• Written At Olympic Park Melbourne

    Here in Melbourne's Olympic Park now greyhound track
    I sit in old stand and the years roll back
    To fifty six when I was nine years old
    And Delany here from Dublin won his gold.... more »

  • Written By Winners

    War history is written by winners this is how it seems to be
    Though war winners quite often guilty of crimes against humanity
    The true story of war the winners never do tell
    Since the truth is a thing that would not serve them well... more »

  • Written For Two Young Children

    Goodbye Peter and Eileen
    Soon you leave the woodland green
    And sad am I to see you go
    As you were nice so nice to know.... more »

  • Written In December 2001

    On Osama Bin Laden the net is closing in
    His end is nigh and as for his right hand men
    Until their final moments they must live in fear
    Their hours are numbered and their deaths are near.... more »

  • Written In December 99

    For far too long the Land of blood and tears
    This conflict seems to have gone on for years
    Though Yeltzin and Putin don't feel any shame
    The Chechen rebels for this war they blame.... more »

  • Written In February 2000

    You told me of the peace in Northern Ireland
    And for lasting peace in Ireland you did pray
    But now I hear that the hard won peace is endangered
    Since the terrorists won't give their bombs and guns away.... more »

  • Written In January 2001

    When the old lady handed her a basket of flowers she caught Anne in a nasty mood
    The so called Princess did not even thank her she only muttered something rude
    And the disappointed Royal watcher was left there to choke back her tears
    She surely deserved better treatment she had been a Royalist for years.... more »

  • Written In January 2002

    The huge bush fires in the blue mountains fire fighters struggle to control
    And on wild born creatures the flames have taken toll
    Many roos, wallabies, koalas, wombats and possums have met with a painful death
    These anti Nature arsonists may they live to regret... more »

  • Written In July 01

    One might have thought that time would heal and hatred would subside
    But politics, religion and so called patriotism the things that divide
    And in Northern Ireland trouble once more brewing and old hatreds live on
    And those for peace are left to rue the latest chance for peace near gone.... more »

  • Written In June 01

    I thought I would go home for Spring but Spring at home now over
    And Summer nears her prime there now and flowers bloom on the clover
    In my Homeland this time of year it can be nice and sunny
    But for to get from here to there I don't have enough money.... more »

  • Written In March 99

    The dogs of war are at it once again
    On Yugoslavia inflicting more pain
    Whilst Mr Bill Clinton and Tony Blair
    Claim that NATO bombing is as always fair.... more »

  • Written In November 99

    The world's 400 metres champion and Australia's top athlete
    And in Sydney at the Olympic Games she will be hard to beat
    The World will be watching when Cathy Freeman runs for gold
    And in years from now her great feats will be recalled and retold.... more »

  • Written In October 2001

    It's been fifteen years I remember and now I'm fifty four
    Since I last walked from Millstreet Town along the roadway to Rathmore
    The fields of Inchaleigh and Claraghatlea North lit by the moon's faint light
    And stars shone in the heavens on that November night.... more »

  • Written In September 2000

    A year on in east Timor and they are re-building Dili Town
    The houses and the businesses that the Indonesian militia burnt down
    These so called emergency soldiers poor East Timor did destroy
    Whilst the Indonesian military to stop them did not try.... more »

  • Written In September 2001

    A reign of terror in the morning sky
    As into the buildings the hijacked planes did fly
    Trapped people from the windows for help did cry
    How come it is the innocents who always die?... more »

  • Written On Hearing Of The Death Of Maurice O Connor

    I did know Maurice O Connor knew him since he was a boy
    And I've been told that he has died which prompts me to ask why?
    Why must a good fellow like him die and he yet not in his prime?
    But I'm sure that question has been asked by others many a time.... more »

  • Written On Receiving A Letter From Mary Helen

    Though she has lived for many years in and around New York
    She still talks about Ireland and Millstreet County Cork
    The Sraid A Mhuilin of her youth her happy youthful day
    Killarney Road west of Millstreet and northern Claraghatlea.... more »

  • Wrong To Believe

    I used to believe in my mind it was true
    That what we receive from life it is only our due
    But on this of late i have changed my mind
    That i have been wrong in some of my thinking to the fact i am resigned... more »

  • Yambuk

    As a place of some beauty it's claim to renown
    Yambuk in Victoria a small country coastal town
    Between Warrnambool and Portland with a charm of it's own
    As a gem of the Moyne Shire it is widely known... more »

  • Yangery

    The sky above Yangery overcast and gray
    And it looks like there will not be much sunshine today
    A weather forecast high for the day of seventeen degrees
    And a certain coolness in the freshening breeze... more »

  • Yangery In November

    The sun it is hidden behind clouds of gray
    But the blackbirds are singing in Yangery today
    And sweet scent of grass freshly mowed for hay
    Is wafting in the breeze blowing uphill from the bay... more »

  • Yangery In August

    The sun behind the gray clouds is hidden away
    But the paddocks are green in old Yangery today
    And the magpies are warbling on the tall gum trees
    Their familiar music is carrying in the breeze... more »

  • Yangery In December

    In the mostly blue sky just a few clouds of gray
    It is warm and sunny in Yangery today
    A forecast high for the day of twenty six degrees
    And the Summer air full of the buzzing of bush flies and bees... more »

  • Yangery In Late November

    The sun it is hidden behind clouds of gray
    But the blackbirds are singing in Yangery today
    And sweet scent of grass freshly mowed for hay
    Is wafting in the breeze blowing uphill from the bay... more »

  • Yangery In November

    The sun behind gray clouds is hiding away
    But the magpies arefluting in Yangery today
    In late November quite close to the end of the southern Spring
    The sights and sounds of Nature is such a beautiful thing... more »