• The Weak Kneed Little Fellow

    John Howard just like a star struck school boy blush
    Each time he gets to shake hands with George W Bush
    And that look of admiration on his face for all to see
    Not brought about by any feelings of equality.... more »

  • The Wealthy Getting Wealthier

    The gap between the wealthy and the poor keeps on widening by the day
    In a fair Human World it would not be this way
    For a few for to win so many destined to lose
    Though living poor is a thing so few ever would choose... more »

  • The Wealthy Grow Wealthier

    He drives in his ute inspecting the fences of his broadacres every day
    A wealthy man financially but poor in another way
    Since to money and the making of it he can only relate
    He remains unimpressed by the beauty that Nature create... more »

  • The Weather

    The weather humid and warm over forty degrees
    With a sweaty warmth in the freshening breeze
    Blowing above the brown paddocks from the sunlit bay
    The sun is glowing hot in the blue sky today... more »

  • The Weather Humid And Warm

    The weather humid and warm over forty degrees
    With a sweaty warmth in the freshening breeze
    Blowing above the brown paddocks from the sunlit bay
    The sun is glowing hot in the blue sky today... more »

  • The Weather Is Breezy

    The weather is breezy and windy and cool
    Which is sometimes the case in windy Warrnambool
    In the last week of october with summer ever near
    The weather changes quickly at this time of year... more »

  • The Weather Is Warm

    The weather is warm near thirty degrees
    And so very humid without any breeze
    The sun it is hidden in clouds of darker gray
    It does look like rain cannot be far away... more »

  • The Weather It Is Rather Pleasant

    I am one without cause for worry and it is such a beautiful day
    Considering the calendar Winter approaching since we are in the first week of May
    The weather it is rather pleasant for the latter end of the Fall
    The silver bill magpies are singing and in the park children play ball... more »

  • The Weather Warming Up A Bit

    The weather warming up a bit it's getting warm today
    And people for the weekend will be heading for the bay
    To do a bit of fishing and relax by the sea
    To surf or go skin diving or have a sea side tea.... more »

  • The Wedge Tailed Eagle

    High above the brown paddock on a calm and windless day
    The huge dark brown bird with wedge tail is eyeing the landscape for prey
    He kills living creatures and scavenges on the dead
    The great wedge tailed eagle Aussie born and bred.... more »

  • The Weeds Of An Unkept Garden

    The weeds of an unkept garden grown rank after Spring showers
    Eventually stifle the beautiful flowers
    No different to the human mind corrupted by greed
    Where compassion and empathy to bloom fail to succeed... more »

  • The Welcome Swallows

    The welcome swallows they were born to fly
    To places near and far across the sky
    They chase flying insects from dawn till gloam of day
    And their borders stretch from here to far away... more »

  • The Welcome Swallows Of The Southern Country

    The welcome swallows of the southern country they fly above the landscape all the day
    They spend most of their time chasing flying insects for them it is their only source of prey
    Dark shiny back and wings brown throats and dark gray unders the aerial winged speedsters of the southern sky
    Hundreds of kilometers every day they do travel the birds who have been born for to fly... more »

  • The Well Known Sheepdog Trialer

    The well known sheepdog trialer one of the best in the Land
    That his border collies are champion dogs not hard to understand
    Often wearing brown work boots, blue shirt, black pants and akubra hat of brown
    One familiar to many in every sheepdog trialing town... more »

  • The Well Traveled Man

    He has traveled in the crowded bullet trains of Japan
    And seen much of China the well traveled man
    He has traveled in India and Pakistan
    And been from Adelaide to Darwin on the famous Ghan... more »

  • The What Used To Be

    Time has left me older i am ageing far south
    Of the fields of the badger and the waterways of the brown trout
    And life's journey for me may end far away
    Of the place where i first looked on the lamp of day... more »

  • The Whim It Forever Has Left Me

    The whim it forever has left me I recall when I was a boy
    I never found it any bother with my hands raised for to touch the sky
    And now that I am decades older and my hair with age is silver gray
    The sky that I touched as a young one from me seems millions of sky miles away.... more »

  • The Whingers I Know Of

    I'd rather not know them though them I meet every day
    I quickly tire of whingers I mean what I say
    Whingers I know not poor people though they like to complain
    Some human behaviour is hard to explain... more »

  • The Whisperers

    He brought to his friend a bouquet of roses on St Valentine's Day
    Which did not please the neighbours in whispers they did say
    That a man should give another man a gift of flowers is against all Natural law
    Such narrow minded people their own conclusions draw... more »

  • The Whistler

    The great gift of life from the whistler has gone
    But the music of her whistle on record lives on
    Among those who loved whistlers a legend of the town
    A yearly whistling competition in her name to honour her renown... more »

  • The White Eared Honeyeater

    In the high woods of Belgrave South in the cool days of the Spring
    The white eared honeyeater in his territory sing
    White patch on ears, black throat, bluish head and mostly lightish green
    A bird in woodland often heard but seldom ever seen.... more »

  • The White Faced Herons

    The white faced herons common in their range
    And through their life their habits little change
    On pasture fields by sea or inland lake
    Distinct from others birds one can't mistake.... more »

  • The White Flower Of Peace Is Not Blooming Today

    News of more maimed and dying in bombings and terrorism from here far away
    The white flower of peace is not blooming today
    In war and terrorism it is always the innocent for the sins of others does pay
    And this is a very sad thing for to say... more »

  • The White Waves At Port Fairy

    The white waves at Port Fairy they make a loud din
    As on to the long beach the tide does roll in
    And the dainty looking silver gulls mew as they fly
    As the sun disappears in the gray evening sky... more »

  • The White Winged Chough

    At first I thought this has to be a crow
    But as she flew white on her wings did show
    Upwards to cup shaped mud nest wedged in bough
    And then I knew she is the white winged chough.... more »