• What's Human Life

    The timelessness of Mother Nature her Seasons they come and they go
    Her streams and her rills flow to her rivers and her rivers to her oceans flow
    Humans only live for a short span but Nature will always live on
    So many I knew in my young days back to the Earth Mother have gone.... more »

  • What's Human Life About At All

    What's human life about at all for many just a struggle to survive
    The poor bloke has holes in his shoes, the wealthy one a mercedes drive
    But at the end for all of us much the same we age and die away
    There are no petals on the rose that bloomed the other day.... more »

  • What's Life About

    What's life about the years and months go by
    And are we only born to age and die
    And is there life beyond the grave of death
    Or do we die forever when we draw our final breath?... more »

  • What's Life About Apart

    What's life about apart from care and stress
    And our search for elusive happiness
    And our constant yearning for wealth and power and fame
    And the pride at having a successful name.... more »

  • What's Life About At All

    What's life about at all since facts never lie
    That we as mere mortals are born to die
    Like all other life forms for us a last day
    And the clock on our lives ever ticking away... more »

  • What's Life About I Often Wonder

    What's life about I often wonder since we are mortals born to die
    Many claim that the soul lives forever whilst some will tell you that's a lie
    And as for the World of the hereafter none of as yet has come back for to tell
    Of the paradise referred to as heaven or the World of the damned known as hell... more »

  • What's Life About One Has To Ask

    What's life about one has to ask since we are born to die
    The same for the monarch and president as the likes of you and I
    The Reaper of lives is not one to respect money or fame
    The lives of the paupers and the billionaires he does treat as the same.... more »

  • What's Life About One Has To Wonder

    What's life about one has to wonder
    In the sands of time the largest footprint seems small
    The Reaper of lives will not differentiate
    Between me and the cricket in the crack in the wall... more »

  • What's Right From Wrong

    You don't need a god to tell you what's right from wrong
    Like the bird who does not need permission for to sing it's song
    The sort of person you are in the thought processes of your mind are sown
    As you are an individual with a mind of your own... more »

  • When

    When I feel tired old and wrinkled, when I feel beaten by life
    Will you still love me and want me will you always be my wife
    Will your love for me remain strong and not feel weakened by time?
    Some times love loses it's passion most loves they die in their prime.... more »

  • When A Claraghatlea Fellow

    We are all of the leaves of the one family tree
    But with this way of thinking many may disagree
    Does an Aussie on paper make an Aussie of me
    When a Claraghatlea fellow is all i can be?... more »

  • When A Hero Was Needed

    Dismissed in the town as a never do well
    And without any achievements in life of for to tell
    One of the local community's marginalized
    But people like him as is known have surprised... more »

  • When Abba Sang

    When Abba sang the winner takes it all
    It came to me before we walked we crawled
    And the race to success is an uphill race
    And only one can finish in first place.... more »

  • When Alison Met Scotty

    When Alison met Scotty the sparks of love did fly
    Though outwardly an extrovert he did seem rather shy
    When making the approach to her to ask her for a kiss
    But when their lips met for the first time the feeling was sheer bliss.... more »

  • When All Else Has Gone

    When all else has gone the nostalgia remain
    And only the good memories of what was we retain
    Though I may never walk in the old fields again
    And hear the birds sing in the wind and the rain... more »

  • When All Else Has Gone The Memories Remain

    In fancy i can hear the silver back crow
    Cawing on a bare beech when the Winter winds blow
    Across the high country from here far away
    The past may be gone but the memories of it does stay... more »

  • When All That You Have Left

    When all that you have left is your sense of pride
    And you are old and frail and time not on your side
    Your better days in life are in the long gone
    And only the fear of death makes you want to live on... more »

  • When All Things In Life

    When all things in life for you is going wrong
    It is hard to feel in the mood for laughter and song
    Out of work on the dole in a high unemployment town
    Feeling at times suicidal and financially down... more »

  • When Anyone Ask Me Where I'm From

    When anyone ask me where i'm from i say from Millstreet
    Not far from where the Cails and the Finnow does meet
    And together in unison to the Blackwater flow
    Through old fields by ditches and dykes and hedgerow... more »

  • When Bailey Came Home

    More excitement in the O Sullivan household than for the election of a new Pope in Rome
    When Bailey the family boxer female did come home
    The young back and white bitch had gone astray
    But is happily re-united with her human family today... more »

  • When Blackbird Sing

    When blackbird sing in Summer of the year
    You always know that thunder rain is near
    For Summer it is not his time for song
    And weatherwise he never gets it wrong... more »

  • When Brother Fought

    When brother fought brother the cause it was lost
    The civil war in Ireland came at a huge cost
    To people who already had seen too much bloodshed and tears
    The bitterness of the civil war was to linger for years... more »

  • When Brother Fought Brother

    When brother fought brother the cause it was lost
    The civil war in Ireland came at a huge cost
    To people who already had seen too much bloodshed and tears
    The bitterness of the civil war was to linger for years... more »

  • When Callanan Wrote Gougane Barra

    When Callanan wrote Gougane Barra he penned the impeccable rhyme
    A poem that has survived for centuries and has outlived the Seasons of time
    Though he died at a young age in Portugal from the place he glorified in verse far away
    He surely was a master wordsmith and his legend is living today... more »

  • When Children Lose Their Innocence

    The innocence of childhood it is a marvellous thing
    And all children are untainted in their life's early Spring
    But by the time they've reached their teens their innocence they've lost
    And the experience that we gain from age always comes at a cost.... more »