• Why Pay Heed To Me A Cynical Aging Bloke

    Many nutritionist writers tell us we are what we eat
    What does this say of me one who likes meat
    Though i feel i do not behave like a pig, cow or sheep
    My wife does tell me i do bleat as i sleep... more »

  • Why Pay Too Much Heed

    You pay too much heed of what some others of you do say
    Of how you are one who works for poor take home pay
    Of the town successful they have counted you out
    The judgments of others in us give rise to self doubt... more »

  • Why Pretend

    That we are mere mortals why otherwise pretend
    We start life in diapers and in diapers our life may end
    Death is for all life forms just like you and i
    And the longer you live the sooner you will die... more »

  • Why Should I

    Why should I yearn for the the past and the beauty I have seen
    When in the restless soul of mine the far off hills look green
    My past is by those Northern hills from here so far away
    The present is what matter now and the present is today.... more »

  • Why Should I Care

    Of my political preferences i make others aware
    But of who Governs the Country why should i much care
    Since the major political parties in their policies seem similar indeed
    And they will not be helping those of helping in need... more »

  • Why Should I Care

    Why should i care when i die whether i am buried or cremated when i have lived my last night and day
    Years ago by Cashman's Hill in St Mary's i hoped my last remains would lay
    But today on that i feel quite different on the whereabouts of my last resting place
    Or if i will be forgotten and none will remember my face... more »

  • Why Should I Care About Those

    Why should I care about people who do not care about me
    Who pass me by their head held high as if it were beneath their dignity
    For to smile or even say hello up themselves one might say
    For some too much of an effort for to even bid good day.... more »

  • Why Should I Complain

    Why should I complain I have had my good years
    And for my long lost youth I don't have any tears
    In my travels the good and not so good I've met
    And life's lost opportunities why now regret... more »

  • Why Should I Even Care

    Who wins at the tennis why should I even care
    When in their huge winnings I won't be one to share
    Yet some people travel far to watch their favourite players play
    And just for that privilege most of their hard earned savings pay... more »

  • Why Should I Fear Death

    Though from religious zealots of damnation we hear
    Why should i fear death when there is nothing to fear
    Save the thought of dying and the nothingness of death
    And the thought of the pain one might feel before life's final breath.... more »

  • Why Should I Miss What I Still Have

    Those mountains I lived near years ago are never far away
    And Jack Johnny's field by Clara hill I climb it every day
    I see old Caherbarnagh and the Paps beyond Rathmore
    And Duhallow fields are looking green as anytime before.... more »

  • Why Should I Much Care

    Since good and honest politicians are known to be rare
    Which Party forms the next Government why should I much care
    It may be quite negative of me for to say
    But who wins or who loses don't care either way... more »

  • Why Should I Respect Those

    Why should I respect those who do not respect me
    Who look down upon me for my poverty
    You should only respect those who show respect for you
    At least to my own self I'll always be true.... more »

  • Why Should I Waste My Future On Regret

    I do not feel sad that my better days are behind me and I do not wish for to be young again
    But I'll make the most of what time I am granted and my only wish that good health with me remain
    Until the reaper on me pays a visit the reaper whom so many seem to dread
    It would be nice to go to sleep one evening and die a painless death in one's own bed.... more »

  • Why Should I Wish For Heaven

    The magpie on the gum tree pipes his melodious air
    And the great beauty of Nature surrounds me everywhere
    The nearest place to utopia of i will ever know
    My love for Mother Nature it only seems to grow,... more »

  • Why Should I Wish To Be

    Why should i wish to be the wealthiest person in the Moyne Shire
    Since i have everything in life i do desire
    A roof over my head from the weather a retreat
    And i never go hungry without food to eat... more »

  • Why Should I Worry

    Since any wrong to another i have not done
    Why should i worry what anyone
    Say of me of negative opinions why should i waste time to care
    Since of my human flaws i am all too aware... more »

  • Why Should We Dwell On What Has Been

    It does seem that stresses and worries of our nervous system taking toll
    Yet why do we worry about things that do seem beyond our control
    The past it is well beyond changing and we cannot ever change the past
    But financial problems caused by errors of judgement are things with us for some time that does seem to last,... more »

  • Why Should You Give Away

    Though yours it will never become a great name
    And for doing it you never will receive money or will not know of fame
    Despite of what others of you does say
    Your favorite hobby do not give away... more »

  • Why So Many Want To Live In Australia

    Why so many people want to live in Australia is something i can understand
    A big Country of many good people and it is such a wonderful Land
    A land of variable climates from the sub tropical and the tropical north to the temperate south
    A huge Country for a population of twenty five million people and quite a livable Country no doubt... more »

  • Why So Many Wish To Migrate To Australia

    Why so many wish to migrate to Australia is something i can understand
    Australia known for it's wide open spaces it is such a beautiful Land
    Australians are more tolerant than most are and this is to give them their due
    But that in all of us room for improvement does only happen for to be true... more »

  • Why Some Good People

    Why some good people suffer is beyond me to explain
    Whilst some greedy and bad people from life stand to gain
    I often do wonder why this ought to be
    It does seem like Karma gone all wrong to me... more »

  • Why Some Men Are

    Why some men are so very hard to please beyond me to explain
    He has a good job a new home and a new car and yet he does complain
    Two healthy school-going children a girl and a boy and a beautiful and faithful young wife
    One would swear to listen to him that he is one hard done by life... more »

  • Why Somebody's Loss

    Why somebody's loss is another's gain
    Is something beyond me even to try to explain
    Though some who claim to know better than me do say
    That i am rather silly for thinking or talking this way... more »

  • Why Take Yourself So Seriously

    Why take yourself so seriously of humor you seem broke
    I've yet to hear you laugh aloud at the punchline of a joke
    And if you forced yourself to smile I fear your face might crack
    You are what's known to many as a regular sad sack... more »