• When I Talk Of Home

    It may not be by Cashman's Hill my last remains will lay
    But that will not matter to me when i've lived my last night and day
    The migrant Athenian talks of Athens the migrant Roman talks of Rome
    And i talk of Millstreet when i talk of home... more »

  • When I Visualize

    The song of the robin I fancy I hear
    One cannot mistake it melodious and clear
    And skylark looks like a small speck in the sky
    As carolling sweetly upwards he does fly.... more »

  • When I Visualize I Hear And I See

    When I visualize I hear and I see
    A lovely cock robin on a silver birch tree
    Singing with his orange feathered breast puffed out in the wind and the rain
    In my flights of fancy I am back home again... more »

  • When I Visualize I'M In The Long Ago

    The stream from the high ground it babbles it's way
    Through Claramore and Claraghatlea morning, noon, night and day
    On to the bigger rivers to the ocean shore
    It has flowed forever and will forever more.... more »

  • When I Want To See Beauty

    When I want to see beauty I need not travel far
    Not even for a short drive in a car
    Outside my window on flowering callistemon tree
    A natural thing of beauty there to see.... more »

  • When I Was A Very Young Fellow

    When i was a very young fellow in weather wet and dry
    Willie Neenan ran on the tar roads beneath the starry sky
    I hear he is still running he was a great athlete
    Way back there in his glory days he was the one to beat.... more »

  • When I Was A Young Fellow

    When I was a young fellow and I lived near Millstreet Town
    I often heard the little wren in his cloak of darkish brown
    In April in the hedgerows he carolled loud and long
    And for such a tiny fellow he had a big bird song.... more »

  • When I Was A Young Person In Duhallow

    When I was a young person in Duhallow in distance thousands of miles north of here
    I had a liking for the dark cool taste of guinness and I had a liking for the taste of beer
    But now that I am older things are different the years have left me feeling rather tame
    Do not feel the desire for a drinking session better forms of enjoyment I could name,... more »

  • When I Was In My Twenties

    When I was in my twenties seems like only yesterday
    I thought I'd never grow older my hair would never gray
    But our life's prime passes quickly and time keeps ticking on
    And now in my early sixties my better years long gone.... more »

  • When I Was Young

    When i was young my head was full of daydreams i had such silly notions of renown
    But my prime years seemed to come and go so quickly in the countryside just west of Millstreet Town
    In Claraghatlea in view of Clara Mountain from this great Land thousands of miles of sky
    Whenever people ask me where i came from to them my heritage i never do deny... more »

  • When I Was Younger And Lived In Millstreet

    When I was younger and lived in Millstreet far north of here even by sky
    I used to climb to Clara Mountain on pleasant evenings in July
    The hill overlooking the old fields just west of the Town of Millstreet
    I often picked and ate whortleberries from the heather the small blue fruits tasted so sweet,... more »

  • When I Will Be Long Gone

    When I will be long gone and forgotten and in Nature what's left of me lay
    The creek will flow down to the river and the birds will sing at dawn of day
    And Nature will live on without me no matter who comes or who goes
    The blackthorn tree in late Autumn will be laden with dark ripened sloes.... more »

  • When I Write On Something

    When I write on something it is mostly in rhyme
    I have been doing it now over decades of time
    Since in my late twenties in my physical prime
    With me an addiction that is not a crime... more »

  • When Ill Used The Word Loser

    When ill used the words loser can be such a put down
    It is the most abused word in every village and city and town
    By ignorant and rude people who think to hurt others feelings is quite okay
    In the World far too many of their kind which does seem sad to say... more »

  • When I'M With The Departed

    When I'm with the departed few will remember me
    Not then to me it will matter if i fade from the memory
    Of anyone who knew me without me life will go on
    You can be of little use to anyone when you are dead and gone... more »

  • When It All Comes To Naught

    From a babe into a young adult it takes two decades to grow
    But what the future holds for us anyone is not to know
    On some future date we eventually will die
    The same for the celebrity as you and i... more »

  • When It Comes To Nature

    Though my wonder of her only does seem to grow
    So little about her i can claim for to know
    Though i can tell apart a ram from a ewe
    But on the knowing of this i am not one of a few... more »

  • When It Comes To Power And Money

    When it comes to power and money between most aspirational people not much trust
    Little thought given to honest dealing and doing what is right and just
    Money it can cause ill feeling as many have come to realize
    And that trust and friendship lose out to it to anyone not a surprise... more »

  • When It Is Autumn Here

    The woodcock to breed is back on the high ground
    And the swallows above old fields are flying around
    And the hawthorns cloaked in their white blooms of the May
    When it is Autumn here it is Spring far away,... more »

  • When J J Callanan Wrote Gougane Barra

    When J J Callanan penned Gougane Barra he achieved perfection in rhyme
    A poem that may live on forever through the ages and ages of time
    It even seems better than his The Recluse Of Inchydoney, The Outlaw Of Lough Lene, or The Convict Of Clonmel
    He was such an outstanding wordsmith his great poems of him so much does tell... more »

  • When John Joe Daly Met Mick Kelleher

    When John Joe Daly met Mick Kelleher in Melbourne old times they did recall
    Of their young years in Millstreet Town old memories best of all
    They talked about their happy youth in the pub in Queens Parade
    The memories of our happy days from our memories never fade.... more »

  • When John Shaw Neilson Sung

    When John Shaw Neilson sung of his 'Country Out There'
    He sung of a beauty so old and so rare
    The Countryside around Nhill in Summer so brown
    The flat and dry paddocks by the old Mallee Town.... more »

  • When Koroit Won The Flag

    The fans of the Saints had a good reason for to brag
    When their team came to Town with the Premiership Flag
    The red, black and white colors of Koroit on every flag post
    The joyous Koroit fans of their club's big win were making the most... more »

  • When Last I Heard The Dipper Sing

    When last I heard the dipper sing the stream in flood flowed brown
    And birds piped in the leafy groves towards west of Millstreet Town
    And hawthorns looked resplendent in their white flowers of the May
    And sun that hid all morning peeped through the clouds of gray.... more »

  • When Last I Heard The Dunnock Sing

    When last I heard the dunnock sing along the ditch of the bohreen
    The snowdrops and the bluebells in clusters to be seen
    And the hawthorn trees looked lovely in their white flowers of the May
    But that was many years ago and many miles away.... more »