• Yesterday Was A Scorcher

    Yesterday a record warm Autumn day for south western Victoria over forty degrees
    Of warm sunshine and humidity and an extremely warm breeze
    Today it is twenty degrees for March a pleasant day
    This does seem like Climate Change to me anyway... more »

  • Yesterday's Hero

    The news became big news and travelled far and wide
    That the great sporting hero had suddenly died
    He was buried with honours and at his graveside
    The club President spoke of one who brought honour and pride... more »

  • Yesterday's Losers

    Yesterday's losers are resigned to their disappointment's fate
    Whilst the happy winners does celebrate
    But everything passes and only memories does last
    Of the happy and sad times when you remember the past... more »

  • Yesterday's Man

    He has travelled where few men have travelled before
    In temperatures low as minus sixty or more
    In the Antartic Winter in the freezing wind driven snow
    Back when he was younger a long time ago.... more »

  • Yesterday's News

    Yesterday's news it is old news today
    And life it goes on and time it is ticking away
    And time for none of us it never does wait
    And the one seen as a loser none do celebrate... more »

  • Yesterday's Stranger

    People are as you find them as the wise one does say
    And yesterday's stranger may be your friend today
    Far out in the countryside your car has broken down
    A passing stranger came to your assistance and drove you into town... more »

  • Yesteryear's Forgotten Hero

    Four years ago celebrated in poetry and song
    The one who was seen as one who could not do wrong
    But nowadays his praises the masses don't sing
    Amazing the changes that a few years can bring.... more »

  • Yesteryear's Hero

    Ten years ago he was a hero a parade for him in the Town
    But now he is seen as a has been they built him up and dragged him down
    Where are they now when he most needs them him they no longer wish to know
    He now is one of the forgotten their hero of a decade ago.... more »

  • Yet For God And For Country

    For to kill other people some commit suicide
    And by far too many in war zones have died
    And war always breaks out when men disagree
    This is how it is and it always will be... more »

  • Yet Him We Do Fear

    With many it's god save the queen and god save the king
    The praises of royalty the masses do sing
    But that the queen and the king so great in their eyes
    Are as mortal as they are they don't seem to realize... more »

  • Yet It Is A Nice Day

    White butterflies seemingly dancing in the breeze
    And the silver billed magpies warbling on the sunlit trees
    The warm air full of the buzzing of flies and nectar gathering bees
    And the weather temperatures just over a pleasant twenty degrees... more »

  • You

    You may be overlooked as an unimportant person an ordinary one on an ordinary street
    Just one amongst millions of ordinary others referred to as numbers on a government statistic sheet
    But i only can repeat here what has often been said and what also happens to be very true
    That your most important person in the World is the one that others refer to as you... more »

  • You And I

    Suppose we must differ for to agree
    In your expectations in life you are quite different to me
    Your political views are quite different to mine
    But this is your business and this suits me fine... more »

  • You And Me

    The one who is successful to you may not be so to me
    Since we all look at such things in ways differently
    Going by what you say that you are materialistic one has to be aware
    Since you do not consider anyone as successful who is not a millionaire... more »

  • You Are A Good Christian

    You are a good Christian your religious mates of you say
    And you worship your God in your church on Sunday
    But you are down on poor people who live on welfare
    Your thinking does seem strange for a man of prayer.... more »

  • You Are A Good Person

    Your better days in life in decades gone by
    And though not very successful your best you did try
    And that is all you can do and that is your best
    At least you were willing when put to the test.... more »

  • You Are A Great Success

    If others you never harm in any way or defame
    Then of your social standing why should you feel shame
    It matters little what others think of you
    To live as a good person your best you always do,... more »

  • You Are A Proud Fellow

    No matter what others of you have to say
    Your life is your own and you live it that way
    Your praises them you don't need for to sing
    You live your own life and you do your own thing... more »

  • You Are A Proud Old Warrior

    Your hair looks silvery with age you've seen a better day
    And you are too old to be worrying of what others of you say
    Still your ego is inflated and though time's not on your side
    You are quite self conceited and you must live up to your pride.... more »

  • You Are An Individual

    It should not matter to you your family's bad name
    For the crimes of your parents and siblings you should not bear any shame
    The differences in people are not that hard to see
    And you seem quite a decent individual to me.... more »

  • You Are As Old As You Feel You Are

    You are as old as you feel you are seems true to say
    Some feel old in their twenties since they think in this way
    With each individual age is a relative thing
    And eternal youth is only a dream that many to does cling... more »

  • You Are Being

    On your feelings of self worth you are being quite tough
    When you tell yourself that you are not good enough
    No need in words for you to put yourself down
    Since there are plenty to do this for you in the town... more »

  • You Are Being Quite Tough

    On your feelings of self worth you are being quite tough
    When you tell yourself that you are not good enough
    No need in words for you to put yourself down
    Since there are plenty to do this for you in the town... more »

  • You Are Doing Okay

    Life has it's laughter and life has it's tears
    And life has it's good and it's not so good years
    To most people anyway this does apply
    But to make the most of your life your best you can only try... more »

  • You Are Entitled

    You are entitled for to give your opinions of me
    For that is what democracy's about
    But verbal abuse from you or anyone unwelcome
    For I do not like it when you rant and shout.... more »