• To A Very Young Poet

    The muse is upon you go follow your muse
    And the gifts you've been granted you should not abuse
    The wild birds are singing in the wooded glen
    Young poet where is your notebook and where is your pen.... more »

  • To A Victim Of Cyber Bullying

    Suppose they can't help the way they are the people to you who are rude
    And though they are well educated in their ways they are very crude
    You did not ask them for their comments to criticize you or your praises for to sing
    Their nastiness to it has a deeper meaning perhaps with them 'tis a power thing... more »

  • To A Weanling Calf

    The black weanling white face calf looks glum
    He has lately lost his mum
    The farmer sold her at the mart
    And left him with a heavy heart.... more »

  • To A Young Poet

    You say your name will live forever and your poems are destined to live on
    And your words of genius will be quoted in centuries after you've gone
    Into the non existent hereafter though your poems bound to insure your fame
    At least that is how 'twould seem you see it that your's will be an immortal name.... more »

  • To Adelaide Through The Coorong

    From Edenhope to McLaren Vale via many a coastal town
    The salt pans of the Coorong and the paddocks flat and brown
    The salt lakes and the sand dunes and few houses to be seen
    A flat and empty country and hardly any green.... more »

  • To Admit You Are Wrong

    To admit you are wrong should not be a sign of weakness
    It is indeed a fortress of the strong
    To swallow your pride of you does seem so noble
    And to a rare breed you surely belong.... more »

  • To Alan O Connor A Young K.R.R. Fan

    He was so young just fourteen years and he had one great dream
    To play for Killarney Road Rovers the Millstreet soccer team
    To play for Killarney Road Rovers and to prove himself a man
    He loved the game, he loved his team and he was a Rovers fan.... more »

  • To Albert On Having Been Late For 's O T C'

    Oh Albert wise man from east side of Melbourne Town
    We your true friends of late have felt let down
    Since we will not be seeing you on t v
    In big quiz game 'Sale Of The Century'.... more »

  • To All

    To all who trash talk of me in public and call me out of name
    If I cannot say them I forgive Of them does that make me the same?
    For I am not the type of one to turn the other cheek
    Like many I lack in mental strength in ways I too am weak.... more »

  • To All A Fair Go

    I will shout hooray for prejudices downfall
    And i will drink a toast to a fair go for all
    To every race and color of white, black and brown
    In every city and village and town... more »

  • To All Of You

    To all of you who treat me with respect I treat you in kind
    And in me I am sure a friend you will find
    Like an old saying I recall what we give we receive
    To me that seems apt and on such I believe... more »

  • To Amanda Vanstone

    Amanda Vanstone I have heard your new year's message you tell us your Government are so kind to refugees
    You may fool some but you don't fool everybody and enough is enough of your rhetoric please
    Boat people your Government sent to Nauru by choice are dying of hunger since you want to send them back to from where they came
    They would rather die in detention than be killed by Warlords do you feel any empathy or shame?... more »

  • To Annette On Her Birthday

    Annette you are forty three so I've been told
    But you don't look one forty three years old
    And to your years your appearance give the lie
    And you look twenty years younger than I.... more »

  • To Another Land Their Hearts Belong

    When he and she one day will become migrants
    And from their own Homelands live far away
    The longing in them will be to return
    And not as migrants to grow old and gray.... more »

  • To Any Form Of Love

    Self love is a good thing in a moderate way
    Of people with it the Human World is in need of more today
    For their sort are known to be compassionate and kind
    And to the helping of others are willingly inclined... more »

  • To Anyone Who Call Me A Dreamer

    To anyone who call me a dreamer i always say thank you
    To me this is a compliment though my dreams for me do not come true
    Though to be called a dreamer mostly meant for those in or near poverty
    It does seem a compliment when said to me... more »

  • To Be

    It is true to be flawed is to be human the near to perfect to say the least rare
    Many observe the unwritten commandment of your own self you always take care
    In the Human World the real god is money despite what the religious do say
    Since they too deal in paper banknotes though to their gods of the Universe they do pray... more »

  • To Be A Better Man

    Material Wealth and renown i feel no desire to pursue
    To my own self i can only live as true
    The challenges of life every day i do meet
    With others for success i feel no desire to compete... more »

  • To Be A Good Person

    One only can hope to live good as one can
    To be a good woman or be a good man
    To learn how to receive you must know how to give
    And live by the moral of live and let live... more »

  • To Be A Good Person Is Not That Hard At All

    To be a good person is not that hard at all
    Though your every good deed few may wish to recall
    The praises of good people few ever do sing
    But praise to a good person does not mean a thing... more »

  • To Be A Man From Duhallow

    Any success in life i do not have to my name
    To be a man from Duhallow my one claim to fame
    Duhallow where the mighty Blackwater flow
    Through North Cork towards the Atlantic in Youghal by ditch and hedgerow... more »

  • To Be As Good A Person

    To be as good a person as I can be
    And treat others as I would want them to treat me
    To know how to receive and to know how to give
    And to respect self and others and live and let live... more »

  • To Be As Good As You Can Be

    To live for to be as good as you can be
    And accept your successes with humility
    And if in sport you don't win when you compete
    Congratulate the winner and be graceful in defeat... more »

  • To Be Born And Raised In Claraghatlea

    To be born and raised in Claraghatlea my only claim to fame
    Though few back there now would remember my name
    For I left that old Townland more than two decades ago
    When the old hill of Clara wore his hat of snow... more »

  • To Be Center Of Attention

    To be center of attention this is their choice
    The people who love the sound of their own voice
    The shy and the humble always seem to lose out
    And are left to wallow in their own self doubt... more »