• 'Tis True That In Life

    'Tis true that in life we receive what we sow
    That is something that everyone does seem to know
    The Karma we receive good or bad is our due
    That is something that i do believe to be true... more »

  • 'Tis True That Poets Are Quite A Rare Breed

    'Tis true that poets are quite a rare breed and few that pen verse are worthy of note
    Though many say they do write poetry and refer to themselves as poet
    You won't find many like Robert Burns or James Clarence Mangan or John Clare
    They may have lived and died poorer than many do but their type of writers are rare... more »

  • 'Tis True What Is Said About People

    'Tis true what is said about people that everyone has a life story to tell
    Though not everybody's life story in book form a million copies would sell
    The biography of a poor homeless person many would not be interested to read
    Life's journey from the poorest suburb to success for most people never lead... more »

  • 'Tis Ungenerous And Oppressive People

    'Tis ungenerous and oppressive people create refugees
    The people who risk their lives in leaky boats on the dangerous seas
    In search of a better and safer life in a Land far away
    From where they first looked on the bright lamp of day... more »

  • 'Tis Up To You People Of Millstreet

    A broadband mast to be placed on Clara's summit with cable suspended on poles all of the way to the top
    It may be too late for this E S B and PermaNet venture for to be brought to a full stop
    At least they should be forced for to bury the cable than sacrifice such a beautiful view
    You Millstreet people who love Clara to save it's beauty is up to you.... more »

  • 'Tis We Create Our Borders'

    'Tis we create our borders and our borders we defend
    And we often make an enemy by losing a former friend
    And that the Country owns us we struggle to understand
    Since we are part of Nature we return to the Land... more »

  • To A Cow In Mourning

    It aches my heart to hear you mourn poor cow
    And i would help you if i could somehow
    But only God can resurrect your son
    Who has fallen victim of the butcher's gun.... more »

  • To A Bullfinch

    Oh bullfinch bird unfettered wild and free
    Piping on branch of leafy alder tree
    Lit by the bright and warming sun of May
    You do seem happy on this pleasant day... more »

  • To A Buttercup

    You came up through the earth so deep and dark
    To listen to the sweet song of the lark
    And like the lark's song buttercup you bring
    The beauty we have grown to love in Spring.... more »

  • To A Butterfly

    You while away the pleasant sun shine hours
    In green, green meads adorned with wildering flowers
    And shelter from the brief, brief summer showers
    Beneath the green leaves in the leafy bowers.... more »

  • To A Caged Cheetah

    This is no place for creature such as you
    In wired in prison here in Melbourne zoo
    So many miles from home your own Country
    Where you hunted and had fun and lived carefree.... more »

  • To A Caged Greenfinch

    They've locked you in a cage luckless greenfinch
    And put you in a state of misery
    But nothing human man can do could never ever quench
    The longing that is in you to be free.... more »

  • To A Caged Little Corella

    It's cruel that you should be kept in a cage
    That you be forced to live in such a way
    Your kin birds many miles from here live free
    But here in small wired prison you must stay.... more »

  • To A Caged Orang Utan

    Though overall you look quite hairy as you sit in your cage in the zoo
    And watch me with your arms folded I cannot say I envy you
    For you look an intelligent fellow though you lead a lonely captive life
    Far south of the Jungles of Asia and without a family or a wife.... more »

  • To A Chaffinch

    Chaffinch you were born to live free
    Amongst the sheltery hedges and the trees
    And when you feel bored your boredom you can ease
    By flitting off to anywhere you please.... more »

  • To A Clara Skylark

    There's a joyous skylark singing
    O'er the slopes of Clara hill
    And his pleasant voice is ringing
    Through the valley fair and still.... more »

  • To A Conceited Poet

    We know you have a good grasp of the language
    And we know that you are good to write and spell
    And at classy poetry readings you recite your verses
    And that your audience love you is not hard to tell.... more »

  • To A Grey Crow

    The night has shed it's pitch like cloak
    A misty April day has broke
    Songbirds are singing along the hedgerow
    And I hear the caw of a grey crow.... more »

  • To A Homesick Canadian

    Back home in Nova Scotia now the eastern bluebird sing
    And wildering flowers are in full bloom in latter days of Spring
    And green woods scenting sweetly with the buds and blooms of May
    And I feel very near to home though I live far away.... more »

  • To A Kangaroo Dead By The Highway

    What brought you here to man made motor way
    From your safe and wooded sanctuary for to stray?
    And blow flies lay their eggs on you today
    For maggots for to eat your flesh away.... more »

  • To A Leafless Tree

    Last year's leaves withered and dry
    Beneath their leafless mother lie
    On this cold day in January
    I pity you poor leafless tree.... more »

  • To A New Millionaire

    I do not envy you your wealth and money
    Since I've been told that you are a millionaire
    You've made the top from your humble beginnings
    And high achievers such as you are very rare... more »

  • To A Silvereye

    I see you almost every day you fly from tree to tree
    And I envy you your happiness for you are wholly free
    You tiny insect eating bird in olive fawn and gray
    And I feel glad so very glad to see you every day.... more »

  • To A Songthrush

    Oh I could sit and linger
    And listen to you singer
    Of such delightful songs
    The whole day long.... more »

  • To A Stream

    Flow on gently crystal stream
    Through the fields serene and green
    Down the valleys calm and still
    From your birthplace by the hill.... more »