The sort of love that a human to another human cannot give
    Though your dog will love you for as long as she or he live,... more »

  • The Undulating Fields Of England

    As beautiful a scenery as there is to be seen
    The undulating fields of England so lush looking and green
    The hawthorn hedgerows snow white in their blossoms of the May
    Where the old brook from the high ground to the river winds it's way.... more »

  • The Unfriendly Town

    I have no wish to seduce their women or set their homes on fire
    Or to harm them in any way i feel no desire
    To them i am a stranger one they only visually know
    But their dislike of me in their body language show... more »

  • The Unhappy Billionaire

    There is none quite so sad as the sad billionaire
    Far sadder of mind than the one on welfare
    The praises of the wealthy and famous the masses may sing
    But to feel unhappy though wealthy must be such a sad thing... more »

  • The Unhappy One

    He reached the heady heights of fame, wealth and success the heady heights that few have ever known
    But he would give it all for to be happy yes everything in life that he does own
    And though he is one who is not short of admirers and those who aspire to big things he impress
    Money has bought him friends with the well connected as well as women but it has failed for to bring him happiness... more »

  • The Unhonoured War Heroes

    For them in their Homeland no memorial or last post is ever played
    And in their honour there never was a parade
    The brave young Irishmen who fought in World war one
    In their Homeland ignored as if wrong they had done.... more »

  • The Uni Professor

    The uni professor highly educated, intelligent and well read
    He has far more hair on his face than his head
    A fuzzy brown beard and bald on the crown
    One of the intelligentsia of his side of the town... more »

  • The Universal Karma

    Whatever about a God since to a God I don't pray
    For my sins against others to karma I must pay
    The Universal Karma knows of our every crime
    'Twould seem it is watching us all of the time... more »

  • The Universal Karma Has Found A Believer In Me

    The Universal Karma has found a believer in me
    And though many with what I say may not agree
    In karma we reap the fruits of what we sow
    All things about us karma does seem to know... more »

  • The University Literary Professors

    The university Literary Professors say who is or is not a poet
    This one is a poetaster one not worthy of note
    And this one is quite talented a budding young poet here
    On their say the making or breaking of many a literary career.... more »

  • The Unlikely Hero

    Where he lives none does help you when you are down
    The one out of work in the poor side of town
    A young man in his early twenties with life struggling to cope
    Though of finding employment he is not without hope.... more »

  • The Unmistakeable Voice Of The Blackbird

    The unmistakeable voice of the blackbird his song is a song that I know
    In Spring his kindred birds sing on the hedgerows in the fields where Finnow waters flow
    By Millstreet Town to the Blackwater far north of here and far away
    When I was younger and fitter and stronger the years have left me looking gray... more »

  • The Unsociable Fellow

    Feel lucky if he says hello if him you do meet
    The unsociable fellow who lives on our street
    'Tis a huge effort for him just to say good day
    He always does seem stuck for something to say... more »

  • The Unsung Heroes And Heroines

    They are not the type of people historians do recall
    And their names will never be inscribed on any memorial wall
    The women and men who work hard and live in the honest way
    It can be truly said of them that they earn their every pay... more »

  • The Unsung Heroes Of The Himalayas

    Norgay the Sherpa along with Hillary the first to conquer Everest and it has been conquered many times since then
    The Sherpas of the Himalayas the hardiest of men
    And without their knowledge of the mountains Everest may not have been conquered yet
    They are the unsung heroes and their achievements we forget.... more »

  • The Unsuspecting

    He is in the dark as of yet about his unfaithful wife
    And he know absolutely nothing of her adulterous life
    On weekday mornings at ten thirty her young lover calls around
    Whilst he works on house foundations with his pick axe breaking ground.... more »

  • The Untrustworthy Mr Howard

    On the last Federal Election the Government of Australia they rubbished refugees
    But this time on behalf of all fair minded Aussies I ask do not take advantage of the disadvantaged please
    By discrediting poor Stateless people the untrustworthy Mr Howard
    Won the majority of the non caring voters and by them he was re-empowered.... more »

  • The Unwritten Commandment

    Man take care of thyself and woman do likewise
    Is the Unwritten Commandment and i've come to realize
    That this is the one that most people live by
    Why this has to be is there need to ask why?... more »

  • The Up And Down Days

    There are days in your life when you feel a bit down
    When you are one of the sadder souls of the town
    When you are not in the mood for to socialize
    And you do have the look of sadness in your eyes... more »

  • The Upwey Girls

    Oh the Upwey girls are pretty with the best they can compete
    And they show a lot of body in the humid Summer heat
    Yes they show a lot of body, show a lot of sun tanned skin
    And the mountain girls of Upwey have ways of attracting men.... more »