• When Last I Met Colette Hickey

    When Last i met Colette Hickey she was with her sister Clare
    At the Normandy Hotel in Clifton Hill they were free of any care
    Their spirit of adventure had brought them far south of Millstreet Town
    To the City where old Yarra ever flows in cloak of brown... more »

  • When Last I Met Connie Taylor

    When last i met Connie Taylor he was in his physical prime
    But since then there has been many sunsets for this is going way back in time
    Back to Inchileigh near Millstreet for a few weeks holiday
    The lust of the wander was in him in Duhallow he would not stay... more »

  • When Last I Saw Clara

    When last I saw Clara two decades ago
    On a Winter's day he wore his hat of snow
    And few people were shopping in Millstreet Town
    And on the Main Street few cars passed up and down.... more »

  • When Last I Saw Hannah Mary Daly

    When last i saw Hannah Mary Daly Clara wore a hat of snow
    And the cold winds of December across Inchaleigh did blow
    As she stood beside her cottage gate how was i to know
    That we were never to meet again near where Finnow waters flow... more »

  • When Last I Saw Old Clara

    When last i saw old Clara he wore his hat of snow
    And Finnow from the high ground with a loud babble did flow
    Bank high in fields of Inchaleigh and Claraghatlea in flood waters of brown
    On it's way to the Blackwater just west of Millstreet Town... more »

  • When Last I Saw Old Selby

    The smoke of ' Puffing Billy' reeked up the Winter sky
    As the tourist train from Belgrave went chug chug chugging by
    And in the wood off Nation Road the black cockies did cry
    And to the forest country 'twas time to say goodbye.... more »

  • When Last I Saw Old Skinny

    When last I saw old Skinny he was blind drunk on his feet
    At the Crown Hotel in Buninyong and the liquor had him beat
    He'd been pub bound all the evening and he'd done a hard old slog
    And he felt a little dizzy from a heavy dose of grog.... more »

  • When Last I Saw The Bluebells

    The old fields resplendent in their wild-born flowers
    And quite lush and green after recent Spring showers
    And Nature at her finest she was to be seen
    When last i saw the bluebells in bloom on the ditch of the bohreen... more »

  • When Last I Saw The Redwings

    The temperature at zero and the fields with frost were gray
    When last i saw the redwings on a cold December day
    The migrant redwing thrushes were back on wintering ground
    And the weather at it's coldest when the redwings are around... more »

  • When Last I Saw Young Jo Jo

    The last time I saw young Jo Jo the wind tossed her long brown hair
    On a bright and breezy morning when Spring was in the air
    As she passed me by on the footpath she smiled and said hello
    Her eyes were as brown as ripe chestnuts and her teeth as white as snow.... more »

  • When Last I Was In Buninyong

    When last I was in Buninyong 'twas cold enough to snow
    And down through Warrenheip street the chilly winds did blow
    But the familiar faces looked happy fit and well
    As they drunk beer and swapped stories in the Bunny Crown Hotel.... more »

  • When Last I Was In Claraghatlea

    When last i was in Claraghatlea coldwintry winds did blow
    And ancient Clara Mountain did wear a hat of snow
    Cattle in the farmyard sheds were bellowing for silage or hay
    Feeling a bit more hungry than usual on a cold December day... more »

  • When Last I Was In Dunkeld

    When last I was in Dunkeld on an evening in the early Spring
    The long billed corellas squawked on the gums and the grey shrike thrush did sing
    And a freshening breeze from Mt Sturgeon blew through the Rural Town
    And young boys in the play park chased a football up and down,... more »

  • When Last I Was In Toora

    On the last time that I was in old Toora Town
    The hills all around were in their Autumn brown
    The dark winged swallows were circling in the sky
    And the day I recall it was sunny and dry.... more »

  • When Last I Was In Wonthaggi

    The hills of Archie's Creek from the long dry spell brown
    When last i was in Wonthaggi the former coal mining Town
    This is going back in time eight or nine years or so
    And in Seasons this does seem quite a while ago... more »

  • When Last I Was In Yarram

    When last i was in Yarram the South Gippsland Town from here far away
    The gray butcherbird sang on a warm October day
    And a magpie was warbling on a sunlit blackwood tree
    And a magpie lark in the park was calling pee wee... more »

  • When Life Has Gone From Me

    When life has gone from me to me it will not
    Matter if i am remembered or forgot
    Death removes from us the gift of memory
    And of the trials that life brings does set us free... more »

  • When Love Is One Way

    Why do you love someone who does not love you
    Who to you could never be faithful and true
    Of love many singers feel happy for to sing
    But unrequieted love it is such a sad thing... more »

  • When Love It Turns Sour

    When love it turns sour there's ill feeling the glass and the crockery fly
    And women in fear of violence from their ex partners for help to the lawmakers cry
    Five years ago when she first met him she swore she had found her soul mate
    But five years and and three children later on each others nerves they do grate,... more »

  • When Mangan Penned Dark Rosaleen

    When James Clarence Mangan penned 'Dark Rosaleen'
    A poem that will live for as long as Ireland's fields are green
    Millions of people in Ireland of hunger were dying or were dead
    And times never tougher and tough times ahead... more »

  • When Matthew Twomey Raced Hot Rod

    In the Town Park in Millstreet when Matthew Twomey raced hot rod
    Some of the women onlookers gasped aloud 'oh my god'
    He will never take the turn but Matthew went around
    His back wheels madly spinning kicked earth clods off the ground.... more »

  • When Memories Come To You

    When memories come to you of the long gone years
    Do you have to struggle for to contain the tears
    That bubbles within you and yearns to flow
    For faces and places that you used to know... more »

  • When Most Politicians Talk

    When the most of the politicians talk of the battlers vote how cynical they be
    For a battler is poor person or so 'twould seem to me
    And why should a poor fellow who wears an op shop coat
    Be bothered on election day to spare the time to vote.... more »

  • When Nature Grows Angry

    When Nature grows angry she spreads widespread fear
    Of the death and damage left in her wake we read of see and hear
    No greater power than her the super power supreme
    When compared to her so insignificant we do seem.... more »

  • When Nature Is In An Angry Mood

    Of the length of any human life no guaranteed time span
    The earthquake followed by a tsunami in northern Japan
    Claimed the lives of young and old and people in their prime
    Nature can erupt in anger anywhere as well as at anytime... more »