• What Have I Done For Rhyme

    I have been penning stuff since nineteen seventy three
    And of the rhyming bug i may never be free
    But a rhymer at best is the best i can be
    What have i done for rhyme what has rhyme done for me?... more »

  • What Have Political Parties Done For Ireland

    What have political parties done for Ireland Labour, Fine Gael, Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail
    The answer to this does seem simple and this is not that much at all
    Emigration has been their job solver going way back the decades of time
    To other Countries Ireland it has lost so many good people in their lives prime... more »

  • What Have They Died For

    What have they died for your guess good as as mine
    The poor innocent civilians of Palestine
    More than eight hundred Palestinian dead compared to over forty Israelis quite an unequal amount
    Of the war dead of Palestine they are losing count... more »

  • What Have We Got To Learn From Nature

    What have we got to learn from Nature the more arrogant and ignorant do say
    But from the life forms that live all around us we learn something new every day
    'Tis not out of love or of passion that the songbird does bother to sing
    But to defend his Nesting borders with him song is a territorial thing.... more »

  • What Have We Learned From History

    What have we learned from history little if anything
    Of war men and war heroes their praises we still sing
    Humankind have come far in technology and on the moon surface have trod
    And still we fight for our Nation's flag and go to war for our God.... more »

  • What His Dad Used To Say

    His long deceased father's influence it is with him today
    And he likes to repeat what his dad used to say
    The racism of the father in the son does remain
    The infleuence of our mentors until death we retain... more »

  • What Hope For Humanity

    Can one see hope for the future of humanity when the foes of Nature in business and commerce succeed
    When our Earth Mother is being raped for her resources by those known for their financial greed
    In South America's Amazon Rainforest thousands of acres of trees are cut down every day
    The uncalled for destruction of the natural environment for agriculture for to make way... more »

  • What I Dislike In Others

    What I dislike in others are things that I only see
    In a person I do not know too well the one that's known as me
    Since they are the reflection to the dark corners of my soul
    The weaknesses in our humaness seems beyond our control,... more »

  • What I Enjoy Doing

    What i enjoy doing as a hobby many see as a waste of time
    The hours that i have spent in penning of rhyme
    Since they only look at things in a monetary way
    But then such is life as some are known to say... more »

  • What I Enjoy Doing Why Should

    Perhaps of rhyme i have written more than enough
    And my rhymes at the best of times a little bit rough
    And though this for me has been a poor rhyming day
    Addicted to rhyming as a rhymer i will stay... more »

  • What I Enjoy Doing Why Should I Give Away

    I do know that my rhymes are a bit rough
    Or that i never will be seen as good enough
    To be honored with the title of a poet
    I am not worthy of such literary note... more »

  • What I Find So Enjoyable

    Since i commenced writing rhyming stuff way back in my life's prime
    Some four decades of years ago that does seem a long time
    I have written near twelve thousand since a lot of rhyming stuff
    For forty years a rhymer and for longer a rhyming buff... more »

  • What I Pen To Paper

    What I pen to paper may seem a bit rough
    But I'm one addicted to penning of stuff
    At this time of year one of Nature must sing
    A beautiful time of year is early Spring... more »

  • What I Pen To Some

    What i pen to some is doggerel and to others rhyme
    And some even tell me I'm wasting my time
    In persisting on keeping on penning such stuff
    When my best will never be quite good enough... more »

  • What I Would Give

    Though many better at sports and bigger and stronger than me
    What i would give again for to be twenty three
    Playing football with the lads in Coolikerane bog
    Or out hunting with Pudsy the gallant brown dog... more »

  • What I Would Give For To Be Young Again

    Sixty six years have passed since my life's journey began
    And in the life of a human being in time this is a good span
    And since for all of us there is a last night and day
    The end of me cannot be that far away... more »

  • What If

    Getting on in years and decades past my prime
    And i only live now for to pen one more rhyme
    An addictive rhymer i pen every day
    Tis just a bad habit i cannot give away... more »

  • What If Are Words

    What if are words you hear some people say
    Of hopes that they had that for them did not turn out that way
    The regrets of what might have been the decades do span
    For many a woman and many a man... more »

  • What If I Am

    What if i am one who writes doggerel
    One who is destined for the poetasters hell
    And to those who say for your rhymes you never receive any pay
    You ought to consider giving rhyming away... more »

  • What If I Never

    What if i never see Millstreet Town or Claraghatlea again
    Or walk in the old fields in the winds of rain
    When the hawthorns are cloaked in their blooms of white to gray
    And the nesting birds are singing in the prime of the May... more »

  • What In Life You Sow

    What goes around comes around life is this way
    For your sins against others to Karma you must pay
    That is if a conviction due to lack of evidence the law does fail
    For to sentence you to serve your deserved term in jail... more »

  • What In Our Own Self We Do See

    We dislike in others what in our own self we do see
    The words of a wise one far wiser than me
    Though with such there's many who do disagree
    As we all look at things one might say differently... more »

  • What In Ourselves We Do See

    'Tis true what is said of some people that we become what in ourselves we do see
    And if you think that you are a failure then a failure you'll turn out to be
    Self doubt has become my barrier to success and of such I will never be free
    For an example on negative thinking you need not look further than me... more »

  • What In The Heck

    What in the heck are we arguing about
    You don't like it when your opinions i doubt
    You have convinced yourself of a life after death
    That life does not end when you draw your last breath.... more »

  • What Is A Good Person

    What is a good person you are asking me
    A good person be it a she or a he
    Does not differentiate between black, white and brown
    And be willing to help out the one who is financially down... more »