• Toots Kelleher From Millstreet

    In the late forties and all through the fifties and that's going back in time
    Toots Kelleher from Millstreet was in his glorious prime
    In the game of Gaelic Football the great man knew great fame
    And through the length and breadth of Ireland his was a well known name.... more »

  • Toots Kelleher Was A Mighty Man

    Everyone who had seen Toots Kelleher play of him had their own story
    A famous Gaelic Footballer in his prime years he reached the heights of glory
    The fans of Cork in red and Millstreet in green by him often delighted
    When he was racing goal-wards with the ball one could not but feel excited... more »

  • Total Fire Ban Day

    The temperatures at a very warm forty degrees
    And there is great warmth in the freshening breeze
    That through the dry country up the wooded hill blow
    On days like today the threat of bushfires grow... more »

  • Tough As Nails Bill

    At sports he will never know of any fame
    But he is one who does live up to his nickname
    As Tough As Nails Bill for he is strong and tough
    And in the football oval he plays very rough... more »

  • Toughest Ever

    Last year Michael Kelleher without an anaesthitic had a sun spot removed from an eye
    Which left the operating surgeon and her assistants wondering why
    That not even once during the surgery he did cry out in pain
    His forbearance to suffering seemed beyond them to explain... more »

  • Towards The End Of The Spring

    Towards the end of the Spring with the Summer quite near
    It is such a beautiful time of the year
    Though the old hill just west of the quiet country town
    That was green a few weeks ago now looking brown... more »

  • Tower Hill

    The countryside looks lush and greener after the recent rain
    And the sheep and cattle with more grass to eat kilos in weight do gain
    This place affected less by climate change or so 'twould seem that way
    Through the undulating coastal landscape wafts the pleasant scent of hay... more »

  • Tower Hill On A Dry, Clear And Windless Day

    It's links to Aboriginal culture and a place to see wildlife two of it's claims to renown
    Tower Hill the volcanic valley two kilometers from Koroit Town
    Home to emu, koala, echidna, black wallaby and gray kangaroo
    Long billed corella, magpie, little raven and yellow tailed black cockatoo... more »

  • Tower Hill Cemetery

    All day and night the cars pass up and down
    Between Warrnambool City and old Port Fairy Town
    In the Moyne Shire on the Princes Highway
    By the cemetery where the dead at Tower Hill lay... more »

  • Tower Hill Home To

    Tower Hill home to koala, emu, wallaby and gray kangaroo
    And the big dark brown parrot known as yellow tailed black cockatoo
    Where on cavities on the cliff face long billed corellas their young do raise
    In a place with strong links to the Dreamtime of long by gone days... more »

  • Tower Hill In Late May

    The harsh calls of the black duck the soft quacks of the drake
    And the black swans are bugling on the waterlogged wetlands by the lake
    And the cries of the lapwing carrying in the breeze
    On a cool though dry evening in late May of around sixteen degrees... more »

  • Tower Hill In September

    The black swans and mountain ducks and their young out swimming on the lake
    And the magpies and the blackbirds in the grayness of daybreak
    Are piping their familiar notes on the gum and wattle trees
    The calm morning air full of the music of their pleasant melodies... more »

  • Tower Hill In South West Victoria

    Tower Hill in South West Victoria near Koroit is a historical place
    A spiritual home to Budj Bim an old indigenous race
    Where emu, koala, grey roo and black wallaby live wild and free
    In a volcanic valley where there is so much beauty to see... more »

  • Tower Hill In Victoria

    The blackbirds in Tower Hill do whistle and sing
    On a beautiful day in October in Spring
    The honeyeaters chirping on the sunlit trees
    Their leaves gently stirring in the coastal breeze... more »

  • Tower Hill Is The Old Home Of The Budj Bim

    A valley that's locked in a volcanic rim
    Tower Hill is the old home of the Budj Bim
    As the first Australians of the Southern Land
    Their culture far more respect ought to command... more »

  • Tower Hill Of The Dreamtime

    Gray Kangaroos in Tower Hill in large mobs do abound
    The echo of their hopping in the scrub clad ground
    Where emu, black wallaby, echidna and koala can be seen every day
    To see the native wildlife of Tower Hill people come from places far away... more »

  • Tower Hill Of The Gunditjmara

    Tower Hill of the Gunditjmara the now south west Victoria's first race
    Where they had their dreaming a spiritual place
    Where on warm Summer evenings in the shade of the trees
    They played their didgeridoos and had their corroborees... more »

  • Town By The Sea

    Here only the air that you breathe it is free
    All else you pay for in the Town by the sea
    The sea air is cleaner you do hear some say
    Yet few happy faces for to brighten one's day.... more »

  • Trash Talkers

    Though it never will win anybody renown
    It is easy in words to put anyone down
    Trash talking is easy as easy can be
    To do it you do not need a uni degree... more »

  • Trash Talking

    To call someone stupid does seem so unkind
    For in everyone some knowledge you will find
    Some people use their words in a cruel way
    They cause hurt by the cruel words that they say.... more »

  • Travel Stained Man

    The other day I met a tramp
    His hair was wet, his clothes looked damp
    The poor man seemed hungry and cold
    He must have been sixty years old.... more »

  • Traveler

    By this time tomorrow he will be far away
    In the old country town he has lived his stay
    The lust of the wander is in his young mind
    Not for him the life of the settled kind... more »

  • Traveller Jim

    Everyone has a lfe story for to tell
    Though few biographies published in book form for to sell
    To the reading public interested only in the life stories of people of wealth and fame
    Publishers only publish books on one with a famous name... more »

  • Treat Others With Respect

    Treat others with respect and they will respect you
    And to your higher self try to remain as true
    A smile as is said does not come at a price
    No it will not cost you a thing for to be nice... more »

  • Tree Sparrows

    Than their cousins house sparrows they are far more shy
    The moment they see you into bushes or trees they do fly
    They do look attractive when seen in the sunlight
    Though in colouration from the house sparrows the difference does seem slight.... more »