• Though Admirers In Large Numbers

    Though admirers in large numbers for you it may not win
    You can make the World better to live in
    If you do a good deed if you can every day
    And help one poor and in need of helping without asking for pay... more »

  • Though Ageing

    Though ageing I'm fairly healthy fit and strong
    And I feel happy I have lived this long
    And though my best years long gone and old age near ahead
    Some I went to school with are amongst the dead... more »

  • Though Boasting In Life

    Though boasting in life it may get you quite far
    Leave it to others to say of how marvellous you are
    Of your college degrees I did not ask to hear
    Though of such you made known to me quite loud and clear... more »

  • Though Everyone To Live

    Though everyone to live breathe in the same air
    Few things in the Human World seem equal and fair
    The battler never socializes with the billionaire
    As nothing in common in life they do share... more »

  • Though Everyone Welcome In The Wordsmith Trade

    Though everyone welcome in the wordsmith trade
    It is said of poets they are born not made
    And if you ask the experts on literature I am sure they will tell
    You of how they define poetry from doggerel... more »

  • Though Everyone's Dream

    Though everyone's dream for them does not come true
    We all have our dreams in life for to pursue
    In life as in all things one is in need
    Of luck on their side for them for to succeed... more »

  • Though Financially Poor

    Though financially poor wealthy in another way
    The man who does laugh at himself every day
    In the morning he whistles to work as he walks down the street
    With a friendly hello to everyone he does meet... more »

  • Though Fond Memories Of

    Though fond memories of the what was i do retain
    Perhaps i will never see the Boggeraghs again
    Or walk in the old fields when the soft winds of Spring blow
    When the cock pheasant in the rank rushes does crow... more »

  • Though For Everyone

    Though for everyone their dreams does not come true
    Everyone in their life has some dream to pursue
    Everyone dreams of better days ahead
    Those without dreams are of the living dead... more »

  • Though For Their Spot In Glory

    Though for their spot in glory many of them a huge price they did pay
    The men who went to fight in wars are remembered today
    Many of them died bravely in battles where the gunfire was loud
    And some of them returned as living war heroes they had done their Country proud... more »

  • Though From It

    Though from it you will not become the most popular one in the town
    It is easy in words for to put others down
    Yes unkind things of others are easy to say
    And some people find pleasure on behaving in this way... more »

  • Though Her Ideas

    Though her ideas are different to mine
    What she does think suits me fine
    She looks at things differently to me
    But then most of us see life differently... more »

  • Though Her Secrets From Us

    Though her secrets from us well hidden away
    We learn something new of Nature every day
    We learn as we live as some do say
    Though no guarantee that an insight gained until death with us will stay... more »

  • Though Heroes Are Made Of

    Though heroes are made of the brave war dead
    Do not fight or die for your Country live for it instead
    For to be remembered why should you wish to die young
    The war dead don't hear when their praises are sung... more »

  • Though Highly Educated

    Some quite well educated people of Nature so little does know
    They even think that the blackbird is a species of crow
    Though highly educated professionals of uni degrees
    They will tell you knowledge of no financial value to them on the birds and the bees... more »

  • Though His Here To Many

    Though his here to many is not a known face
    He is one who is an asset to the place
    Since he does love Nature and for wildlife truly does care
    Everyplace nowadays in need of the environmentally aware... more »

  • Though History Sees It In A Different Way

    We hear and read of the savagery of the lion and the shark
    Yet men crucified Jesus and burnt to death Joan of Arc
    But carnivore predators to survive do need lots of meat
    And us humans to them are just something to eat,... more »

  • Though Hope Of Better Times

    Though hope of better times in me not dead
    At my age i don't look too far ahead
    But to daydream of great wealth ought not be a sin
    I would gladly welcome a big lotto win... more »

  • Though I Am Getting On In Years

    Though i am getting on in years i have good hearing and good eyes
    And i am lucky in my life i have come to realize
    I have good health and in any way not physically impaired
    And of any afflictions or illnesses one of the lucky to have been spared... more »

  • Though I Am One

    Though i am one who has penned reams of doggerel
    Of my life i do not have any great stories to tell
    Of material or sporting success or being successful at anything
    Though the praises of others in rhyme i often do sing... more »

  • Though I Can Tell Apart

    Though I can tell apart a currawong from a crow
    So little about Nature I realize I do know
    But we learn as we live as the wise one does say
    And of Nature we learn something new every day... more »

  • Though I Come From A Land

    Though I come from a land in the North Sea
    Where I do live is always home to me
    My life journey has me far south of my birthplace
    Where nowadays mine might be a stranger's face... more »

  • Though I Hail From The Place

    Though I hail from the place of the silver back crow
    Of birds and their ways little I can claim to know
    Though learning of Nature I still do enjoy
    I have always loved her since I was a boy... more »

  • Though I Have

    Though i have penned reams and reams of doggerel
    Of success stories in life i don't have for to tell
    In a Human World of winners and losers as some like to say
    But then i ask you what's success anyway... more »

  • Though I Have Left Millstreet

    If ever again i will return to Millstreet
    So many strangers to me there i would meet
    For i have not lived there for close to thirty three years
    And i have shed the last of my nostalgic tears... more »