• You Are Far More Trusting

    If you believe everything you do hear and see
    You are far more trusting than most seem to be
    But eventually you will become more selective with your trust
    When you come to realize not everybody is honest and just... more »

  • You Are Feeling Despondent

    You are feeling despondent your mind is full of strife
    And you are seriously thinking of taking your life
    To your counsellors and psychiatrist most of your wages you pay
    Though they are not helping you in any way... more »

  • You Are Feeling Down

    You are feeling down and your luck has run out
    And you feel unworthy and haunted by self doubt
    And big brother's disciples are running you down
    And spreading their gossip of you in the town... more »

  • You Are Having A Bad Day

    Materially and financially you may be the wealthiest person in the town
    But the wealthy at times too feel mentally down
    For the wealthy have their money for to worry about
    And like everyone else have their moments of self doubt... more »

  • You Are Judged By

    You are judged by your religion your culture your nationality and your race
    You are judged by the wrinkles you have on your face
    You are judged by skin colour whether it be black, white or brown
    This is what happens when you are living for you on the wrong side of the town... more »

  • You Are Never Too Old To Learn

    You are never too old for to learn so they say
    And from life we do learn something new every day
    You may be in your nineties showing your years in gray
    And you have not stopped learning if your memory's okay... more »

  • You Are Never Too Old To Love

    You are never too old to love and you are never too young to die
    And those who tell you differently the facts of life deny
    And at times than to tell the truth it is easier by far to lie
    And that's as sure as ducks can't bark and that's as sure as dogs can't fly.... more »

  • You Are Not A Fountain Of Knowledge

    I do not like these so called great thinkers Who feel superior to all human kind
    For the ignorance of some things we all have in all of us
    not hard to find
    No such a person as a fountain of knowledge though to those with high I Q's such words we apply... more »

  • You Are Not A Quitter

    We live our lives from day to day not knowing about tomorrow
    Or what the future holds for us in laughter or in sorrow
    And every day we live to see for us a new beginning
    The sadness that we feel in losing increase our joy in winning,... more »

  • You Are Not Alone In Feeling

    Have you ever felt to bad luck you are tied
    That the God of good fortune is not on your side
    That Lady Luck she never does smile your way
    And today once again for you a no luck day... more »

  • You Are Not Alone In Your Thinking

    You are not one alone in thinking that living life is scarce worthwhile
    That Lady Luck she is not with you and on you she never does smile
    Sometimes you are even suicidal in that you are also not rare
    There are many who think like you do in the bigger World out there.... more »

  • You Are Not On Your Own

    You are not on your own or so it does seem
    If you are one who suffer of low self esteem
    There are many like you to be found everywhere
    And millions of course in the big World out there... more »

  • You Are Not Poor

    You are not poor if you have enough to eat and drink every day
    And a nice home to live in and a comfortable bed on which to lay
    There are millions of people far worse off than you
    And this only happens for to be true... more »

  • You Are Not The Man

    The fans in their thousands were chanting your name
    You had kicked the goal for the club that had won the big game
    For a while you were the hero of the town
    You live with your memories of your past renown... more »

  • You Are Not To Blame

    For the crimes of your fellow Country people you are not to blame
    Their sins against others should not be your shame
    You live as a good person and have never harmed anyone
    And why should you feel any guilt for any harm that some of your race to others have done... more »

  • You Are Of Three Killer

    Though you look on yourself as quite ordinary
    You are more than you make yourself out to be
    You are equal to the famed celebrity
    Though with this comparison you do not agree... more »

  • You Are One With Plenty Money

    You are one with plenty money to give you your due
    And money in life is most important is only too true
    You live at a fashionable uptown address
    But despite your money and material assets the reaper of lives you cannot impress... more »

  • You Are Only As Good

    You only can live to be the best you can be
    And do your own little bit for humanity
    And be kind to others and be willing to give
    You are only as good as how you choose how to live... more »

  • You Are Proud

    You are proud of your Nationality and of your National Flag
    And of your Nation's heroes and heroines you do like to brag
    But it can be true that pride does come before a fall
    And do you believe On 'a fair go for all'?... more »

  • You Are Proud Of Your Country

    You say you are proud of your Country of you what does this say
    That you are Nationalistic it does seem this way
    And from Nationalism wars often begin
    Where even the winners never seem to win.... more »

  • You Are The True Battler

    Oh may you be happy in your life today
    And may joy and laughter be with you to stay
    And of good luck and money may you have enough
    To make life easier for you when the going gets tough,... more »

  • You Are What

    You are what you think you are happens to be true
    If you are one of those who think success is not your due
    Then success it may well never come your way
    We become our thoughts as the wise teacher does say... more »

  • You Are What You Are

    You are what you are that is all you can be
    And of your inhibitions you will never be free
    A flawless person is one I have not known
    Though the person we really are some of us wish to disown... more »

  • You Are What You Are This Is All

    You are what you are this is all you can be
    And you in your ways are quite different to me
    We do look at life one might say differently
    Since on few things we ever do seem to agree... more »

  • You Are What You Think You Are

    Though you may refer to yourself as a poet
    And feel you are worthy of literary note
    Then honor indeed should only be your due
    Since that poets are rare happens for to be true... more »