• Tonight My Mind Is Full Of Memories

    Tonight my mind is full of memories of the old home far away
    By the Killarney Road near Millstreet Town where I first saw light of day
    The male robin by the old house piped on the cypress tree
    The Spring sun upon his red breast in fancy I can see... more »

  • Tonight's A Great Night

    Tonight's a great night it is raining the first heavy rains of the Fall
    The first heavy rains since last Winter the farmers rejoice one and all
    The drought it may well not be over but 'tis good to hear the patter of the rain
    Falling on the galvanize iron and gurgling down the shoot to the drain,... more »

  • Tony

    He must be over eighty his hair is silver gray
    And the future's all that matter that's what old Tony say
    His wife a bush Australian and his children Aussies too
    And he's lived for more than fifty years in Land of Kangaroo.... more »

  • Tony Abbott

    Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott in his ways is so small
    He believe on a fair go for some only but not on a fair go for all
    By his Government's offshore incarceration of boat people he is anti refugee
    A hypocritical person is how he seems to be... more »

  • Tony Abbott And Scott Morrison

    Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison Them i should not judge
    Since they have not wronged me in any way to against them to hold a grudge
    Though since a fair go to poor refugees they have chosen to deny
    The judgements of others to them does apply... more »

  • Tony Abbott He Will Save S

    In Australia political change all for the better by the Murdoch media we are told
    The Liberal-National Government will take us back to the nineteen fifties to the happy days of old
    When all Aussies they were well off no such a thing as poverty
    We are heading for the good times happy days for you and me... more »

  • Tony Abbott's Team Australia

    If you want to become a member of Tony Abbott's Team Australia go to the local pubs
    And become a paid up member of the local cricket and football clubs
    And heap praise on the ex Prime Minister for his stand against refugees
    And unionized workers who pay their union fees... more »

  • Tony Galvin

    He died in England a few years ago
    Poor Tony Galvin one I used to know
    But for his soul there is no need for prayer
    For if there's a heaven he is surely there.... more »

  • Tony Is Your Man

    For every Aussie woman, man and child he has his own great plan
    If you want to re-create the past vote for Tony Abbott he's your man
    He will force all welfare recipients to work create equality
    And increase taxes on the working poor to create more poverty... more »

  • Tony Kelleher

    Tony Kelleher in Duhallow was well liked and well known
    The man from Murphy's Terrace was one of Millstreet's own
    Such sad news out of Millstreet to learn he has passed away
    And in the cemetery of St Mary's his last remains lay... more »

  • Tony O' Callaghan

    Born and raised in Rathduane between Millstreet and Rathmore
    Tony O Callaghan in years in his late fifties or almost three score
    Has recently died this was so sad to read
    In his lifetime by good example one who did lead... more »

  • Tony The Ex Digger

    Nineteen years old still a teenager on the doorstep of becoming a man
    He fought for two years in the late sixties in the dangerous jungles of Vietnam
    He was one who displayed great courage where 'twould be easy to show fear
    But if you talk of war to Tony he will pretend not for to hear... more »

  • Too Few Seem To Care

    Some species of Nature's wild and free creatures are becoming rare
    And that so called human progress plays a huge part in this one has to be aware
    The removal of natural habitat for building detrimental to the wildborn kind
    Some animals and birds are doomed if new homes they cannot find... more »

  • Too Late

    Too late for sadness and too late for tears
    For lost opportunities of your past years
    Tomorrow is coming and yesterday has gone
    You can only live in the now and life does go on... more »

  • Too Late To Regret

    Too late to regret what has happened one friend lost another friend won
    The past has gone live for the present tis too hard to undo what is done
    You can help for to shape your future but you never can change the past
    And though you feel quite despondent at present this mood like all moods will not last... more »

  • Too Long

    Too many observe the unwritten commandment man and woman of thine own self take care
    And forget the suffering we hear of in the World of the have nots out there
    It is not our fault they will tell you that people of the hunger die
    And if they were in our shoes they then add they would not care about you or I.... more »

  • Too Many People

    Too many people have died in war and war zones yet from the past we never learn it seems that way
    In every war the winner seems a loser in loss of lives the price is huge to pay
    'Thou Shalt Not Kill' is Moses Fifth Commandment though such the warlords happily disobey
    Young men sacrifice their lives for ageing despots some never learn from the past sad to say... more »

  • Too Much Information

    Too much information at one time is not a good thing
    Confusion to the mind it only does bring
    To absorb information the brain does need time
    Otherwise it becomes like poorly written rhyme... more »

  • Too Much Patriotism

    When your Country's sport stars take the field you wave the National flag
    And of your Country's greatness you never cease to brag
    And the praises of your Nation's heroes you never fail to sing
    Though too much patriotism can be a dangerous thing.... more »

  • Too Much Self Love

    If we respect ourselves to others respect we will pay
    And enough of self love it can take us some of the way
    To understanding and loving others and harder we may try
    Of even trying to get on with those with whom we don't see eye to eye... more »

  • Too Old

    Too old to go to Queensland for to work at planting trees
    In temperatures well over 30 degrees
    Or to work with a shovel in mud to his knees
    'Tis time for him now for to sit at his ease... more »

  • Too Old To Work And Too Young To Die

    That time catches up on us all is surely not a lie
    He is too old to work and he is too young to die
    On retirement pension and quite bored with life
    He spends much of his time arguing with his wife... more »

  • Too Trusting

    They convince us we are the good people that we are the honest and just
    And they tell us the people we should like and the people we ought not to trust
    We are happy to believe what they tell us naivety is an amazing thing
    In the Land of the blind as they tell us the one eyed man he is the King.... more »

  • Toorak

    This is the suburb of the high achievers
    You won't find any battlers living here
    The cheapest house it sells at half a million
    For most people that would seem far too dear.... more »

  • Toots Kelleher

    Beyond the borders of Duhallow's green countryside
    Toots kelleher was a man who was known far and wide
    By fans in Ireland of Gaelic football
    His name often mentioned when the greats of the game they recall... more »