• Though I Have Little Desire

    Though i have little desire to be a billionaire
    If i was i would have heaps of money with others to share
    But compassionate and kind i would like to be
    And for those doing it tough in life feel empathy... more »

  • Though I Have Seen

    Though i have seen in their wild state emu, koala, wallaby and roo
    I have not seen the Pyramids or been to Timbuctoo
    Or see a Summer sunrise light the sky at daybreak
    Above the waters of Lake Baikal the World's largest spring lake... more »

  • Though I Have Worked On

    Though i have worked on pipelines in and near Ballarat
    I cannot say that i have been there and done that
    And worked on cherry pickers trimming tall trees
    Above electricity power-lines a job that had dangers of varying degrees... more »

  • Though I Used To Think That

    The male birds never sings for the joys of the Spring
    With them song is a territorial thing
    They sing to warn males of their kind from their patch to stay clear
    And they only use song as a weapon of fear... more »

  • Though In Fancy

    From Millstreet in Duhallow I live far away
    Though in fancy I've been back there many a day
    'Tis late April there now in the prime of the Spring
    And in the groves and on hedgerows the nesting birds sing... more »

  • Though In Fancy He Can Hear The Babbling Rill

    Though in fancy he can hear the babbling rill
    Flowing to the big river down the fields by the hill
    But with his wife and their primary school going son he is happy to stay
    And he will not be going back to the town far away... more »

  • Though It Has Been Many Years

    Though it has been many years since i was a boy
    Old memories remain as a source of joy
    In the groves by my first home in the prime of the Spring
    The wild birds of Nature did whistle and sing... more »

  • Though It Has Taken Me Far South

    Though it has taken me far south of Millstreet Town
    My journey in life has not taken me to renown
    And though i have never witnessed a miracle at Tubrid's Holy Well
    Of my adventures i do have some stories to tell... more »

  • Though It's Been Awhile Now

    Though it's been awhile now since I was a boy
    My journey in life a memory to enjoy
    Many the highway and byway I've driven up and down
    Since I left Claraghatlea a mile from Millstreet Town... more »

  • Though I'Ve Done My Share Of Travel

    Though I've done my share of travel I don't have much to show of Worldly gain
    And 'tis been awhile and many Seasons since I've seen old Clara in the rain
    And the fog crawl down the mountain on days cold enough to snow
    And Finnow swollen by stormwater through the old fields bank high flow.... more »

  • Though I'Ve Never Bothered To Ask Him

    Though I've never bothered to ask him he told me of how he purchased a brand new car
    And how he has been promoted to a managerial position in the company he works for up the corporate ladder he is climbing far
    What can I say to him but well done since I'm not into dragging tall poppies down
    There are plenty more willing to do that no shortage of them in the town... more »

  • Though Life At The Present

    Though life at the present is not going your way
    And for you it has been another bad day
    You are not alone on being financially down
    There are many like you in every town... more »

  • Though Life Seems Too Short

    Though life seems too short to be burdened by care
    Truly carefree people one can say are rare
    The sound of laughter to it has a beautiful ring
    And with it joy it never does fail to bring... more »

  • Though Little About Nature

    Though little about Nature I can claim to know
    I can distinguish a currawong from a crow
    And I can tell a wallaby from a kangaroo
    Or a rosella or lorikeet from a cockatoo... more »

  • Though Losing

    Though losing most people never does choose
    For some to win some have to lose
    And though success the majority of people pursue
    In life that there are more winners than losers seems true... more »

  • Though Losing Is A Thing

    Though losing is a thing anyone would not choose
    For one for to win someone else has to lose
    Such is life or words to that effect as some like to say
    There must be winners and losers since life is this way... more »

  • Though Losing Is Something

    Though losing is something anyone does not choose
    For one for to win someone else has to lose
    This is how it is and it always will be
    And everyone loves a winner would you not agree... more »

  • Though Love

    Though love sometimes on it has a use by date
    With the feelings of true love few things in life rate
    But the disappointment of lost love does give rise to tears
    And the feeling of love ache can linger for years... more »

  • Though Many Believe In

    Though many believe in an afterlife beyond this Earthly shore
    In the World that we live in we are mortals nothing more
    Like every other life form we are born for to die
    The sheep or cow or dog or cat no less mortal than I.... more »

  • Though Many Growing Poorer

    Though many growing poorer in the Human World of today
    On the wealthy good on you is all i can say
    As long as some of your wealth you are willing to share
    With those doing it tough and their kind not rare... more »

  • Though Many In Time

    Though many in time do learn the wordsmith trade
    The great poets are born and cannot be made
    And though most poets for their work never receive pay
    With the usage of words they do have a way... more »

  • Though Many May Judge You Favourably

    Your grand new home and Olympic sized swimming pool and your new mercedes car
    Says nothing to me of you of the person that you are
    Says nothing to me of you if of heart that you are kind
    Money necessarily does not make us better people or towards generosity inclined... more »

  • Though Many May Not Agree

    Though many may not agree with what I do say
    For my sins against others to Karma I will pay
    By some means or form or in some sort of way
    I will pay in the future for my sins of today... more »

  • Though Many May Not Agree With Me

    Though many may not agree with me when I say
    That for my sins against others to Karma I must pay
    And that I believe to everyone does apply
    Why this seems to be I do wonder why?... more »

  • Though Many The Road

    Though many the road I've driven up and down
    And I am one who has lived in many a town
    I do feel like a stranger on every street
    A stranger to everyone that I do meet... more »