• Treecreepers

    Elusive birds them one don't often see
    Treecreepers build their cup shaped nest of bark behind loose bark of tree
    From predators concealed and hidden away
    And pinkish spotted eggs the female lay.... more »

  • Trentham

    The cattle and sheep do look skinny, the paddocks are so bare and dry
    And we've seen less rain thus far in August 'twould seem than we've seen in July
    And the farmer did not appear happy and with a slow shake of his head
    Pointed towards the dam almost empty, the drought is not over he said.... more »

  • Trix

    She looks much younger seventy not much more
    And who would believe that she is eighty four
    She keeps her house clean each day vacuum the floor
    That marvellous lady Trix who lives next door.... more »

  • Trudy

    The gray of time in her shoulder length hair
    And heavy is the life cross she has to bear
    But she is not one to look for sympathy
    And few if any are as brave as she.... more »

  • True Aussie Heroes And Heroines

    From Victoria's bushfires great stories we hear
    Stories of great courage in the face of fear
    Stories of generosity and selflessness of the catastrophe abound
    When heroes and heroines are needed they are to be found... more »

  • True Battler

    For to better himself in the World he does strive
    And for him 'tis a battle just for to survive
    Always short of money though he daydreams of fame
    And 'True Battler' for him indeed seems an apt name... more »

  • True Beauty

    Though your physical beauty may take you quite far
    That does not tell us of the person you are
    True beauty is too deep for eyes for to find
    'Tis hidden away in the caves of the mind... more »

  • True Beauty From Us Is Never Far Away

    True beauty from us is never far away
    The beauty of Nature we see every day
    The beauty the poets and artists celebrate
    That only Nature has the power to create... more »

  • True Friends Indeed

    Negative things of those they don't like comes easy for some to say
    But suppose they cannot help it if they are this way
    That words can be mentally hurtful none ought to deny
    The wisdom in judge and thou shalt not be judged to them does not apply... more »

  • True Friendship

    Your relationship has undergone great strain
    But your true friend as your true friend does remain
    And as friends with him you are destined to stay
    Till in your lives the reaper has the final say.... more »

  • True Friendship The Test Of

    My friend and I did quarrel and a punch up did take place
    And when I asked him for his forgiveness a smile lit up his face
    We shook hands and we made up that's what friendship is about
    Your friend he will forgive you though you punch him in the mouth.... more »

  • True Friendships

    'Tis said we cannot change our blood relations but we get to choose our every friend
    And some friendships last for a brief span and some friendships in death only end
    True friendships transcend disagreements true friends as true friends do remain
    You lose nine for one reason or other out of every ten new friends you do gain... more »

  • True Greatness

    You've climbed the highest mountain and swam in the roughest sea
    And with pride you wore the colours of your Nationality
    And you are a National hero street signs even have your name
    But in ways you seem quite ordinary despite your World wide fame.... more »

  • True Happiness Until Death

    True happiness until death is based on a fallacy
    To Be content in your mind at most times is the best you can hope to be
    Anyone who can live without too many mentally down times in life doing okay
    One cannot expect to live a lifetime without one sad day... more »

  • True Heroes

    True heroes are not sportsmen or sportswomen though some with that would not agree
    And true heroes are not wealthy power brokers with a strong sense of I, myself and me,
    'No' true heroes are the under class battlers whose battle is against the odds
    The poor and the forgotten fringe dwellers and the people frowned on by the Gods.... more »

  • True Individuals

    Much the same today as it was long ago
    That most of us humans are tribal happens to be so
    Most of us political in our ways why otherwise pretend
    Those of similar ideas to us we like to befriend... more »

  • True Kindness Of Heart

    He always does look very sad and alone
    And a laugh out of him like drawing blood from a stone
    That he does not have friends no need to wonder why
    That serious people do not draw people to them to him does apply... more »

  • True Love

    A story of true love for me for to tell
    George loved his beautiful partner Rhonda when she was younger and feeling well
    Before the passing of time did bring gray to her hair
    And he has loved her since a massive stroke confined her to a wheelchair... more »

  • True Love In It's Prime

    True love in it's prime is a beautiful thing
    It's praises in poetry and song we do sing
    But the great joy of love sometimes does end in tears
    And the ache of lost love it can linger for years... more »

  • True Love Lasts A Lifetime

    His hair silver gray it was once nugget brown
    The fellow who hails from the far away town
    His wife is a local they have been married for forty years
    Without children to bring to them laughter or tears... more »

  • True Love's Other Side

    The flame of love will last a lifetime that's what some experts on love do say
    But I have known of hearts near to breaking when love's passion has faded away
    For months on end they grieved for lost love and the heartache with them for years stay
    Some times for loving one true and sincerely there can be a huge price to pay.... more »

  • True Patriots

    Patriotism is a word that is often abused
    Since some so called patriots stand as accused
    Of xenophobia and racism and things that divide
    Some people in their Country's flag carry their pride... more »

  • True Poets Are Born

    Anyone can do it you can have that from me
    To rhyme is so easy as easy as can be
    And though poetasters are many true poets are few
    Am i telling you anything here that is new... more »

  • True Poets Are Few

    Though many aspire to poetic greatness few do make the grade
    For it is said about poets they are born not made
    Those who aspire to poetic greatness are many and true poets are few
    You may say to that tell us something that is new... more »

  • True Poets Write With A Voice

    Since my knowledge on poetry is limited on poetry I cannot give advice
    Though of one thing I am certain true poets write with a voice
    Even without their names to their poems their work you ought to know
    The voice of any true poet in her or his work always show.... more »