• What Did They Die For

    For Ireland and it's culture and it's flag of gold, white and green
    They were brave men who were executed in Dublin in Easter of nineteen sixteen
    As prisoners of the British Government they died under British gunfire
    But generation of freedom fighters Worldwide these brave Irish martyrs did inspire... more »

  • What Do They Matter

    What do they matter my opinions mine is just one point of view
    I cannot hope to change the World in that I'm not one of a few
    I will never be a ruler nor others I do not wish to lead
    Many would count me as a failure one who has failed to succeed... more »

  • What Does A Bunyip Look Like

    What does a Bunyip look like i asked Joe
    He said i've never seen one would'nt know
    But they grow huge or so i have been told
    And they live to be hundreds of years old.... more »

  • What Does Defoine Happiness

    What does define happiness i would not know
    On bushes and trees such a thing does not grow
    Even the wealthiest people in every town
    Does know how it feels to be mentally down... more »

  • What Does It Really Matter

    What does it really matter if I'm never more to see
    The beautiful male bullfinch upon a sunlit tree
    When the wildering flowers are blooming in lush green fields far away
    And the hawthorn trees are covered in their white blossoms of the May.... more »

  • What Does It Take To Be A Leader

    What does it take to be a leader you ask someone other than me
    For in most in positions of power a hunger for power I do see
    I speak in the tongue of a cynic yet would it not be fair to say
    That one only becomes the Leader of a Country by being ambitious in a big way... more »

  • What Does Success Entail

    It can be quite relative this thing known as success
    And on such different people different opinions express
    On who is or who is not successful there is no unanimity
    The hero or heroine to you may not be so to me... more »

  • What Does This Of Us Say

    All politicians are not known to tell lies
    Though many of them the truth do disguise
    In the ambiguous words games they do like to play
    And of them none are saints in fairness one can say... more »

  • What Goes Around

    You may see me as a sinner but my sins they are my own
    And leave me to my own Karma I will reap the sins I've sown
    The Universal Karma it is for everyone
    And what goes around always comes around when all is said and done,... more »

  • What Goes Around Always Comes Around

    What goes around always comes around as some are known to say
    For our sins against others to Karma we must pay
    Some time in our life journey we must reap what we sow
    And Karma to the offensive any mercy does not show.... more »

  • What Goes Around As Some

    Yesterday like the day before it to the forever has gone
    But wherever you go to your past follows on
    Your past will follow you until the day you will die
    This is a fact of life and fact never lie... more »

  • What Goes Around Comes Around

    What goes around comes around that seems so true
    For we only receive the karma we are due
    And if to help out others you go out of your way
    Good karma will be your's to enjoy one day.... more »

  • What Goes Around Comes Around As Some Do Say

    What goes around comes around as some do say
    And for my sins against others the price i must pay
    Those who believe in Karma see life in this way
    If human law does not get you Karma will one day... more »

  • What Goes Around Comes Around Does Only Seem True

    That bad things at the hands of criminals are happening to good people every day Worldwide
    In every Country is something that cannot be denied
    Ruthless people bereft of compassion as ever not rare
    The kind who derive pleasure in the suffering of others their victims relatives grief do not spare... more »

  • What Goes Around Comes Around Life Is

    Today in the World people in a violent and painful way have died
    People murder good people like Christ was crucified
    Nailed to a timber cross on the Hill of Calvary
    How cruel and how callous some people can be... more »

  • What Goes Around Comes Around Life Is That Way

    What goes around comes around some are known to say
    And the karmic seeds we sow we have to reap one day
    The Universal karma individual wrongs do recall
    For karma is real and is there for us all... more »

  • What Happened To His Village

    He was born just a short distance from Adelaide
    And he could see the sea from his back door
    And in his young days there were not many houses
    But the years have brought great change to Semaphore.... more »

  • What Happened Yesterday

    What happened yesterday is done and gone
    Today is another day and life goes on
    And yesterday's failure a dent to my pride
    I may have failed but at least my best i tried... more »

  • What Happens After That Is Not For Me To Say

    In some village, town or city your life's journey began
    Where you grew to a woman or grew to a man
    Though some where they spent their young years in did stay
    Others from their first home-place are aging far away... more »

  • What Happens To Be True

    I only do say what happens to be true
    A better Human World to live in begins with me and you
    To the suffering of others we are too often blind
    If each individual grew more compassionate and kind... more »

  • What Happens To My Remains

    What happens to my remains when i have lived my last night and day
    Since on that i do not wish to have or will not have any say
    If what is left of me in a crematorium burned to ash or put in the ground to decay
    It surely will not matter to me then anyway... more »

  • What Happens To The Soul

    Many people believe there's a life hereafter that all good souls go to heaven when they die
    To live with god and his angels forever in their World of love and joy beyond the sky
    And all bad souls are condemned to live with satan for to suffer with the damned and of hell never be free
    But since I've never spoken to a dead person the after life... more »

  • What Happens To The Soul Post Bodily Death

    What happens to the soul post bodily death who is to say
    Does it enter the brain of one to be born into the World or go to a World far away
    Or with the body it does live in is it destined to die?
    For an answer to this ask one other than i... more »

  • What Has Been Happening Recently

    What has been happening recently in Syria, Egypt and The Ukraine can happen anywhere
    There is so much unrest in the big World out there
    The main cause of trouble does stem from the social divide
    With the gap between the wealthy and poor growing ever wide... more »

  • What Has Happened In Paris

    What has happened in Paris can happen anywhere
    In any city, village or town in the big World out there
    These are horrible people the criminals of hate
    In their callous murders for their god Worldwide fear they do create... more »