• There Are Days

    There are days you have nothing for to write about
    And your worth as a writer you question and doubt
    Just one of those days you feel mentally tired
    That to write anything you cannot feel inspired... more »

  • There Are Experts

    Though some can recognize most birds by the songs they does sing
    On Nature there is not one who knows everything
    And those who tell you they do believe their own lie
    Of Nature we learn until the day we does die... more »

  • There Are Few Of Us Near To Perfect

    There are few of us near to perfect as some like to say
    And from perfection so many of us seem so far away
    What we dislike in others in our own selves we do see
    You dislike in yourself what you dislike in me... more »

  • There Are Gifted

    There are gifted artists and musicians and gifted writers as well
    And gifted and talented singers whose records by the millions sell
    And it takes one to be gifted at making money for to become a billionaire
    Though some will tell you that people today as ever are rare... more »

  • There Are Gipsies In Australia

    There are Gipsies in Australia or so I have been told
    Do they still retain their customs, do they stick to ways of old?
    Do they wander as in Europe not stay long in any Town
    Or did they come here to Australia for to change and settle... more »

  • There Are Good And Bad People

    The non racist people are color blind
    The good and the bad in all races you will find
    Since they do believe on a fair go for all
    The fair minded people in their thinking never small... more »

  • There Are Good And Tainted People

    There are good and tainted people in every Creed and Race
    Make yourself a better person make the World to live in a better place
    I am not saying what's original only what is known and true
    In life we receive the Karma that happens to be our due... more »

  • There Are Many Great People

    There are many great people in the World of today
    Who to help those in need of helping do go out of their way
    Yet good people are not heroes of any town
    Never any glory in helping the financially down... more »

  • There Are Many People Like You

    When you think about your best days do you feel quite close to tears
    Do you visualize your young days and your Primary Schoolgoing years?
    In your prime in your twenties with your mates you played football
    Father time did not wait for you and you are ageing like us all... more »

  • There Are Many Worse Off Than You

    Your credit card is overdrawn and with your creditors you are in strife
    And your marriage it is over someone else sleeps with your wife
    Nowadays you feel suicidal and you fight against the odds
    As all the many others do of the very lesser gods.... more »

  • There Are Millions Like You

    You go to the house of your God for to worship and pray
    And that you live by God's Laws you are proud for to say
    But to those who are different respect you don't pay
    And about you it seems you have a judgemental way... more »

  • There Are Millions Of Them

    There are millions of them in the big World out there
    Over-inflated egos are around me everywhere
    With other like minded people the egotistical compete
    Their sort sad to say are not hard for to meet... more »

  • There Are No Borders

    There are no borders in the World that anyone can visibly see
    No borders even where the land end at the shores of the sea
    The people who create borders for to keep others out
    Are the sort the Human World may be better off without... more »

  • There Are No Competitions Where Dead People Lay

    In every village and town and city and on every street
    People with each other for success do compete
    But for every individual all of this does come to an end one day
    There are no competitions where dead people lay... more »

  • There Are None Of Us

    There are none of us quite perfect none of us quite free of sin
    But by becoming a better person you make the World better to live in
    By your actions or by your words never drag anyone down
    By living as a better person you become an asset to your town... more »

  • There Are None Of Us Perfect

    There are none of us perfect as most would agree
    But you only can be the best you can be
    The best of people know how to give and receive
    And on a fair go for everybody do believe... more »

  • There Are Not

    There are not many human beings free of conceit
    The near flawless person i have yet to meet
    But then perhaps the flaws in others i do see
    Are the flaws that happen for to be in me... more »

  • There Are Not Many Of Them

    There are not many of them so few one could name
    Who remain down to earth despite widespread fame
    Those who retain some humility despite widespread success
    By their lack of bravado many people impress... more »

  • There Are Not Many Saints

    There are not many saints in the World of today
    Such are rarer than rare that would seem fair to say
    And though many people are honest and kind
    There isn't a shortage of the criminally inclined... more »

  • There Are Only A Few

    Of successful writers there are only a few
    And this is not saying anything that is new
    And so many from writing who never know of wealth and fame
    Though rather good writers so few know of them by name... more »

  • There Are Only Two Forms Of Terrorism

    Those who brand others as terrorists are only playing games with our mind
    Since there are only two forms of terrorism the so called legal and the outlawed kind
    Those who declare war on others are not terrorists or so they lead us to believe
    But try telling that to the next of kin of the victims of their so called collateral damage who for their dead family members grieve.... more »

  • There Are Others To Care About Too

    I know where my life's journey began but i don't know where it will take me to
    And i do not crave recognition for anything i do
    We came into this life poor and helpless and cannot take anything with us when we leave
    And we leave all behind us what in life we do achieve... more »

  • There Are People

    There are people you feel sorry that you've ever met
    And people you are never likely to forget
    And there are those who to you so much of their love do give
    And them you will love for as long as you live... more »

  • There Are Poets And Poetasters

    There are poets and poetasters as i ought to know
    As I've been a poetaster since decades ago
    And rhyme it has been around for a long time
    Though it seems out of fashion nowadays for to rhyme,... more »

  • There Are Rhymers

    There are rhymers in every village and city and town
    But most of them strangers to literary renown
    Literary critics describe them as scribblers who do not write well
    And that their very best writing effort is mere doggerel... more »