• Though They To The Forever

    Though they to the forever are long gone
    The ancestral genes in us are living on
    We may not visit where their bones do lay
    But their genes are alive in us today... more »

  • Though This To Anyone

    Though this to anyone is not anything that is new
    The majority of the wealth of the World is owned by the few
    The multi rich are rare and millions in poverty
    In a fair Human World this would never be... more »

  • Though Time

    The odds are the parents will be outlived by their daughter and son
    Though time it does never wait on anyone
    And on how long you will live never a guarantee
    Death can come at anytime is how it seems to be... more »

  • Though Time It Never

    The odds are the parents will be outlived by their daughter and son
    Though time it does never wait on anyone
    And on how long you will live never a guarantee
    Death can come at anytime is how it seems to be... more »

  • Though Time That

    Though time that rusts iron has left you wrinkled and gray
    From life you do learn something new every day
    We have been learning from life before we learned how to crawl
    Though never a new lesson for the one known as know all... more »

  • Though Time That Rusts Iron

    Though time that rusts iron eventually becomes everyone's foe
    We learn from the past from the long ago
    Though for most of our lessons some price for to pay
    We learn as we live it does seem this way... more »

  • Though To Be A Loser

    For every winner many losers every day
    This is how it is life works in this way
    And though losing is a thing anyone does not choose
    For one to win big many does have to lose... more »

  • Though To Many Here Mine

    Though to many here mine remains a stranger's face
    I feel lucky to be living in this beautiful place
    Surrounded by paddocks at most times of year green
    As beautiful a place to as i have ever been... more »

  • Though To My Thoughts In Fancy

    I do live far south of Hibernia's Shore
    And even further in distance from the roadway from Millstreet that leads to Rathmore
    But in my flights of fancy distance disappear
    And what is far in mileage to my thoughts are near... more »

  • Though We All Become Equal

    Poverty does come at varying degrees
    In a World of millions of homeless people and refugees
    The gap between the wealthy and poor ever keeps growing wide
    And millions losing out in the social divide... more »

  • Though We All Look At Life

    Though we all look at life in a different way
    Respect to the opinions of others we ought for to pay
    Provided their opinions are not judgemental or racist or meant to offend
    Though none of us far from perfect of that why pretend... more »

  • Though What I Have Written

    Though what I have written few read or recite
    I keep on penning rhymes since I do love to write
    For many years now I've been a rhyming buff
    And I am one of those who has penned reams of stuff... more »

  • Though With What I Have To Say

    Though with what I have to say many may disagree
    I can make the World a better place to live in by becoming a better me
    By becoming more tolerant of those different in knowing them better we do find
    That despite their human frailties they too are quite good and kind.... more »

  • Though Wrong To Me

    Though wrong to me they may have wilfully done
    I feel no desire for to hate anyone
    Or poisoning my thoughts by bearing a grudge
    I will leave them to Karma for to be their judge... more »

  • Though You

    Though you feel like giving up on life and on suicide you contemplate
    Such a death is not one the living does celebrate
    For suicide to life is an inglorious end
    It is not a good way to die why otherwise pretend... more »

  • Though You Are Not Famous And Wealthy

    Though you are not famous and wealthy and seen as a financial success
    You are one of the town's more honorable people since others you have no wish to impress
    You help anyone in need of your help and you live as generous and kind
    And for to seek the plaudits of others you will never be that way inclined... more »

  • Though You Are Quite Famous

    Though you are quite famous and to many known
    Your heritage you never ought to disown
    And to your old friends as a friend do remain
    And try to stay humble despite your Worldly gain... more »

  • Though You Have Never Been Homeless

    Though you have never been homeless or never slept rough
    You do feel that life on you is rather tough
    With a good job two healthy children and a devoted wife
    Yet you are one who does feel hard done by life... more »

  • Though You Have Not

    Though you have not seen them for many a day
    Do you often think of old friends far away
    Some of them like you in the hometown did not stay
    And some of them where the deceased are now lay... more »

  • Though You May Die Unsung

    An old saying I remember that I wish was a lie
    That the longer you live the sooner you will die
    Three score and ten years the average human life span
    Though one ought to live for as long as one can... more »

  • Though You Were Not

    Though you were not the winner you gave of your best
    And you went down with honour on your greatest test
    To lose on the day was something you did not choose
    But for one for to win another has to lose... more »

  • Though Your Worth As A Writer

    Though your worth as a writer you often may doubt
    No shortage of things for you to write about
    Of the lives of people and of Nature so much on paper to say
    There are poems and stories for you to write of every day... more »

  • Thoughfond Memories Of What Was

    Though fond memories of what was in me does remain
    Perhaps i will never see Millstreet again
    And in early spring hear the breeding frogs croaking in a flooded drain
    When Clara is half cloaked in the gray fogs of rain... more »

  • Thoughmany May See It

    Though many may see it as a great waste of time
    What else could i do if i could not pen rhyme
    When i do have free time my hobby to pursue
    Perhaps this is what i was born into life for to do... more »

  • Thought Can Make A Fool Of Us

    Many of the wealthy and famous to the ways of time have gone
    In their passing they proved to be expendable life without them goes on
    Their wealth and their money did not keep them alive
    The sharp scythe of Life's Reaper none known to survive... more »