• When Compared To Jim

    I feel rather lucky when compared to Jim
    Of late things have not been going well for him
    A grandfather in his mid seventies healthwise not feeling well
    The years on him clearly beginning to tell... more »

  • When Compared To Many

    When compared to many my worries seem small
    And i do not have any reason for worries at all
    Though with a lot more of money i am one who could do
    For to spend on myself and help a friend or two... more »

  • When Compared To Many Others

    Though you are not hungry or homeless or have ever slept rough
    You does believe that life on you is tough
    And though not one of the wealthy you are not financially down
    Like many who live on the poor side of the town... more »

  • When First I Saw You Kitty

    When first I saw you Kitty I was just a twelve year boy
    A mile or so from Millstreet Town on an evening in July
    Walking on the Millstreet to Killarney road with your sister Margaret
    I still have not forgotten 'that memory with me yet'.... more »

  • When He Said Poets

    When he said poets as ever in the few
    He told me something i already knew
    Insightful wisdom poets with others do share
    It is a pity indeed that they are so rare... more »

  • When I Am Gone

    When I am gone on me don't waste a tear
    For from where I lay your sobs I will not hear
    And anyway tears never help the dead
    So smile and think of better days ahead.... more »

  • When I Am Gone Forever

    When I am gone forever and in Nature's bosom lay
    I do not want those who know of me to for me kneel and pray
    Since their prayers won't bring me back to life why waste their time on me
    And praying for dead people seems such a waste of energy.... more »

  • When I Am Gone Forever And Not One Memory Of Me Remain

    When I am gone forever and not one memory of me remain
    The birds will chirp and whistle in the Spring before the rain
    And Nature's flowers will be blooming and on every fruit bearing tree
    The clusters of pink blossoms so pretty for to see... more »

  • When I Am Long Gone

    When i am long gone and forgotten and of me not one memory
    The magpie lark in the Town parkland all day long will sing out pee wee
    And life it will go on as usual and the Seasons will come and go
    And the creek born in the high country downland to the river will flow,... more »

  • When I Am Long Gone And Forgotten

    When I am long gone and forgotten one hundred years from now or more
    Will songbirds be heard in the Woodlands will gulls be heard by the Sea-shore?
    Will wombats, roos, koalas and possums be heard calling, will elephants be heard trumpet, will lions and tigers be heard roar?
    For Wildlife is under threat of extinction more so now than ever before,... more »

  • When I Am Of The Deceased

    When i am of the deceased some who did know of me
    May say he was a rhymer one of the ordinary
    For many years of his life he was a rhyming buff
    And he was one of those who wrote reams of rhyming stuff... more »

  • When I Dream I Dream Of Belgrave

    It's the home of 'Puffing Billy' it's one just claim to renown
    And the Premier Town of Sherbrooke that is little Belgrave Town
    Forty k's south east of Melbourne where the mountain grays stand tall
    And where when darkness cloaks the forest one can hear the boobook call.... more »

  • When I Hear

    When i hear a blackbird singing it takes me far away
    To the green groves of Duhallow in the prime of Spring in May
    When the snowdrops, primroses and bluebells are on the ditch of the bohreen
    And Nature's flowers in abundance in the old fields to be seen... more »

  • When I Hear A Blackbird

    When i hear a blackbird singing my thoughts go far away
    To the groves and the hedgerows of Ireland in May
    When the hawthorns are cloaked in their blossoms of pale white to gray
    And nesting songbirds sing for to welcome and farewell the day... more »

  • When I Hear A Blackbird Singing

    When i hear a blackbird singing it always takes me far away
    To my first home by the old stream in the dawn of a Spring day
    A few hours before the sun shines in the sky of blue and gray
    When the nesting birds are singing in the time of bloom in May... more »

  • When I Hear The Song 'Afton Waters'

    When I hear the song 'Afton Waters' it author Robert Burns comes to mind
    The National bard of his Country Scotland and his equal so hard to find
    His songs have lived on through the centuries in Scotland they have Burns day
    One can sense the music in his poems with words the great bard had a way.... more »

  • When I Hear You Brag

    When i hear you brag about your great successes i need that like a bullet in the head
    For i am one who struggles for survival and in my moments of despair i do envy the dead
    Good luck to you i say and may you prosper but when you tell us of your brand new motor car
    And of your marvellous career promotion you are telling us of how marvellous you are.... more »

  • When I Hear You Talk Of Losers

    When I hear you talk of losers you I do not wish to hear
    For you do sound quite judgemental and to me it would appear
    That you've got that small man's complex though you stand over two metres in your shoes
    And you keep on talking more rubbish after every dropp of booze.... more »

  • When I Last Spoke To Johnny

    When I last spoke to Johnny one of the sad sacks of the town
    He told me of his troubles how life had got him down
    His wife of six months Jo had left him in her life a new man
    Even as marriage goes nowadays that is not a lengthy span.... more »

  • When I Lived In Millstreet

    As a young man on nice evenings in Spring and Summer when I lived in Millstreet
    I used to walk through the fields to where the rivers do meet
    But going back the Seasons this does seem long ago
    And since then time that ages has become my foe... more »

  • When I Look In A Mirror

    When I look in a mirror I feel surprised to see
    This ugly looking old fellow who is looking at me
    He must be over sixty his balding head gray
    And clearly he has known a far better day... more »

  • When I Look In My Mind

    When i look in my mind don't like the hidden me
    I'm not the type of person i would like myself to be
    Others can be our reflection would you not agree
    What we dislike in others in our own selves we see... more »

  • When I Recall Old Memories

    When i recall old memories one memory i enjoy
    My Summer days with Dan and Mary in green old Lisnaboy
    The sweet scent of the meadows in June and in July
    On sunny and windy weather when the sun shone in the sky... more »

  • When I Return To Koroit

    When i return to Koroit it must be in the Spring
    When the paddocks are looking greener and the nesting wild-birds sing
    The sun is shining bright today in the old Country Town
    But the countryside around it is looking rather brown.... more »

  • When I Return To Millstreet

    When i return to Millstreet it will be in the Spring
    When the fields are full of wildflowers and the nesting songbirds sing
    And the hawthorns will be laden in their white blossoms of the May
    And the skylark will be carolling above the rushes all the day.... more »