• The Wisdom In His Words

    A wise old fellow once told me one who ought to know
    That from little worries big worries do grow
    So live to be happy and enjoy a few laughs every day
    Happy people live longer it does seem this way... more »

  • The Wisdom Of Chief Seattle

    The wisdom of Chief Seattle will live forever
    Though he used his words in such a simple way
    For decades beyond his lifetime his words still living
    And they will live for centuries beyond today.... more »

  • The Wise

    The wise one with words sparing never has too much to say
    But he or she as you will find with words do have a way
    The wisdom in their thinking one might say is profound
    Yet wise people in plenty they never do abound... more »

  • The Wise Are Few

    There are many educated people in the World who are known to be knowledgeable on various subjects too
    Who for a living are gainfully employed and good at the work that they do
    These things as we know are important in life and respect to them for this is due
    Suppose you cannot be true to anyone if to your own self you cannot be true... more »

  • The Wise Elders Of My Young Years

    Though for many years their bones lay in Nature's bosom and in the flesh them I never more will see
    Of them I have the finest mental pictures and they are living in my memory
    They were the ageing mentors of my young years and insights on life from them I did gain
    And until the Reaper claims the life's breath from me fond memories of them with me will remain... more »

  • The Wise Man On Football

    Where a given number of players from each team compete physically for one ball
    A wise man once said to me this makes no sense at all
    Why not give every player a ball each to play with and there would not be any injuries
    Such as broken bones and torn hamstrings and serious injuries to the knees... more »

  • The Wise One

    What others think or say of him the wise one does not care since he has his own views on success
    And he does not pass on his insights to every tom fool others he does not wish to impress
    He does not look up to the moneyed millionaire and on the pauper he does not look down
    Whilst in company he never does speak out of turn the wise one the quiet one of the town.... more »

  • The Wise One Is A Man Of Few Words

    The wise one is a man of few words he does not belong to a Social Club
    He has a glass of wine after supper he is never at the Local Pub
    Most who know him think that he is not wise since he has so little to say
    Feel lucky they say that if from him you get a hello or good day... more »

  • The Wise They Are Born

    The wise they are born for they cannot be made
    And you can't teach the old dogs the tricks of their trade
    And it seem sad to think you need not travel far
    For to find one of seventy who glorifies war... more »

  • The Wise Words Of A Wise Person

    The wise words of a wise person i do recall
    That your biggest worry to another would seem small
    Many have far bigger worries than you
    Though you are not or will never be one of the well to do... more »

  • The Withdrawn Invitation

    Invited to The White House for tea and a sleep-over but in a New York hotel at a desk clerk he threw a phone
    And George W Bush the so called one without sin withdrew the invitation he could not be seen to condone
    An act of unprovoked thuggery by one he had invited to tea
    Renowned actor Russell Crowe not seen as worthy to dine with the U S President and his family.... more »

  • The Wizard Of Millstreet

    Millstreet Town born and raised And one of Millstreet's own
    And it is thanks to him that Millstreet is now widely known
    As a place of entertainment in the big World out there
    And for his fame and his fortune he never migrated to elsewhere... more »

  • The Woman Five Doors Down

    The woman five doors down tells me her son Ted is the best player in the school football team
    And that one day he will play in an A.F.L. Grand Final and that more than once of late she's had this dream
    Of watching him receive the Coleman medal for best on ground on football's biggest day
    Watched by well over ninety thousand people who cheer him on with a loud hip hooray.... more »

  • The Woman From Indonesia

    She doesn't use hair dyes or makeup to hide ageing signs away
    The woman from Indonesia her hair is silver gray
    A beautiful brown skinned woman of average build and height
    And her smile is infectious she seems carefree and bright.... more »

  • The Woman From Mexico City

    She arrived here from Mexico City about seventeen years ago
    And she's just had her thirty eight birthday a night out with her husband Joe
    They live in Box Hill in Victoria where he has lived for most of his life
    And she says in her beautiful accent 'me lucky to be good man's wife'.... more »

  • The Woman From Moorabbin

    From her old homeplace of Moorabbin she lives far away
    And though she feels that there she would be a stranger today
    The memories of childhood with her does remain
    And in fancy she visits the old suburb again.... more »

  • The Woman In Dark Glasses

    The woman in dark glasses her eyes I can't see
    I wonder why she keeps on staring at me
    Though she does not smile me does she recognize?
    The mirrors to her soul from me she disguise... more »

  • The Woman In God's Waiting Room

    The woman in God's waiting room her hair is silver gray
    And she is over ninety and has known a better day
    The mynas in the back garden they sing their Winter song
    Her days are quiet and lonely and her nights are dark and long.... more »

  • The Woman Of Rhyme

    She is not what you'd call beautiful though still in her prime
    And to those who know her she is known as The Woman of Rhyme
    In Local Literary circles not even one of note
    As she does not fit the bill of the Modern Poet.... more »

  • The Woman Of Song

    In the local pub she is always the leader in the sing along
    The one who is known as The Woman Of Song
    A grandmother four times she is fifty three
    Of any care or worry she does seem quite free... more »

  • The Woman Who Loved Roses

    The woman who loved roses where might she be today?
    'Twas said she left our valley for a land far away
    At daybreak she hear the birds sing in the quiet of her bedroom
    And out in her front garden the rose trees are in bloom.... more »

  • The Woman Who Loves Poesy

    She has a twenty years old daughter but she leads a single life
    And she knows what it feels like to be a mother but not to be a wife
    Her great love is Goddess Poesy only poesy she admire
    And her creative source it comes from poesy and poesy in her verse inspire.... more »

  • The Woman Who Loves To Dance

    The woman who loves to dance is getting on in years
    Perhaps in her mid seventies one of the town's old dears
    In brown hair dye she cloaks her silver gray
    And it is not her fault that as young she will not stay... more »

  • The Woman With Chestnut Brown Eyes

    Her shoulder length wavy hair dark as the wing of a raven one down to earth charming and wise
    With a smile for to match her great beauty the woman with chestnut brown eyes
    A tall young slim woman of striking beauty of her physical assets she does not seem aware
    One can say nowadays her sort of person to say the least is very rare... more »

  • The Wombat

    The wombat leaves his home in ground at evening in the gloaming
    And through the glen the wooded glen in search of sweet grass go roaming
    And across the glen the silent glen the veil of darkness creeping
    And silence reign under night's cloak and all day creatures sleeping.... more »