• Thoughts Of A Dying Man

    I'd love once more to hear the throstle sing
    But I know that I will not be around
    For when the flowers will bloom forth in the Spring
    My bones will be at rest beneath the ground.... more »

  • Thousands Of Things To Write About

    Thousands of things to write about on land and sea and sky
    The birds who live on waterways the dark swallows that fly
    O'er rural and urban landscapes chasing their flying insect prey
    They are the fastest birds of flight in the bright lamp of day... more »

  • Three Aged Locals

    They meet by the milk bar in the mid morning of Saturday
    The old blokes wearing hats that the years have left gray
    They talk for an hour or more since they have lots to say
    About politics and football and the prices of livestock and hay... more »

  • Three Boys On Their Bicycles

    Along the quiet back streets pedalling up and down
    Three boys on their bicycles in the old country town
    The prime years of their lives a decade ahead
    The future belong to the youth as has often been said... more »

  • Three Centuries From Now

    In the park in the Springtime three centuries from now
    Will songbird in the sunshine pipe on leafy bough
    And will boys play football in the sports ground of the town
    And will cars and trucks on the street buzz up and down... more »

  • Three Cheers For Life's Reaper

    They come as a package narcissism, wealth and fame
    And of famous narcissistic people far too many to name
    And as well as many not so famed people i happen to know
    Who too are sadly lacking in the inner glow... more »

  • Three Decades Ago

    Three decades ago on leaving Erin's shore
    I never realized then that i may never more
    On a Summer's evening stand on Clara overlooking the Town of Millstreet
    And admire the green countryside where North Cork and East Kerry meet... more »

  • Three Miles East Of The Town

    By the babbling creek that flows by the woodland through the high country three miles east of the town
    The shrike thrush on a wattle tree is whistlingat twilight just before the sun goes down
    And all is well in Mother Nature's garden on a pleasant end to a sunny Autumn day
    A memory such as this lasts a whole lifetime and even in old age from you won't fade away.... more »

  • Three Of The Human Soul Foods

    They go rather well with moderate consumption of beer
    Music, dance and song go well with laughter and cheer
    And though sometimes sad songs and music can give rise to tears
    The soul foods of humanity have been evolving for years... more »

  • Three Years On In East Timor

    Three years year on in East Timor and they are re-building Dili Town
    The houses and the businesses that the Indonesian militia burnt down
    These so called emergency soldiers poor East Timor did destroy
    Whilst the Indonesian military to stop them did not try.... more »

  • Three Young Men From Millstreet

    Their photo on the Millstreet web site a great memory for friends and family to recall
    Of the three young men from Millstreet who for Putney F C play football
    A photo worthy of being enlarged and hung on a family pictorial wall
    On saying three excellent ambassadors for Ireland Sean Radley said it all.... more »

  • Threshing Days

    When i was young long years ago and haws were on hawthorn
    The boo of threshing machine in farmer's yard when farmer threshed his corn
    Some men piked sheafs others built straw ricks, the corn was ripe and yellow
    And Jer Noonan fed the threshing drum when i was a young fellow.... more »

  • Through Different Eyes

    On many things we choose to disagree
    The Government that is good for you not good for me
    That's how it is and that's how 'twill always be
    Through different eyes a different World we see... more »

  • Through Old Claraghatlea

    Through Old Claraghatlea a mile from Millstreet Town
    The Cails from Kippagh slowly winds it's way down
    Through flat and damp fields where rank rushes grow
    On towards the Finnow it ever does flow.... more »

  • Through Our Different Eyes

    We must beg to differ it does seem to me
    Through our different eyes we see things differently
    If we all thought in the same way how boring we would be
    Variety is the spice of life would you not agree?... more »

  • Through The Eyes Of A Self Admirer

    Though an oldie going on eighty taking selfies every day
    That self admiration is not ageist only does seem true to say
    Self images she does not like from her smart phone she delete
    She is only one of many enamoured in self conceit... more »

  • Through The Eyes Of Erica

    We left Latvia as young children left with teardrops in our eyes
    Mum and daddy took us with them and tearful were those last goodbyes
    We left Latvia forever never ever to return
    I knew heartache, I knew sorrow, I saw fire and Berlin burn.... more »

  • Through The Gray Clouds Of Dawning

    Through the gray clouds of dawning in the brightening morning sky
    Familiar birds even sight unseen they call out as they fly
    Large dark brown parrots known to many as yellow tail black cockatoo
    Whilst some others do refer to them by the name of weerloo... more »

  • Through The Hard Times

    Some people face new challenges in life every day
    But through the hard times they do battle their way
    They surely do know what living life is all about
    The people who refuse for to be counted out... more »

  • Thuggery Street

    Not a good place to rent or buy a house in Thuggery Street
    A bloke who lived there for a few years i often do meet
    Tells me his few years there were an Earthly Hell
    Of life there he does not have good stories to tell... more »

  • Thurles Joe

    A fellow from Ireland from here far away
    The passing of time has left him looking gray
    From Thurles a famous old Tipperary Town
    Where he used to live when his hair was light brown... more »

  • Tied

    From life they have not learned much though they have lived for many years
    The very conservative old blokes and old dears
    That some only grow older but not more knowledgeable or wise
    Should not be in itself in any way a surprise... more »

  • Tied To The Past

    The changes keep happening and few things seem to last
    But I am one of many who is tied to the past
    And of the past the good memories with us do remain
    Though sad times we don't wish to think of again... more »

  • Tiger Woods

    He is many times over a multi millionaire
    And arguably the World's greatest ever golf player
    The golfer most young golfers would love to emulate
    The legendary sports star and a golfing great... more »

  • Till My Last Night And Day

    Wherever i go to the past goes with me
    In memory the old fields as they were i do see
    And the friends of my past are in my thoughts today
    In my mind as i knew them as young they do stay... more »