• The Women He Fancied

    The women he fancied in his young years like him have known a better day
    They use anti ageing creams to cover their wrinkles and hair dye to cover their gray
    Nowadays his heart does not race when he sees them or vica versa it does seem
    The passion for life it has left him of love he no longer day-dream.... more »

  • The Women I Fancied

    The women I fancied many years ago
    Like me must be ageing as time is our foe
    Perhaps I would not recognize them if I met them today
    With age faces seem to change as time does tick away... more »

  • The Women Of The World

    The women of the World as people they are great
    They give birth to the children and in so doing life create
    In every woman ever born a nurturing soul you'll find
    The mothers and the aunties a credit to Humankind.... more »

  • The Wonderful City Of Greater Geelong

    It has inspired story and ballad and song
    The wonderful City of greater Geelong
    Where every boy who plays football clings to a great dream
    Of one day playing with the Cats a great A F L team... more »

  • The Wonderful Lady

    She is not young and pretty and flushed by conceit
    The wonderful lady the pride of our street
    To help others out she goes out of her way
    And ill words of anyone you never hear her say... more »

  • The Wonderful World Of Nature

    From us Humans she hides her secrets though her beauty with all she does share
    The Wonderful World of Nature with her there is none to compare
    A walk in her parks and her woodlands is a thing that I truly enjoy
    And I have loved the Mother of Nature ever since I was quite a young boy... more »

  • The Wonders Of Nature

    The wonders of Nature around us every day
    The billions of multicoloured wildflowers that bloom in their own natural way
    The hum of the nectar gathering honey bees
    And the scent of pollen blown out from the blossoming trees.... more »

  • The Wonders Of This Wondrous Land Australia

    The wonders of this wondrous Land Australia
    From tiny honey possum to red roo eight foot tall
    One of the World's most amazing Countries
    If not the most amazing Land of all.... more »

  • The Wonthaggi Italian Community

    By Cameron Street their bones at rest forever more
    The men who mined for coal born and raised on a distant shore
    The majority of them natives of Italy
    They worked hard to support their wives and family... more »

  • The Wood By Mushera Mountain

    I cut down trees in the wood by Mushera mountain
    Where in the snow the sheep of hunger died
    In Winter 'twas a bleak and barren country
    But Spring brought beauty to that mountain side.... more »

  • The Wooded Hills Above Apollo Bay

    A place that is close to Earthly Utopia the wooded hills above Apollo Bay
    In the coastal breeze the tall gum trees are soughing like dancers to music their branches move and sway
    Where all year round the wood birds chirp and whistle how lovely on a sunlit day in Spring
    To sit on a park bench near to where a creek is babbling and enjoy the peace Nature to the mind does bring... more »

  • The Woods Around Old Marysville

    The woods around old Marysville are looking green again
    Though bad memories of the massive fire with the survivors will remain
    Of family members friends and neighbours that they never more will see
    Black Saturday February the seventh 2009 etched in their memory... more »

  • The Word

    The word if is an obstacle that always gets in the way
    And words are easily spoken does seem true to say
    You say if you had money you would help those of helping in need
    But between words and reality the difference is great indeed... more »

  • The Word Bogan

    It is such a put down word 'bogan' Aussie and Kiwi slang used to demonize
    Poorly educated people from poorer suburbs seen as inferior in the self conceited eyes
    If somebody refers to you as a bogan at such a reference you should take offence
    As they are dismissing you as uncultured and in the ways of the World quite dense... more »

  • The Word Called Destiny

    I feel like a windblown feather in my life I have no say
    Where I come from and where I go to destiny decide the way
    What will happen come tomorrow what will the future hold for me?
    Leave all that to fate and fortune and the thing called destiny.... more »

  • The Word Farewell

    I love the simple word hello
    It always rings a joyful bell
    But one of the saddest words i know
    Is the oft times tearful word farewell.... more »

  • The Word Hate

    'Tis a word that's heavily loaded and not a word to under-rate
    And they should not be taken lightly those who do use the word hate
    In their reference to others those they do claim to dislike
    The word hate is like an adder with head raised ready to strike... more »

  • The Word If

    If the king were born a girl the king would be a queen
    And if there was sufficent rainfall the brown hill would look green
    But 'if' it is an obsacle that always gets in the way
    And if is quite a common word an excuse word one might say.... more »

  • The Word Immortal

    The word immortal only applies to Nature all others have to die
    And that applies to everyone including you and I
    The years go by so quickly and too soon we grow old
    For time takes care of everyone including the bravest and the bold... more »

  • The Word Loser

    I must say i hate the word loser
    When it's used in a negative way
    For to call one such is a put down word
    And put down words are easy to say.... more »

  • The Word Mate

    Usually used by a man greeting another man the Aussie terminology 'Mate'
    A term colonial man brought from England that now seems out of date
    Often used in greeting strangers a term of greeting nothing more
    An Aussie antiquated word that lives on born of another shore... more »

  • The Word Sorry

    Too late to say sorry when the damage is done
    When the parents do grieve for their young daughter and son
    Who has been taken from them in such a cruel way
    And sorry it is not a hard thing to say.... more »

  • The Word That Ends In Ism

    What is it in the word that ends in ism that it can cause mistrust between people to grow
    At times it does heat up strong feelings that's all of it I can claim to know
    It never brings people together only seems for to drive them apart
    Though red is the blood in all of us that pumps up the valves of the heart... more »

  • The Words A Fair Go

    Some people in their thinking do seem rather small
    Their idea of a fair go does not include all
    Those they see as different to them from their circle they exclude
    And in some of their ways they seem racist and rude... more »

  • The Word's Greatest Killer

    A dangerous creature with death in it's smile
    And known to eat humans the adult crocodile
    Those who swim where they live with death choose to dice
    Even the thought of such an end to your life is not nice... more »