• The Whiteboys Of Ireland

    The World's first non violent rebels of them one can say
    The Whiteboys of Ireland their legend lives today
    They never harmed another human being in a physical way
    Though due to them the colonial landlords because of their cruelty to poor tenant farmers were made for to pay... more »

  • The Widow In The House Across The Street

    She has about her such a happy way
    I hear her hearty laughter every day
    And with a cheery hello me she greet
    The woman in the house across the street.... more »

  • The Wife Beater's Wife

    Bruising on her face proof of her terrible life
    The young woman who is a wife beater's wife
    Her bruises they seem far too many to hide
    But with year old twin girls to her man she feels tied.... more »

  • The Wild Birds Are Singing In Birdsland Today

    With sharp hook on bill and in feathers of dark brown and gray
    The gray butchebird is singing in Birdsland today
    In the cool of the morning just after daybreak
    His bubbling sort of music none ought to mistake... more »

  • The Wild Feathered Minstrels Of Nature

    They call chirp and sing in parks and woods and gardens at twilight and before sunrise
    And even by the sound of their voices most species one can recognize
    The wild feathered minstrels of Nature one hears and sees them every day
    Every species of bird serves it's purpose in serving Nature in some way... more »

  • The Wild One Irene

    Around the World the havoc she wreaked on t v to be seen
    The wild child of Nature her name was Irene
    On the east coast of the U S she blew great buildings down
    And left death and destruction behind her in many a city and town... more »

  • The Wild Waves Of Kilcunda

    One can hear the ocean roaring from a half a mile away
    The wild waves of Kilcunda are rolling high today
    They crash against the volcanic rock face and spume up a foamy white spray
    And chilly Winter winds blow above the cliffs through woolly looking clouds of gray.... more »

  • The Wild White Waves Of Thunder Point

    For to swim in such deep and dangerous waters one would have to be brave
    The wild white waves of Thunder Point for some a watery grave
    They crash against the sandstone cliffs even on the calmest day
    To describe such amazing ocean views i do not have the words to say... more »

  • The Wildflower Woman

    She is known as The Wildflower Woman her hair is silvery gray
    And in the Town Park i see her picking wildflowers every day
    Of the Spring and the Summer she has a flower addiction one might say
    And those who have known her for years say she has always been this way,... more »

  • The Will To Live In You

    Have you ever felt you do not have a friend
    And thought of bringing your life to a premature end
    But that life is your greatest gift is not a lie
    And the will to live in most people stronger than the wish to die... more »

  • The Willy Wagtails

    They like the open country sparse in trees
    And spend their day hours chasing flies and bees
    From fencing post they seldom venture far
    And you'll always see them near where fences are.... more »

  • The Wind Turbines Of Macarthur

    They do spin quite loud on every windy night and day
    And they can be heard from some distance away
    The wind turbines of Macarthur at times loud in the extreme
    To live near them must be hard on the ear drums or so it would seem... more »

  • The Windbag

    The braggart for ego may carry the flag
    But few of his sort can live up to their brag
    As is said empty vessels does make the most noise
    There is far more substance in the one who has poise... more »

  • The Windbag Well To Do

    He says I have only myself for to thank
    If I'm one who laughs all the way to the bank
    That's literally speaking I'm a billionaire
    One of the highest achievers my type are so rare.... more »

  • The Winds Of Change

    The winds of change keep blowing and time is ticking fast
    And the Millstreet i was raised in is a memory of the past
    The boys and girls i went to school with like me well past their prime
    We all share one thing in common we do lose out to time... more »

  • The Winds Of Climate Change

    The winds of climate change across the landscape blowing and drinking every dropp of moisture from the ground
    The creek of the foothills is no longer flowing where once was a babble the silence is profound
    Last week for a day it did rain rather heavily but a full day's rain was not nearly enough
    The farmers their breeding sheep and cows are selling one can say that times on them are rather tough... more »

  • The Winner Is Always The Hero Or The Heroine

    As in all types of sport as in all codes of football
    As in all aspects of life the winner takes all
    Of the glory the adulation and the fame
    And the loser left with the tag of the forgotten name... more »

  • The Winner Is Applauded

    For the gallant loser not one hip hooray
    The winner is applauded the man of the day
    The tears of ecstasy running down his face
    Overcome with the joy of winning the great race... more »

  • The Winner Is The One

    We all cannot be successful life does not work in this way
    There are winners and losers in the World every day
    Though for to be winners everyone does choose
    For one to win big many does have to lose... more »

  • The Winner Takes Most

    The winner takes most of the plaudits and fame
    And the loser by many is a forgotten name
    In a Human World where many for recognition and success do compete
    The down to earth sort one does not often meet... more »

  • The Winner The One

    A losing performance few do celebrate
    But there is a huge difference between good and great
    And though you may be a winner for to give you your due
    Keep it in mind there is always one better than you... more »

  • The Winners Are Always The Heroes

    The winners are always the heroes in life it is always this way
    The losers are quickly forgotten though a fine and sporting
    game they did play
    'Tis only a sport it may well seem where people chase after a ball... more »

  • The Winners Are Smiling

    The winners are smiling on election night
    And their supporters are cheering aloud in delight
    In politics as in all things in humanity only winning seems to count
    And losing to sadness only seems to amount... more »

  • The Winners That Count

    Time that ages everyone is not on your side
    And all that you have left in your life is pride
    And pride as is said does come before a fall
    And old age eventually comes to us all... more »

  • The Winners Write The History

    That the winners write the war histories should not be the case
    For war is a tragedy a human disgrace
    And the losers in war see their Country destoyed
    And the war history never written by the losing side.... more »