• There Are So Many

    There are so many people far worse off than i
    As it will not be of thirst or of hunger i will die
    Poverty exists in varying degrees
    In the refugee camps of the World millions of refugees... more »

  • There Are So Many Arrogant People

    There are so many arrogant people who feel superior in their own arrogant way
    And to the opinions of others respect they never seem to pay
    You will find it in some ambitious females but mostly it is a male thing
    Those who only sing their own praises the praise of others never do sing,... more »

  • There Are Some Good Traits

    There are some good traits in many people considered to be bad
    An excuse for their behaviour due to some of the bad life's experiences they have had
    They are not beyond redemption despite what many may think or say
    Not everyone is all bad though some in life lose their way... more »

  • There Are Things In Your Past

    There are things in your past you would rather forget
    And there are things in your past you will always regret
    And there are things in your past you remember with pride
    Your past follows you from it you cannot hide... more »

  • There Are Times

    There are times you are happy and times you are sad
    In life you must take the good days with the bad
    We know of times of laughter and sorrow and tears
    In life we have the good and the not so good years... more »

  • There Are Times In My Life

    For years i have been battling my black moods of despair
    And telling myself life to me is unfair
    But others than me have far heavier crosses to bear
    The human depth of suffering can be relative of such i am aware... more »

  • There Are Winners And Losers

    There are winners and losers in the World every day
    It is all about winning and will always be this way
    Of the losers not good enough many do say
    And for every winner a lusty hooray... more »

  • There Has To Be Some Truth

    There has to be some truth in the saying one suppose
    That the one with many friends is one not without foes
    And though many good deeds you have been known for to do
    Not everyone has nice things to say of you... more »

  • There He Goes 'The Kangaroo'

    In the wood that skirts the paddock when the sun is out he doze
    And he stretch and rest his 'hoppers' the marsupial 'there he goes'
    'There he goes' the English meaning for his Aboriginal name kangaroo
    The great creature from the Dreamtime the black hunter did pursue.... more »

  • There I Used To Live

    There i used to live when my hair was dark brown
    Claraghatlea in the countryside near Millstreet Town
    From where i first looked on the bright lamp of day
    Time that rusts iron has me far away... more »

  • There In The Gray Of The Morning

    There in the gray of the morning in the faint winter
    I saw a bird once familiar once to me a common sight
    Greenfinch brought here by the white man and introduced in... more »

  • There Is A Big Difference

    There is a big difference between music and noise
    And there is a big difference between girls and boys
    And there is a big difference between horses and sheep
    And the difference is great between shallow and deep... more »

  • There Is A Difference

    Heroines and heroes the masses create
    But there is a difference between good and great
    The title of greatness reserved for the few
    This is a thing that is not in any way that is new... more »

  • There Is A Simple Principle

    There is a simple principle by which we ought to live
    For to learn how to receive we must learn how to give
    And in our dealings with others we must always be fair
    Though many shady characters in the bigger World out there... more »

  • There Is Always A Few

    You never harm anyone in any way
    And You help those in need of your help every day
    Among the kindest and more compassionate people of the town
    But there is always a few in their words to put you down... more »

  • There Is Always A Next Time

    That you feel so disappointed one must wonder why
    Since you may not have won but your best you did try
    And to lose with honor is never a sin
    In a Human World where many must lose for a few for to win... more »

  • There Is Always A Price

    In her younger years she was the pride of the town
    With eyes blue as a ripe sloe and shoulder length wavy hair of brown
    She had marriage proposals from Luke, John, Andy and Ted
    But she turned them down and today remains as unwed... more »

  • There Is Always One Better

    You may be quite marvelous at what you do
    But remember there is always one better than you
    With your achievements you ought not get carried away
    As self praise it is no praise the wise one did say... more »

  • There Is Always Powerball

    Of course there is always Powerball a nine million to one chance of a division one win
    And though the odds may be stacked against you for to win you have got to be in
    And the battling woman has a ticket for the jacxpot draw on thursday night
    And if she is the lucky big winner she will celebrate until daylight,... more »

  • There Is An Earthly Heaven And Hell

    Can't say of an afterlife hell or heaven but there is an Earthly heaven and hell
    Whilst many are homeless and hungry some for themselves doing well
    And some are very wealthy and getting wealthier by the day
    And a huge gap between the haves and have nots it has always been this way... more »

  • There Is Beauty Around Us

    There is beauty around us every day for to see
    A magpie is warbling high on a tall tree
    And the yellow billed dark feathered songsters of Spring
    So lovely for to hear the male blackbirds sing... more »

  • There Is Far More To Australia

    From Cape York Peninsula to Wonthaggi Town
    This is a big Country to drive up and down
    The highways through the outback lands wide, flat and brown
    Australia does have many claims to renown.... more »

  • There Is Far More To Inequality

    There is far more to human inequality than race gender, color or creed
    If you think about it so much indeed
    Privilege of birth and money and material possessions a major cause of social rank
    For this human World of inequality we have them for to thank... more »

  • There Is Far More To Millstreet

    There is far more to Millstreet and to Millstreet Town
    Than show jumping or elite sportspeople who brought to the place renown
    In Duhallow near Sliabh Luachra it is known far and wide
    For it's hospitable people in a scenic countryside.... more »

  • There Is For To Know

    So much about Nature there is for to know
    And my wonder of her only does grow and grow
    And the more i learn of her the more i realize
    That of her i know little this not a surprise... more »