• Though Some Birds I Do Know

    Though some birds i do know by sight and their chirping and song
    On bird recognition i am often wrong
    Though i have been interested in wild birds since i was a boy
    And learning about them today i enjoy... more »

  • Though Some Have Told Me

    Though some have told me i have wasted my time
    On my many Seasons of penning of rhyme
    What they think of me is their business and this suits me fine
    And what is their business is no business of mine... more »

  • Though Some In Denial Of It

    Though some in denial of it far more than a few
    When i say Climate Change is upon us i am not saying what is new
    But doubtless to say carbon emissions due to us at present and in decades long gone
    The scourge of Climate Change has helped to hurry on... more »

  • Though Some May Say

    Though some may say that solitary living can be a good thing
    The sadness that aloness to one can bring
    That can only be felt by those of such who do know
    Where sadness prevails happiness cannot grow... more »

  • Though Some May Show

    Though some may show you disrespect which is not your due
    To your higher self you can only stay true
    And though trading insults with anyone may not be a crime
    It surely indeed seems a waste of good time... more »

  • Though Some More Than Others

    Though some more than others more generous and kind
    In most human beings some good you will find
    Truly evil people not well in the mind
    Since to the suffering of others they seem totally blind... more »

  • Though Some Of Me May Not

    Though some of me may not have nice things to say
    I cannot dislike anybody this is not my way
    Dislike leads to hatred this is not for me
    And with the saying of an eye for an eye i could never agree... more »

  • Though Some People

    Though some people do not believe in live and let live
    Those who have sinned against us we must try to forgive
    For any grudges you bear causes spiritual decay
    And eats the compassion that is in you away,... more »

  • Though Some Say

    Though some say we are all sisters and brothers
    'Tis human to like some better than others
    And though another wrong to us may have done
    we never should hate anyone... more »

  • Though Some Tell You

    Though some tell me writing without pay is a waste of time
    I feel that i am one who was born to pen rhyme
    One reason i add to my numbers of rhymes every day
    Without recognition or any hope of pay... more »

  • Though Some They May Hurt You

    Though some they may hurt you with words that they say
    As long as their words are not defamatory in any way
    Give them back in words as good as you've got
    You too can have your go at stirring the pot.... more »

  • Though Some To How Life

    Though some to how life should be lived even on their death bed do cling
    Fundamentalism of any sort is not a good thing
    The fundamentalists can only see life in their way
    And to any other way of thinking any respect never pay... more »

  • Though Some Wish For Death

    Though some wish for death life's a wonderful thing
    And for as long as one can one to it ought to cling
    Though many to their unseen God in the Universe pray
    Our last day of life on Planet Earth may well be our last day... more »

  • Though Stories Of Brave Men

    Though stories of brave men we read of and hear
    At the thought of death most of them would have felt fear
    With people dying around them only the bravest are brave
    Little joy in the thought of the darkness of the grave... more »

  • Though Ted Never Talks Of The Past

    His wife Kate who died in her late fifties is close to four decades dead
    Though Ted never talks of the past but of times of him ahead
    And though he will have lived a century of years next year
    He does not feel death to him is anywhere near... more »

  • Though The Behaviour Of One

    Though the behaviour of one you may not condone
    Leave it to the one without sin to cast the verbal stone
    Judge and thou shalt not be judged as a truism remain
    The meaning in this it's own self does explain... more »

  • Though The Difference Is Vast

    Though the difference is vast between people's take home pay
    Everyone is good at something it does seem this way
    One's annual salary does make some a multi millionaire
    'Tis true about life it is not always fair... more »

  • Though The More Judgmental

    Though the more judgmental may dismiss you as a never do well
    Of life you do have your own stories to tell
    And though your journey it will not lead you to renown
    You are one who knows how it feels to feel down... more »

  • Though The Past Is Long Gone

    Though the past is long gone and from you far away
    In memory you can visit it every day
    And your friends of the past you do visit again
    And as they looked and were to you they remain... more »

  • Though The Past Just A Memory

    Though the past just a memory of the forever gone
    Life all around me as usual goes on
    Yet in my flights of fancy i often times does hear and see
    In Spring a male chaffinch singing on a leafy birch tree... more »

  • Though The Prosaic Writers

    Though the prosaic writers are known to succeed
    The poet without music a poor one indeed
    Without rhyme no music or memorable song
    The rhyme in the words to the music belong... more »

  • Though The Weather Not Even Chilly

    Though the weather not even chilly i am feeling cold
    It must be that time has left me feeling old
    Though there is a slight chill in the freshening mountain breeze
    One can hardly say it is cold at fourteen degrees... more »

  • Though There Are Many Others Like Hypocritical Me

    I am anti animal cruelty yet them i do eat
    Since i am one of many with a liking for meat
    Yet those who do not eat animals due to their beliefs unlike me to their beliefs are true
    And great credit for this it is surely their due... more »

  • Though There Today

    Though there today yours may be a stranger's face
    You have not forgotten your first home place
    Though you've not been there for years and from there live far away
    Old memories remain fresh in your mind today... more »

  • Though They Are Special

    Though they are quite special they firmly believe
    Self important people their own selves do only deceive
    For on some future night or on some future day
    The one who swings the scythe of death will come reaping their way... more »