• Widening By The Day

    The gap between the wealthy and poor is widening by the day
    And this in itself seems a sad thing to say
    The majority of the wealth of the World controlled by the super wealthy few
    Though this to you surely is not anything new... more »

  • Widening With Each Passing Day

    Everyone born as individuals though some they are born to lead
    By good or sometimes bad example the people we hear of and of read
    And often see their images on the daily papers as people to be seen worthy of note
    The gullible masses are impressed by the people the media promote... more »

  • Wife Beaters

    Some of them at home enjoy beating their wives
    The materially successful who lead so called honorable lives
    Wife beaters they are of every social rank
    They can be multi millionaire c e o's or managers of a big bank... more »

  • Wilcannia's Dougie Young

    Wilcannia's Dougie Young was a singer songwriter one can say of him he was a natural poet
    Out of his songs he never became wealthy though he was one who was a man of note
    A talented Indigenous Australian he was a credit to his tribe and race
    As one of the great singer songwriters in life he knew fame far from his home-place... more »

  • Wild Bunnies

    I see them on the green strip by the water tower each day
    And when they see me passing by they always dash away
    Under the fence and through the scrub and to their burrows run
    But I don't wish to kill them and I don't have a gun.... more »

  • Wild Daisies

    They are Nature's natural survivors though they seem so dainty and small
    And they bloom in all Seasons and weather In Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
    With yellow hearts and snow white petals the wildflowers everybody does know
    Even on the coldest days of Winter they bloom in the shade by hedgerow... more »

  • Wild Honey Bees

    High off of the ground I could see them
    On the old oak tree trunk cavity
    The wild honey bees they were buzzing
    Absorbed in their honey making activity.... more »

  • Wild Things

    Silent wings go flitting by
    Towards the flowers and bushes nigh
    Of fantail, wren and butterfly
    Neath a blue and sunny sky.... more »

  • Wildflowers Don'T Bloom

    Wildflowers don't bloom on bank of little stream
    That flow through Claraghatlea from Claramore
    And meet the dark Cails river further down
    And journey onwards towards Atlantic shore.... more »

  • Wildlife Is Disappearing

    In a World of more than six billion people wildlife is disappearing
    And many living things of land and sea to extinction are nearing
    Habitat destruction, pollution and poaching it's toll on wildlife taking
    For to save endangered species inroads we are not making,... more »

  • Will Be Today

    On my flights of fancy i sometimes does hear
    The curlew over the bog of Denny The Master in the Spring of the year
    When the hawthorns are cloaked on their bloom of pale gray
    And the old fields looking resplendent in their wildflowers of May... more »

  • Will H Ogilvie

    He left his home near Kelso in Scotland in his twentieth year
    And he travelled by ship to Australia in the Southern Hemisphere
    And back in the eighteen eighties when he was in his prime
    He became known throughout Australia as a gifted man of rhyme.... more »

  • Will Have Us To Blame

    The longest lived human life in time not a long span
    On average a few years more for a woman than it is for a man
    Death is for all mortals just like you and i
    But Mother Earthwho does feed us she will never die... more »

  • Will I Be Here

    Will I be here in four months from now to sing for Auld Lang Syne
    For to farewell the old and welcome the new and drink some beer and wine
    Since in life there is no certainty and none to guarantee
    Us of how long we live and when we die whenever that will be.... more »

  • Will I Ever Again

    Will I ever again see Caherbarnagh or Gortavehy and his face of stone
    Though I fancy from the foot of Clara I can see the old Paps of Shrone
    That rise towards the skies of East Kerry not that distant from Rathmore Town
    In Sliabh Luachra the home of traditional musicians and of legends of literary renown.... more »

  • Will I Return To Ballarat

    Will I return to Ballarat? don't know myself I may
    Though I would like to return there if only for a day
    To visit again my favourite haunts and meet friends I've got there
    No better place than Ballarat though I've been to many where.... more »

  • Will There Come A Time

    Will there come a time when war will be a fading memory
    Of an unenlightened age of human history
    When those of different beliefs will live in harmony
    Though in my lifetime this may never be... more »

  • Will We Ever Learn

    In a World where some have too much thousands of hunger in the Sudan die
    In a Land ravaged by war and drought the children for food cry
    The babies suckle on their mothers nipples though their breasts of milk is dry
    Those who say all people are equal are broadcasting a lie.... more »

  • Will You Love Me When I'M Ninety

    Will you love me when I'm ninety when I'm unsteady on my feet
    Will you put your hand in my hand when we shuffle down the street
    Or will you have left me for one younger found a new love in your life
    For many years now we've been happy together as man and wife... more »

  • William Allingham

    In Laurence Bloomfield In Ireland lives the genius of the poet
    About the hardships and the evictions he wrote
    That took place in the Ireland of his time
    When to be poor was punishable crime.... more »

  • William Barnes

    William Barnes was an English clergyman and poet
    In the nineteenth century he was one of literary note
    From Bagber he was raised a farmer's son
    And for his poetry in his lifetime widespread acclaim he won... more »

  • William Cowper

    He was a victim of the school yard bullies
    And had no fond memories of his first years in school
    And sad to think that some robust young school goers
    To the less robust oft times can be cruel.... more »

  • William Cronin

    Sad to learn that William Cronin an elderly citizen of Knocknakilla has lived his last day
    Quite an amiable fellow of him in truth one can say
    He and his late wife Eileen raised their children in Knocknakilla near the Town of Millstreet
    He was quite a likeable fellow and one who was free of conceit... more »

  • William Henry Davies

    A wandering man he worked and tramped his way
    Through Canada and through the U.S.A.
    And he oft times slept under the open sky
    But there was more to him than met the eye.... more »

  • William Leary

    William Leary is one of the famed Learys of Millstreet a Cork and Duhallow legend of the Gaelic Football game
    He played football for Cork and his Club Millstreet and is now in the Duhallow sporting Hall of Fame
    He once scored two goals in a Munster Final in Killarney a feat that is still talked of today
    In his Gaelic Football career a remembered highlight though many great games the great one did play.... more »