• Their Only Crime

    So many good people serving long prison time
    Yet not guilty in any way of any crime
    Just for speaking out against an oppressive government in jail they may die
    That any good person is not in prison is surely based on a lie... more »

  • Their Own Battle

    You do not need to join the army to fight in bloody wars
    Life's personal battles leaves you with mental scars
    Your own battles in life does go on every day
    And you win some and lose some since life is this way... more »

  • Their Own Dreams To Pursue

    Though for some their own ambition in life never come true
    Everybody does have their own dreams to pursue
    In life for one to win big many do have to lose
    Though losing is a thing anyone does not choose... more »

  • Their Own God Of The Mind

    Since they are not religious in any way
    They never go to a house of worship to pray
    But even the atheist who is moral and kind
    Is one who does possess a god of the mind... more »

  • Their Own Stories To Tell

    Some are wealthy and successful and widely known
    And their admirers in numbers have grown and have grown
    But those who are referred to as the never do well
    Just like the wealthy and successful do have their own life stories to tell... more »

  • Their Own Story To Tell

    Of affluent and successful lives and of lives in Earthly Hell
    Everybody does have their own story to tell
    Some destined for failure some destined for wealth and fame
    And no two life stories are exactly the same... more »

  • Their Power To Do Good

    You can make the World better for to live in
    And for compassion and kindness you can record a win
    By leading by good example on your side of the town
    And in your words never put anyone down... more »

  • Their Problems

    Though their problems to you may seem small their problems to them are so real
    For we do not live in their shoes and we cannot feel how they feel
    And we cannot think how they think about their crosses of life
    We cannot put ourselves in their place they too have their own inner strife.... more »

  • Their Put Down One Of The Day

    What they think of you is not your business anyway
    So why give time to worrying of what others of you do say
    Today you are the one they choose to criticize
    Tomorrow it will be someone else this you should realize... more »

  • Their Right To A Fair Go

    In Australia for political gain politicians politicize boat refugees
    People who arrive in boats of people smugglers from Lands overseas
    Without documentation or any form of identity to show
    Every day the numbers of the misplaced and the Stateles does grow... more »

  • Their Tolerant Society

    You talk of your tolerant society those different to us we do tolerate
    But from them we will keep our distance and none of them will be our mate
    They do not invite us to their parties and we will not invite them to ours
    We are not like the plants of the garden where the weeds always mix with the flowers.... more »

  • Their Travels Out Of Ireland

    From Hibernia's Shore many of them live far away
    In Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Europe and the U S of A,
    South America, Canada, Africa and Asia in the big World out there
    A migrant from Ireland one could meet anywhere.... more »

  • Their Warbling Flute Like Music

    Their warbling flute like music so beautiful to hear
    The famed Australian magpies sing every day of the year
    Black and white crow sized songsters they seem to love to sing
    Unlike most other songbirds who only sing in Spring... more »

  • Thelma

    Thelma know all about life's sadder side
    Since her only child Jan in her forties died
    But in public places Thelma hide her tears
    So noble for one in her twilight years.... more »

  • Them For Their Individuality

    Each to their own as the wise one does say
    We all look a life in a different way
    The heroines and heroes to many may not be so to me
    If we all agreed on all things how boring we would be... more »

  • Them For Their Ways

    Those who for attention to compete with others lack the desire
    Are people i for one can only admire
    You never hear them say of how great they are
    Or of the size of their home or of the size of their car... more »

  • Them We Tolerate

    For being different to others there is some price to pay
    That's how it is and it was always that way
    Many good people executed for being seen as a social threat
    Since Jesus was crucified and put to death... more »

  • Themanofjokes

    One of the town's more likeable and nicer young blokes
    Plump in his mid twenties known as the man of jokes
    Down to earth in his ways and not in any way proud
    In the local pub at his jokes the laughter is loud... more »

  • Then I Am One Of Many

    In a troubled Human World where worries are rife
    I struggle for to make any sense out of life
    The Worldwide rise in numbers of the human population brings with it more poverty and crime
    One can say that we do live in a troubled time... more »

  • Then Such Is Life

    To the God of his choice he does pray every day
    But of his nearest neighbors he does not have one nice thing to say
    Of a different religion and race respect to them he cannot pay
    Though they have not harmed him in any way... more »

  • Theo

    Theo in his mid sixties is not feeling physically well
    How long he has to live even doctors cannot truly tell
    It is said doctors differ and patients do die
    In Theo's case anyway this is not a lie... more »

  • Theo From Belgium

    A long way from home even as the migratory bird fly
    In kilometers close to twenty thousand by sky
    A young man from Belgium is missing today
    With the doubt in many minds he has met with foul play... more »

  • There Are

    There are poets and those who do think they are poets
    And sheep who are so very different to goats
    And there are fish and water and marine birds and mammals different in every way
    Difference it is the word of every day... more »

  • There Are Bullies

    There are bullies in the school yard and in the work place
    And in all parts of the World in and of every Race
    It does seem that most bullies are born to be this way
    Few of them grow to be nicer as they grow old and gray... more »

  • There Are Challenges To Face

    There are challenges to face in life every day
    This is how it is for many anyway
    We all cannot be winners though to win we may choose
    For every big winner many have to lose... more »