• Yangery On A February Day

    The paddocks are looking so brown, bare and dry
    And no sign of rain in the sunny blue and gray sky
    Black cattle from the sun sheltering in the shade of the trees
    And warmth in the sunshine and warmth in the breeze... more »

  • Yangery On An Overcast April Day

    The sky over Yangery sunless and gray
    And it looks like that there will not be much sunshine today
    In the brown and dry paddocks that look rather exposed and bare
    There is not enough of grass for to sustain a hare... more »

  • Yangery Today

    It does seem like rain is not that far away
    A sunless gray sky over Yangery today
    June Winter's first month all but over two sleeps from the first of July
    And above the green paddocks of Yangery the gray fogs of rain in the sky... more »

  • Yarpturk Today

    A nice sunny Winter's morning of fifteen degrees
    The music from Kathy Baulch's house is floating in the breeze
    Across the wide green paddocks of Yarpturk today
    How lovely the sound when the tin whistlers play... more »

  • Yarram

    On the last time that i was in Yarram Town
    Deciduous trees were in their Autumn brown
    And weather nice and warm for May
    The memory is with me today... more »

  • Yasser Arafat

    The pride of his Nation in hospital in France
    And the odds of his survival a fifty fifty chance
    In his seventy fifth year his better days gone
    And the clock on his life it ticks and ticks on.... more »

  • Yearning For Clare (To John O Mahony)

    I know a man a decent sort and he's lived in County Clare
    And he tell me that in his heart he yearns to return to there
    And that since he's returned to County Cork to Duhallow and Millstreet
    He find the people boring and life's not half so sweet.... more »

  • Yearning For Powlett

    Along the side walk of the busy suburb all sorts of people walking to and fro
    And up and down the street the cars are passing here in a place where noise pollution grow,
    My thoughts go to a place of peace and beauty as near a place to heaven as I know
    The larks are carolling above the rank grass where Powlett to the sea is crawling slow.... more »

  • Yearning For Semaphore

    The saltwater waves blue in the sunshine gently laps on the sandy shore
    Far distant in sunny South Australia in beautiful old Semaphore
    The lure of his Hometown is beckoning he's not been back for three years or more
    In the Sem park with his mates he played cricket the cheers rang when runs he did score.... more »

  • Years Ago Penning Rhymes

    Years ago penning rhymes did come easy to me
    I am not the man that i once used to be
    My memory not what it was decades ago
    It does look like time it has become my foe... more »

  • Years Ago The Young Rose

    With eyes blue as ripened sloes and wavy shoulder length hair of chestnut brown
    Years ago the young Rose of the old mountain town
    A widowed grandmother in light brown hair dye she cloaks her gray
    And clearly she has known a far better day... more »

  • Yellow Billed Spoonbill

    By the lake shore in the shallows where the waters are still
    He walks in water to his knees the white bird with yellow legs and long yellow spoon like bill
    With his bill in the water as he walk moving from side to side
    His prey water insects, crustaceans and tiny fish in the water weed hide.... more »

  • Yellow Robin

    I watched him for a half an hour today
    To gum tree trunk he clung side way
    And constantly looking towards the ground
    For slugs and beetles crawling around.... more »

  • Yellow Robins

    The ticking songs of the yellow breasted robins can be heard in all Seasons of the year
    It is a song that is quite unmistakable and always very pleasant for to hear
    Though not shy birds i do not see them often except when i go to the wood and that is not every day
    They seem to feel little fear of a human standing nearby and they do not fly far when from you they fly away... more »

  • Yellow Rumped Thornbills

    Searching for insects on the ground them I often do see
    Such tiny birds their eggs small as a pea
    With yellow on their rumps of lightish fawn to gray
    I see them often though not every day.... more »

  • Yellow Tail Black Cockatoos

    You hear them once and the next time you will not get them wrong
    The yellow tail black cockatoos familiar in their song
    Weerloo weerloo you hear them sing as slowly they do fly
    Big dark brown parrots larger than large crows across the evening sky,... more »

  • Yellow Tailed Black

    The big dark brown parrots known to most as yellow tailed black cockatoos
    Though some do refer to them as the weerloos
    In small flocks distinctive from other parrots in every way
    Birds i do see often though not every day... more »

  • Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo

    To many they are known as yellow tailed black cockatoo
    The big dark brown parrots known to some as weerloo
    Shredding pine cones for their dark seeds them one often does see
    In small flocks or family groups on a mature monterey pine tree... more »

  • Yes I'M A Lucky Fellow

    I've had my share of down times in my life's wasted years
    And I have known grown macho men who were reduced to tears
    At the sad news of the passing of a dear friend far away
    No person above feelings that would be true to say,... more »

  • Yes Money Speaks Every Language

    Before you go there a fee in money to pay
    For your small square of ground where the dead people lay
    That money speaks every language is surely not a lie
    You need it to live and you need it to die... more »

  • Yes Money Speaks Every Language With That I Agree

    Doesn't matter your color, religion, gender or race
    If you are short of money yours is a low social place
    Those who say money speaks every language are speaking the truth
    For those who are short of money know about lack of ruth... more »

  • Yes Respect Is A Thing

    Everyone ought to be paid the respect to them that is due
    But that some are not worth knowing happens to be true
    The people who do not respect others and Nature by their deeds and the words they do say
    Are not an asset to the World in any way... more »

  • Yes We Never Stop Learning

    Life for us has lessons and more than a few
    And everyday we live we do learn something new
    And those open to learning do learn till the day they do die
    That we never stop learning in truth not a lie... more »

  • Yesterday Has Gone

    The Seasons do come and the Seasons do go
    And eventually time becomes everyone's foe
    The boy of the fifties is showing time's decay
    One might say he has known of a far better day... more »

  • Yesterday Has Gone Like Every Yesterday

    Yesterday has gone like every yesterday
    And our biological clocks ever ticking away
    And since we are born as mortals as the sheep or the cow
    We only can live in the here and the now.... more »